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Binding machines and supplies can take many forms. Binding Outlet specialises in all types of wire binding machines, comb binding machines, coil binding machines, laminating machines and binding supplies manufactured by leading manufacturers Renz, Fastback and Bindomatic.

By offering binding solutions specific for your needs, we have developed a great relationship with our customers over the years, as they value our consultative approach. Binding Outlet is a renowned supplier and distributor of the leading binding machine manufacturers – Renz, Fastback and Bindomatic. Browsing through our exceptional range of binding solutions, you will find Binding Outlet a one stop solution for all types of binding machine requirements. By delivering the best products throughout the United Kingdom, we have become one of the most trust-worthy distributors. Feel free to drop us a line at contact@bindingoutlet.uk if you need anything.

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  • Know Reasons To Choose A Good Quality Laminating Machine For Your Business!

    Do you feel a confusion in choosing a perfect laminating machine that fit your business or office requirements perfectly because of numerous options available in the market? If your answer is yes, then now you have reached to a right place as Binding Outlet presents the best binding and laminating machine models from the top brand – Renz.


    In the world of binding and laminating, Renz holds a respectable position by manufacturing the most reliable and quality products that grow the productivity of businesses and satisfy the users at a great extent. Therefore, when you look for a good quality laminating machine, Renz can prove to be a trust-worthy brand of all time.


    Generally, a good buyer prefers buying a laminating machine from a good brand, but there are few such people who do not bother about the brand as they do not see much in a good quality laminating machine. If you are also one of such buyers, here we will tell you various reasons to spend your money in only a branded laminating machine like Renz Lamigo A4 Pouch Laminator, Renz pouch Laminator HT 330 P etc.


    What To Expect From A Good Quality Laminating Machine


    There are different types of laminating requirements that keep on arising in an office time to time. To handle these requirements, some people use to go to a copy shop that provides lamination services and others prefer buying their own laminating machine. Usually, people who experience frequent lamination requirement go with the choice to buy their own laminating machine and those who do not require lamination frequently manage all this from outside vendor. There are several benefits and features that you get with a good quality laminating machine and knowing them, you would also prefer investing in this machine.


    Every laminating machine model comes up with some certain features to serve different functions. So, before you buy one, make sure to learn about the features and also functions of these machines to find out if it suits your requirements or not. In the market, you will see different types of laminating machines. For big size businesses where laminating requirements develop in high volume, it is mandatory to buy a durable and heavy duty machine. Moreover, for consistent output, you can only rely on a good quality laminator from a good brand like Renz.


    Choosing A Right Laminator For You


    If you think to buy a laminator that laminates papers of all sizes and any volume such as A4, A3, standard or Poster sizes, then it is not possible because different laminators are designed for specific page sizes. For example, if you need to laminate an A4 size document, you should opt for a 9 inches laminator because it is capable of laminating document up to 8.4 inches size.


    For amazing finishing to banners and photos, roll laminator comes as the best option. Though for other material like ID cards or any other thick material, pouch laminator is the best. For cards, we recommend you to buy a laminator that features advanced specifications.


    At last, we would say that to get a fully professional look at a document, it is crucial to use a great heating mechanism as it helps the documents get permanently sealed. Furthermore, with such a great finishing of documents, you will put a great impact on your clients.

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  • A Quick Guide for Lamination Pouches

    Lamination is a technique by which we can protect our printed paper or document. Basically, applying a thin layer of plastic or card sheet on a printed paper is known as lamination. It comes in the trend many years ago but grown periodically in this meantime. It is the most popular technique adopted by the world.

    Lamination process takes place with various types such as gloss, matt, and silk as per the nature of printed matter. Industries of packaging, book covers, business cards and brochures are widely using the lamination as it is considered as the best techniques to protect and enhance the life of printed items.



    How To Use A Laminating Pouch


    • First of all, make sure your object is fit in the pouch, the pouch should be bigger than the object. Pouch thickness is another noticeable thing as whenever you are going to buy or use a laminator, make sure it is enough able to handle the thickness of the object you are going to laminate.
    • Laminating pouches come in different thickness as 3mil,5mil, 7mil and 10 mil but it is not necessary that every size comes in every thickness.
    • Most of all laminating pouches have rounded corners and some pouches come with pre-punched size slot. Using a laminating pouch is pretty simple. All you need to do, just open your pouch and insert the object in it.
    • After inserting the object make sure all the edged are even and if need then align with all the edges nicely. Then place the pouch in the carrier so that they can be opened in the same way. Line up the carrier with an object and the lamination pouch.
    • Insert the carrier in which the laminating pouch and your object are present in the laminator. Laminator will take that stuff inside by itself and provide enough heat with pressure to get the lamination done.
    • Laminator has its own working process which we will cover in our next article. After completing the lamination, the laminator will take the object out. When it comes out then nicely and carefully remove the carrier and get your object laminated

    Laminating pouches are available in several sizes


    • ID Cards
    • School Size
    • Business cards 
    • Index cards
    • Menu Sizes 
    • 8 1/2 x 11
    But the list goes on as there is diversity has seen in the sizes of laminating pouches as per the requirement of the job. The need of various sizes is being increased gradually.
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  • Things You Need To Know About Wire Binding!

    Wire binding is a well-known book or document binding method throughout the world. Although it is famous by the name wire binding also known as wire bind, ring wire, double-o, twin loop wire, wire-o and double loop wire.


    Punching is the first step after which wire binding takes place, so this step should be impeccable. Aspirant needs to get the documents punched before binding. Punching documents get inserted into the wire binding machine and it performs the task of binding in such a perfect way.


    Variations Of Wire Binding 


    Wire binding confers a strength to the bound documents and easy to open on a flat surface with 360-degree rotation. Radically, there are two different hole classifications in wire binding which are 3:1 and 2:1. Basically 3:1 refers 3 three holes per inch and similarly 2:1 refers 2 holes per inch.


    Pitch 3:1


    3:1 hole pattern comes with 32 holes on 11 edges where 2:1 endows 21 holes on 11 edges. If we contemplate the thickness the document gets by both of the patterns then 3:1 gives ½” and 2:1 provides 1 ¼”.


    Pitch 2:1


    The number of thickness is different so you need to understand the main difference between them. Basically the pattern we know as 2:1 is used to bind quite thick documents, but that does not mean this pattern fails in binding thinner documents. You can perform the job of binding thin documents by this pattern as well. Pitch 2:1 wires are commonly available in different sizes as small ¼” and go up to 1 1/2”. If the wire size is above 1 then the color choice will be limited.


    On the other hand 3:1 pitch is used to bind thinner documents. This binding style also introduces a different kind of sizes such as ¼ “to 9/1” in diameter. But pitch 3:1 is not available in more sizes, as 9/16 is the largest size of this pattern and it is not available in larger than that. If sizes are limited in this pitch then it endows a good number of colors. Sizes up to 5/8” are available is few different colors. Pitch 3:1 is the most preferable for square or round holes.


    Manual and electric wire binding


    If you are going to perform the binding task with double loop wire then you need to complete it through wire binding machine and here a wire closer is required. As you know there is a myriad class of binding machines as they come as automatic and manual in nature, but both classifications are in trend as smaller organizations choose manual binding where they have less work to perform a day but in the larger organizations one needs to choose the automatic wire binding machine. Because large organizations have big orders with a specified deadline so it becomes more necessary to complete the task in the given time. Manual machines can perform the task in an impeccable way but take more time than automatic. Automatic wire binding machines are present in the classification of electric wire binding machines.

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