One of the best ways to make a great impression with your document is to laminate it. Now, to laminate your documents, you need a laminator, and laminators come in all shapes and sizes. However, the most popular laminator that is used widely by most organizations is a Pouch Laminator. Lamination helps to protect, preserve and enhance documents of all shapes and sizes. Whether you want to secure your family photos or give your documents a professional look, pouch laminators can do this all for you.

However, there are some things that you need to consider when purchasing a pouch laminator. In this article, we have mentioned some important things that you need to consider while buying a pouch laminator.

•          Thickness

One of the most important things that you need to consider is the maximum and minimum film thickness that the machine can laminate. If you chose a pouch laminator that is not compatible with the pouch film thickness, it will result in jams and poor-quality lamination. Usually, normal pouch laminators can laminate between 3mil to 5mil. However, higher grade pouch laminator can laminate between 7mil to 10mil.

•          Hot Laminating vs. Cold Laminating

Pouch laminators provide both hot and cold lamination. Heat laminators are known as Standard pouch laminator, which uses heat to melt the glue on thermal pouch films to seal the document. Whereas cold laminating doesn’t require heat to seal documents, many pouch laminators come with the cold laminating settings. However, using cold laminating on documents often leaves bubbles and creases on the papers.

•          Width

The width of a pouch laminator determines how large documents it can laminate. The width of a standard size pouch laminator is 9”, which is ideal for letter sized documents like photos, resumes, copier paper and reports. However, if you want to laminate documents like ID cards, luggage tags, business cards and wallet-size cards, then pouch laminators are also available in 4” width. Similarly, for large documents like posters or legal size papers, pouch laminators are available in 12”, 13” and 17” width.

•          Number of Rollers

Generally, pouch laminators are available with 2, 4 or 6 roller system. The benefit of having a high number of rollers is that when a film is passed through it, more heat and more pressure will be given through it based on the number of rollers. Having a high number of roller pouch laminator delivers better quality laminating. 2 roller and 4 roller pouch laminators are ideal for business, personal and office use, whereas 6 roller laminators are suitable for professional laminating needs.

•          Reverse and Jam Release

Sometimes, users need to stop the laminating process because the document gets jammed in the machine or the lamination starts to run off sideways, which can cause folding and wrinkling on the documents. Pouch laminators with reverse feature make it easy for the user to run the laminator backward and allow them to reset the laminating process. The jam release feature holds the rollers open and enables the users to pull out the lamination and recover the document.

These are some of the essential things to consider when buying a pouch laminator. So, if you’re willing to purchase a laminator after considering these points, then you can purchase a pouch laminator at a competetive price from Binding Outlet. They have a huge variety of laminating supplies in shapes and sizes.