One of the best ways to give your documents or files a professional look is binding. But, choosing a binding technique is not that simple, people often get confused between the many binding options available in the market. However, out of all the binding methods, thermal binding is considered as a very professional and most elegant binding technique.

So, if you’re also willing to purchase a thermal binding machine for your binding needs, then there are some essential things to know. Every thermal binding machine has its own specification, so you should choose a thermal binding machine based on your specific requirements. Here we have mentioned some points that you should look for when purchasing a thermal binding machine.

1. Type of Thermal Binding Machine

Thermal binding machines are available in all shapes and sizes. So, you’ll have to make your choice accordingly. Usually, there are three types of thermal binding machines available in the market, which includes:

  • Personal Thermal Binders – If you want a thermal binding machine for personal use, then personal thermal binder is an ideal choice for you. These thermal binders can be set up easily with your desktop or laptop.
  • Compact Thermal Binders – If you have multiple binding needs, then a compact thermal binder is a good choice. Compact thermal binders can also be used in a more extensive system.
  • High-Capacity Thermal Binders – These thermal binders run themselves and can produce print-shop quality document finish. It can bind up to 30 documents per minute.

2. Efficiency

There is no doubt that thermal binding machines improve productivity. But, that doesn’t mean every thermal binding machine provides the same amount of efficiency. So, buy a binding machine that not only offers faster results but also helps in improving the productivity of your organisation. If a machine binds thirty documents in a minute, that doesn’t mean it is efficient. You should also consider whether it is convenient and easy to use or not.

3. Thickness of Thermal Bind Documents

A normal thermal binding machine is capable of binding 8’’ to 11’’ letter-sized documents. But, if you want to bind large-sized documents, such as posters, covers, etc., then you’ll have to purchase a machine with longer binding length. Apart from that, you should also consider the thickness of your documents, and then choose a thermal binding machine accordingly. For instance, if you’re planning to bind 2inch thick documents with a thermal binder that is capable of binding 1inch documents, then that’s not feasible. So, make your choice accordingly.

4. Speed

The speed of the thermal binding machine is the most critical factor to consider when purchasing a thermal binding machine. If you’re working in an industry that involves regular binding work, then you must buy a thermal binder that binds the highest amount of binding in a single time. Generally, thermal binding machines take 30 seconds to bind a document, and some machines can even bind more than one report at a time. Most binding machines come with a timer that notifies the users when the binding process is complete. So, purchase a machine that provides the maximum number of bound documents in minimum time.

5. Reliability and Professionalism

As an employer, you might know the importance of professional-looking bind documents, and you really don’t want to compromise their quality. So, you need to look for a thermal binding machine that can provide a professional finish to your files and works consistently. For example, Bindomatic thermal binding machines are stronger and more reliable than fastback tape binding machines. Apart from the professional finish and durability of a thermal binding machine, you should also consider the thermal binding supplies that give a polished look to documents.

If you’ve decided to purchase a thermal binding machine, then look for a brand that provides innovative technology with the binding machines. For example, Bindingoutlet provides the most elegant and reliable thermal binding machines for all types of projects. Also, they have a huge variety of thermal binders, so you can choose the one that suits your budget and meet all your needs.