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Binding machines and supplies can take many forms. Binding Outlet specialises in all types of wire binding machines, comb binding machines, coil binding machines, laminating machines and binding supplies manufactured by leading manufacturers Renz, Fastback and Bindomatic.

By offering binding solutions specific for your needs, we have developed a great relationship with our customers over the years, as they value our consultative approach. Binding Outlet is a renowned supplier and distributor of the leading binding machine manufacturers – Renz, Fastback and Bindomatic. Browsing through our exceptional range of binding solutions, you will find Binding Outlet a one stop solution for all types of binding machine requirements. By delivering the best products throughout the United Kingdom, we have become one of the most trust-worthy distributors. Feel free to drop us a line at if you need anything.

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  • How to Choose a UV Coating Machine

    Ultraviolet Coating, also known as UV coating is an effective technique to make your printed material stand out in the market. As a marketer, you will know the value of printed marketing materials that provide an excellent opportunity to gain a customer’s attention.

    A UV coating can make your printed materials more glossy and shiny by applying a liquid coating on its surface. UV coating makes your printed materials more eye-catching, and excellent for materials, such as hand-out sheets, business cards, postcards, and catalogues. There are many benefits of choosing UV coating for your printed documents, which include:

    • Shiny Finish – UV coating provides a high finish to your products even more than aqueous coatings because these are extremely hard. Also, the UV coating provides resistance to marks and smudges.
    • High Transparency – If you want to protect your photographic images and make them stand out,
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  • Should I Purchase or Lease a New Binding Machine?

    When it comes to business documents or client representation, you want them to look as professional as they can be. And the most crucial factor in making a document or presentation more professional is binding. Every business deal with professional reports in their day-to-day activities. So, they really need to bind these files not only to make them look professional but also to protect them from any kind of damage.

    As binding documents require a binding machine, businesses often get confused whether they should buy or lease a binding machine. Well, that’s a tough question to answer. But, here we have tried to make it easy for you, whether you should buy or lease a binding machine. Below are some points that will make it clearer which option is best suited for your business needs.

    • Upfront Costs

    If you look at the upfront costs, then leasing a binding machine require fewer upfront costs as compared to buying. It provides you the opt

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  • Things to Consider When Purchasing a Thermal Binding Machine

    One of the best ways to give your documents or files a professional look is binding. But, choosing a binding technique is not that simple, people often get confused between the many binding options available in the market. However, out of all the binding methods, thermal binding is considered as a very professional and most elegant binding technique.

    So, if you’re also willing to purchase a thermal binding machine for your binding needs, then there are some essential things to know. Every thermal binding machine has its own specification, so you should choose a thermal binding machine based on your specific requirements. Here we have mentioned some points that you should look for when purchasing a thermal binding machine.

    1. Type of Thermal Binding Machine

    Thermal binding machines are available in all shapes and sizes. So, you’l

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