Coil binding is getting widely popular in the UK. There are multiple colours for coil binding available in the market, and each has their own unique look. But, one thing that is common among all styles of coil binding is the use of a punching machine. Now, there are two types of punching machine available in the market – electric or manual punching machine. Many people often couldn’t decide which machine they should choose for coil binding.

Purchasing a punching machine depends on a lot of factors. There are some things that can be more obvious than others. So, if you’re also confused about which punching machine you should purchase for coil binding, then here are some things that you should consider before making a decision.

•     Number of Books

The first thing that you should consider is the number of books that you want to bind per day. If you have a huge number of books for binding every day, then electric punching machine is the best option to go with. It requires minimal efforts, and also more ideal for continuous and daily binding. Most quality electric punch machines are even capable of punching more paper than a manual machine. These types of punching machines are specially designed for punching paper.

While a manual punching machine is also a great option if you want to bind a normal number of books every day. However, if you want to punch more than 1000 books a day, then a manual punch machine is not ideal because you will eventually get tired.

•     Electric Coil Inserter

Electric coil inserter is found in both electronic and manual punching machines. It is a type of electrically powered rubber roller that is also inserted in spiral binding machines. The main benefit of electric coil inserter is that it saves time in both binding and punching papers. So, any person who wants to do a lot of binding and punching would go for electric coil inserter over manual coil insertion.

•     Cost

One of the most important factors for purchasing a machine or any other item is the cost. Now, when it comes to the cost of electric or manual punching machine, there is no doubt that manual punch machine is way cheaper than an electric machine.

So, go for an electric punch machine only if you have a reasonable budget. On the other hand, manual punching machine is very cost-effective than an electric machine. Also, it doesn’t require any electricity to operate or any high maintenance.

•     Convenience

When it comes to convenience, an electric punch machine is more comfortable to use as compared with a manual punch machine. It doesn’t require any human effort to run it. Whereas, manual punch machine requires human efforts to operate.

Selecting a punching machine for coil binding is difficult. But, if the daily book binding requirements are less and you have a low budget, then purchasing a manual punching machine is an ideal option for you. So, if you’re willing to purchase a manual punching machine, then have a look at the SP 360 manual punching machine of Bindingoutlet. They are known for providing the best binding machines in the UK.