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Binding machines and supplies can take many forms. Binding Outlet specialises in all types of wire binding machines, comb binding machines, coil binding machines, laminating machines and binding supplies manufactured by leading manufacturers Renz, Fastback and Bindomatic.

By offering binding solutions specific for your needs, we have developed a great relationship with our customers over the years, as they value our consultative approach. Binding Outlet is a renowned supplier and distributor of the leading binding machine manufacturers – Renz, Fastback and Bindomatic. Browsing through our exceptional range of binding solutions, you will find Binding Outlet a one stop solution for all types of binding machine requirements. By delivering the best products throughout the United Kingdom, we have become one of the most trust-worthy distributors. Feel free to drop us a line at if you need anything.

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  • PHS 450 Peak High-Speed Laminator A2 – A Good Product to Buy Online!

    Pouch lamination plays a vital role in keeping documents safe and lasting a long time. With its powerful technology. It is a reason, people or businesses which are engaged in serious documentation and also, keep a record in high volume prefer to buy a good laminator at a place. PHS 450 peak high-speed laminator A2 is one of the most effective lamination solutions that is packed with remarkable features and great specifications to deliver the best outcomes in the form of pouch and document lamination.

    As there are tremendous benefits of using PHS 450 peak high-speed laminator A2 that is known to the users, more and more people desire to buy one for dealing with their documentation concerns adequately. If you too have a plan to buy this product, then Binding Outlet can assist you with the best product at the best price range. Being a reputed supplier of leading binding manufacturers in London, Binding Outlet ma

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  • PS-700 Peak Performance Laminator A1 - Add a Professional Touch To Your Documents!

    A laminator gives several benefits to users, but it entirely depends on the type of laminator you are going to buy. In the market, buyers come across numerous models of pouch laminators to choose from, but from all other choices, the laminators by Vivid are known for their best quality and great performance. With Vivid laminators, you get to choose from a large variety as there are many models already available in different price ranges. Of all the models, PC-700 Peak Performance laminator is one of the most compelling products and carries remarkable features and great specifications to deliver outstanding outcomes of document lamination.

    Why you should buy PS-700 Peak Performance Laminator

    When you decide to buy a laminator for your office purpose, you come across several types of laminators from varied brands. But, for all, PS-700 peak performance laminator

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  • What Makes A Bindomatic Thermal Binding Machine The Best Binding Solution

    A thermal binding machine comes as an excellent solution for a copy shop, a busy office or a print environment. With the Bindomatic Cube and Bindomatic Ultra you can achieve a binding speed of one bound document every second! Moreover, there are not many binding machines that can boost a maximum binding thickness of the 540 sheets in one go using the Bindomatic Flex. Bindomatic machines have the ‘one touch function’ that makes it easier for the first time operators to use them quickly. Anyone can use the Accel machines using the simple 'drop & go' technology.

    When it comes to providing the best thermal binding finish, there are many different styles of covers such as the hardcover Ambassador covers and the soft cover Aquarelle or new Eco covers. The upgraded version of the early binding machines give twice the productivity and are 3.5 times quicker which wasn’t found in the conventional punching and comb/ comb binding systems.

    Now the machines come wi

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