1. Notable Qualities That Make Accel Ultra & Accel Cube The Best Binding Solution!

    In the world of binding, you may have heard about several binding solutions made by different manufacturers. Binding is a requirement for professionals, students, professors and all types of offices. To make documents manageable one needs to bind several documents together; so that he or she can enhance work efficiently and positively.


    Just as many other brands, Renz is one of the most popular binding machine brands fulfilling the binding requirements of all types of customers all around the world. To improve binding quality, Renz keeps on introducing new products from time to time and Accel series is the newly launched product line of Renz which is grabbing attention from customers. So, if you are looking for a new and highly innovative binding solution to complete the binding job in a fraction of a minute, then you must take a look at several interesting qualities of Accel Ultra and Accel Cube that make them a dynamic binding solution of the time.


    What are the common features of Accel Ultra & Accel Cube


    Drop & Go Technology

    Loaded with drop and go technology, both of these binding machines – Accel Ultra and Accel Cube make the binding of several documents a fun and easy job. Now, you do not hang on the machine to bound documents for many hours, but just put the papers in the machine and rest of the job will be handled by these machines automatically. Thanks to the drop and go technology which has made things truly easier for all.


    45x speedier than bind and punch 

    These ultimate machines of Accel series can bind a document in a second that means truly faster binding process. As compared to punching and binding, it features 45x speedier binding of the documents that is actually a remarkable speed.


    30x speedier as compared to tape binding 

    If you like tape binding due to its fast speed, then these machines will again win over your choice because it is 30x speedier than tape binding. Thus, we can say that you won't find a faster binding solution than Accel Cube or Accel Ultra from Renz.


    Allows extra upgrades to improve quality as well as strength of documents 

    If you seek to enhance your binding process, then these machines will allow for extra upgrades. These upgrades will improve the binding quality and document strength.


    50 Documents Batch Load 

    To process the binding job in a fast way, these machines allow up to 50 documents batch load at a time. That means you can load 50 documents together and then leave the whole binding job aside as the machine will handle everything on its own.


    Perfect for volume demanding binding and printing environments –

    As these machines of Accel series are furnished with great qualities, they fit perfectly to high volume demanding binding environments like office, corporates, institutes, print stations, CRD etc. So, if you run any of such organizations and want to improve your binding efficiency then replace your old and ineffective binding machine with the new and advanced Accel binding series that are – Accel Cube and Accel Ultra.

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  2. Renz UK Is Exhibiting At “The Print Show” Telford In October

    Renz UK is going to present the new super quick Bindomatic Accel Ultra and Accel Cube thermal cover binding machines at The Print Show” Telford in October. The functionality of both machines has been designed with deep consideration of high-end users of binding equipment.


    The Print Show is to be held on 11th to 13th of October at The International Centre in Telford. Iain Bullock, the Managing Director of Renz UK, professes “This new advanced classification of thermal cover binding machines shrinks the binding process in half. The binding capacity of this automated thermal binding system is very impressive. The machines binds up to 360 sheets of 80gsm being bound using 36mm wide spines. It takes only an incredible one second per document for the binding process to be completed".


    Renz will also be exhibiting at the show their MOBI 500 semi-automated ring wire binding machine, AP 300 Compact automated punch and Punch 500 heavy duty punch, these are specially made for wire binding calendars and books. The line-up from Renz UK will be completed with the exhibiting of the ECL 360 electric ring wire closing machine and desktop DTP 340 semi-automated punch.


    In addition to the prior statement, Iain Bullock mentioned in his words “The determination and enthusiasm of the The Print Show organizing team was very impressive. The efforts of the entire team are praiseworthy, I have backed them by exhibiting with them in a year when we are also committed to the IPEX exhibition at the NEC just three weeks later". The Print Show has also showing its affection towards Renz in some glowing statements”.


    “The main motive for exhibiting at The Print Show is to be in front of our audience and showing the highly productive equipment, we have on offer for them. Renz has grown with its customers over the years and achieved their trust. This is one of the main reasons for the present reputation of Renz. I wouldn’t like to be sitting in my office whilst there is an exhibition being organized somewhere in UK and Renz not being a part of it and not having the opportunity to interact with our potential customers”, he added.


    Renz has become a well-known provider of binding and punching equipment and believes in their continual innovations. Renz is committed to providing the best quality binding and punching solutions for the market.

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  3. Funky Pigeon has invested in Renz for an Argos F400 “Cold Lamp” UV Coater

    Funky Pigeon is the leading manufacturer of personalized greeting cards and wire bound calendars and has collaborated heavily with Renz over the years.

    Renz is the expert brand and well known for manufacturing punching, binding and laminating equipment. This new investment is an exciting new step which will enhance productivity and performance at Funky Pigeon.

    General Manager Grant Bewey stated, “We had a UV coating system but that caught fire and so we wanted to install a replacement that had strong safety features”.



    "The package offered by Renz for the Argos F400 was cost effective and we appreciate that" Bewey added. "We have four HP Indigos, and the new UV Coater is running near-line, we are planning to add another two Argos F400 coaters from Renz to run in line with the Indigos. It will make the process highly flexible."

    The Argos F400 “Cold Lamp” UV Coater installed at Funky Pigeon comes with remote diagnostic functionality. It has the ability to coat 6,000sph (A3) or 45m/min with an uninterrupted but also flexible process. The feeder will hold 400mm of paper. Funky Pigeon stated that the Argos F400 from Renz is designed with the purpose of fast and highly productive working. Funky Pigeon is very satisfied with the addition of remote diagnostic. Bewey mentioned “as we are located in a more remote location sometimes it has been hard to get sufficient manufacturer support to fix errors. So, the addition of a remote diagnostics function gives us great peace of mind".

    "The new Argos "cold" UV coater from Renz at Funky Pigeon sits alongside much Renz wire binding equipment including five Renz P 500 heavy duty punches, five Renz ECL 360 electric wire closing machines and two Renz MOBI 500 automated wire binders".

    Bewey considered other options and stated “On our visit with Renz to the Argos factory in Belgium we paid particular attention to ensure that the F400 coater was achieving our desired speeds. It was good to see it achieving this easily and to see its ease of use and reliability. It produced our job with great efficiency and the cost per sheet comes in significantly lower than from our existing coaters or that of the competition machines we viewed as the machine consumes far less coating hence the reason for a significant reduction in cost per coated sheet".

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  4. Renz Lamigo Pro Pouch Laminator – A3 & A4 – Features & Review!

    Binding Outlet introduces its latest range of binding solutions that include the Renz Lamigo Pro Pouch Laminator for A3 and A4 size documents. Buy this ultimate laminating machine to give all your important documents protection, and life and enhance them. Lamigo series comprises of best products that boast of high quality, precision, and perfection.


    The Lamigo laminators are loaded with amazing features that make laminating easier and better, the key highlights of this machine include:


    • 3 formats – Professional, A3 and A4.
    • Supports working width up to A3 / 330 mm maximum.
    • Processes material thickness up to 0.5 mm.
    • Features automatic temperature control program.
    • Perfect for photographers.
    • Quick warm-up time as it takes merely 40 seconds to warm up.
    • LED clear display to check ready and warm up status of the machine.
    • Designed with 2 heated, 2 cold and 4 pull rollers for great results.
    • Laminates up to 480 mm per minute.
    • German heavy duty engineering.
    • Carrier free lamination.
    • Reverse function along with anti-jam.
    • Cold lamination option comes with Pro model


    Why Buy Lamigo Pro Pouch Laminator


    There are so many reasons to invest in this laminator series of Lamigo by Renz. For businesses or institutions where there is a frequent requirement to laminate or store documents for many years in records, buying a laminator can be a great solution. By owning your own laminator in your company, you cannot only give protection to your documents but can also save a lot of money when spending on getting documents laminated from an external source. In addition, time is another big factor when you have your own laminating machine because generally when you send documents to an external source he completes this job at his convenience. Therefore, when there is a hurry, you cannot get the job done on your terms.

    The best solution comes in the form of buying your own laminator and Lamigo Pro Pouch Laminator is one of the best solutions currently available that come with the quality assurance of a reputed company like Renz. The most typical applications for using these laminators are security information, general laminating, classroom documents, photographs, personal documents, reports, business cards etc.


    Renz Lamigo Pro Pouch Laminator Technology 


    To give quality finish and add protection to the documents, these devices use 4RSH Renz technology which assures a very quick warm-up time that is merely 40 seconds over twice as quick as any of its competitors and with amazing transport stability from the 4 rollers quality laminating is ensured. Besides this, the machines feature a great production speed of up to 480 mm per minute with the strength to provide low volume cold laminating applications with the pro variant. A Lamigo is a must-have solution for every educational institution, print shop or copy shop.

    Apart from amazing internal technology, the Lamigo series comes in a great design and has amazing performance levels. Specified with so many features this laminator also comes within a very reasonable price range.


    Renz Lamigo Pro Pouch Laminator For Businesses


    An economical solution, this machine is perfect for laminating A4 and A3 documents at maximum 2 x 125 micron film thickness.

    Loaded with advanced 4RSH roller technology, this laminator ensures an ultra-fast heat up time of merely 40 seconds from the time you switch the machine on. For featuring quality bubble less results, this machine incorporates the latest heat shoe technique on its laminating platform grouped with 2 heated and 2 cold rollers and 4 pull rollers. The heated rollers increase the quality of laminated documents. This dynamic laminator also accompanies an anti-jam lever which is designed with a great reverse motor, this system leads to jam less operation. All in all, this laminator is ideal for businesses due to its superior build quality, German design, reliability and economical price.

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  5. Bindomatic Accel Ultra – A Revolutionary Thermal Binding Machine for All!

    There are many book binding or document binding methods that exist in the present business world as the need for binding keeps on arising in companies and organisations. To fulfil this need, most people prefer to outsource the requirement to external binding shops; however, there are many other people who prefer to bind documents on their own in house. If you are one of these people who does not like to outsource your binding requirements to an external vendor, you are probably interested to have information about available document binding solutions.

    Although, in the market, you will come across several kinds of binding solutions, when it comes to superior efficiency and a great binding solution, thermal binding machines appear as the best quickest solution. Today, a number of brands and manufacturers are available in the market who have introduced their thermal binding machine models giving a better binding experience and quality. Bindomatic Accel Ultra is a newly introduced model that boasts of amazing features, great functionality and enhanced design to accelerate the binding process and improve the overall binding experience.


    Bindomatic Accel Ultra Highlights


    The introduction of Accel Ultra has set new standards for document binding quality over other brands and it is designed for high-end consumers. This new thermal binding machine equipped with Drop & Go doubled loading capacity that lessened the document processing time of processing by half compared to previous models. It is the third-generation thermal binding solution by Bindomatic which can bind at very nearly one document per second that means 58 documents a minute which is actually the fastest binding speed of all loose-leaf binding machines.

    The best thing about this binding solution is its Drop and Go technology which gives it a distinct position in the binding market segment. It features the ability to batch load a maximum of 50 documents in one go allowing the operator to do other work simultaneously.




    Key Features of Bindomatic Accel Ultra


    Now, talking about the key qualities and features of this new generation Accel Ultra thermal binding machine, it is loaded with remarkable attributes that enhance the binding process by a great extent. With its automatic binding feature, you can bind maximum 360 sheets of 80gsm paper (360 mm document thickness) automatically. It is up to 45 x faster compared with other punch and bind solutions available in the market. Perfect for heavy binding environments like print shops, copy centres, print rooms of corporates or universities. The machine has a very fast warm up time and binding cycle. In single batch, you can load a maximum of 50 documents and the machine will bind almost one document a second. Bindomatic Accel Ultra supports A4 document format and can bind hard and soft covers easily. The machine is simple to use by anyone without any knowledge of document binding and can be operated easily after just a couple of minutes training.


    Why You Should Buy Bindomatic Accel Ultra


    When looking for a thermal binding solution, Bindomatic Accel Ultra accomplish all thermal cover binding requirements flawlessly. The precision, speed and quality, you will get with this Accel Ultra binding machine is impossible to find from any other thermal binding machine model available in the market.

    Loaded with the advanced Drop & Go technology, this thermal binding machine eliminates all the hassles associated with the task of binding documents thermally. Due to this ultimate technology, the operator does not need to stick with this machine throughout the process, but once the documents have been put in the machine, he or she can go anywhere to do other tasks. Thus, the Accel Ultra is a binding solution that makes this job fully automated, simpler and is a very efficient binding solution. The most likely applications for using this advanced thermal binder are professionally bound documents which include reports, sets of accounts, thesis, photo albums, proposals, reports, anthologies etc. Any bound documents produced on Bindomatic Accel Ultra will look very professionally bound as though they had been outsourced to a professional printer or print centre. Finally, the last benefit of the Bindomatic Accel Ultra is that it binds both soft and hard covers documents in the same easy, efficient binding process.

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  6. Bindomatic Accel Cube – An Accelerated Thermal Binding Solution!

    If you think of an ultra-fast, super-strong binding solution that provides the maximum efficiency, then you have to look at the new generation Bindomatic Accel Cube which is an accelerated thermal binding machine available at Binding Outlet at a very competitive price. Loaded with the new drop and go technology of Bindomatic, this binding solution is two times quicker than the previous models. To speed up the binding process, this machine is loaded with amazing technology that makes it 45 x faster than standard loose leaf punching and binding and 30 x faster than tape binding.


    Overview of Bindomatic Accel Cube


    Using Bindomatic Accel Cube, the documents move through the machine at a rate of 58 documents per minute that shows the amazing speed and binding efficiency of this machine. It also features extra upgrades which include enhanced quality and strength of the document bind with an enhanced look. The machine is the successor to the Bindomatic 7000. This thermal binding machine is perfect for corporates, offices and all volume demanding commercial printing and CRD environments. It does not require an expert binding operator to deliver or create professionally bound files or documents.

    With its incredible speed and efficiency, you will enjoy faster and better binding solution that will bind documents in flash with its high performance, automated functions, and other features. This machine will cut down the time that you have to spend on binding high-volume business documents whilst delivering a great finish to the document.



    Key Features of Bindomatic Accel Cube


    • Better strength with amazing quality for the bound document.
    • Better efficiency as compared to previous models of Bindomatic as it comes with Drop and Go new thermal binding technology which makes this machine 2x faster than previous models. If the efficiency is compared, the only rival of this solution will be the Bindomatic Ultra. Documents move through this machine very quickly making the binding process quick and more efficient.
    • This new thermal binding machine comes with a few extra upgrades that include enhanced strength and quality to bind documents with an enhanced look. 
    • Easy to operate, you can deliver quality bound documents without hiring an expert operator. 
    • Supports A4 portrait document binding with system capacity from 1 to 150 sheets of 80 gsm paper. 
    • The machine can bind documents at a maximum speed of 58 documents a minute.
    • Features 1.5 – 15 mm spine widths for all documents up to 15mm thick.


    Other Important Specifications of Bindomatic Accel Cube

    Having this ultimate binding machine in your business, you can handle heavy binding requirements due the machines enhanced efficiency and faster performance. With such great technology, this machine is perfect for volume oriented document binding environments. This machine can automatically bind documents up to 150 sheets using 15mm covers.

    Bindomatic Accel Cube is loaded with the exceptional technology of Drop and Go which makes it very cost-effective and time saving for users. It is perfect for corporate printing rooms, copy centres and print shops that demand a high-volume binding solution. In just one minute, you can bind up to a maximum of 58 documents. The Bindomatic Accel Cube features a fast warm up and lightening quick binding cycle. The machine has a digital measuring solution that enables users to accurately ascertain the correct size cover required. The machines supports A4 documents and binds both hard and soft covers easily.


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  7. Tips To Efficiently Select The Best Binder!

    In every business or company, printing and binding requirements arise frequently. By owning a binder a company can manage the entire printing and book binding needs of the business adequately in-house rather than spending lots of money outsourcing the requirement to an external binder. Therefore, buying a binder is always a good idea for any business to cost effectively turn all the printed files or items that they create into very professional and attractive looking business presentations to present to customers or prospective clients.

    Need to Buy a Good Binder


    A binder gives several benefits to businesses. They can be a great solution to bind different kinds of documents and give them a professional look. For creating brochures, contracts, training manuals, work quotations, and policy documents, professionals like to use a binder. But when it comes to binding large documents, the use of the binder is regarded as the best as it helps to keep pages in an intended order and holds the together.

    For each separate requirement, whether in an office or a company, there are a wide choice of binding machine types. Depending on certain requirements, one needs to select the right type of binder. With the help of a binder, anyone can produce great sales materials.


    What to Consider When Selecting The Right Binder For You


    To buy the right type of binder for handling the binding requirements of your company, you should consider some essential points. These points are helpful in deciding the best binder to perfectly fit all your binding needs. For instance, if you need to bind several pages together or the need of a binder occurs again and again, then buying your own binder is always the most efficient step to be taken.

    Those who think that buying a low capacity binding machine for handling moderate binding requirements often regret it because they are under capacity for their requirements. Being low capacity machines, they quickly wear out and need replacing. Equally, it is not worth spending a lot of money on a binder that carries specifications and features that far exceed your actual binding requirements or if the binder is to be used infrequently. Therefore, it is highly important to consider your own preferences and binding requirements when choosing a binder for your office.

    Uses Of A Binder 


    A binder is extensively used for aligning, punching and binding various pages of a document or separate sheets together. When you go to select a binding machine for your office, you should first look into the document size that needs to be punched or bound, if they are thin or thick, or if it is letter size, A4, A5 or legal size. After considering these things the next thing to decide is the type of binder, ring wire binding, spiral coil, plastic comb, spiral comb, thermal binding, twin-look, velo-bind etc. are all available binding solutions. By having a good knowledge of the right document type that needs to be bound in your office, you can easily make the right choice from different types of available binder options.

    In case, your requirement is to bind documents like financial reports, business plans, business proposals etc, the best option is to choose twin-loop wire binding or spiral comb binding solutions. If you want a binder to bind thick documents like novels, photo albums etc, then the ideal choice is the thermal binding solution.

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  8. Learning Everything About Spiral Binding Equipment Machines & Supplies!

    Binding machines cannot work until they are equipped with the required supplies and equipment necessary to create professional looking books and copies. The basic job of these supplies and equipment is to bind the job efficiently, appropriately and smartly which then contributes to both presentation and enhances staff productivity in return. The information available in this article will give you details of various spiral binding equipment and machines that you should use to make your book binding process more professional and smarter. Here we will explain all the benefits you can have from these supplies and equipment for spiral binding.

    Binding Machines – Efficient Supply For Binders

    These machines are those devices which are made to bind papers securely and professionally. These binders are utilised in schools and offices universally. These machines come in two main forms which are manual and electric. If you have large binding requirements, you should go with an electric binding machine; however, when your requirement is less then manual binding machines are the best alternative for you.

    What Are Guillotines

    Guillotines are those devices which are designed with a sharp blade for cutting card or paper neatly and accurately. In the market there are a huge variety of styles and shapes of guillotines including table-top guillotines and free-standing the later being appropriate for cutting large size papers or cards easily and accurately.


    The use of laminators is required to add protection to a document or paper with a cover made of a thin plastic laminate. It helps to make the paper or card waterproof and durable because of the sealed covering. Laminators come in varied sizes from A4, A3, A2 and A1. For laminating documents, there will be the additioan purchase of either laminating pouches or rolls of laminating film.

    Using Paper Drills

    These are used to make round holes through a stack of papers. They are used in collaboration with a base board that protects the surface of the paper. These drills come in varied sizes and types dependant on certain needs. In the market, you can easily buy electronic paper drills for making the process faster and better.

    Paper Punches – Great Binding Equipment 

    Paper punches are another great method to punch round holes in a card or sheet. Typically, they come in manual operation forms.

    Shredders – Efficient Supply 

    Shredders are those devices which are used to shred documents into small pieces. These are widely used in companies that require a solution to dispose of personal records of their employees or anyone in an easy and fast way. By shredding documents, you can destroy them entirely making them useless and illegible for anyone. The shredders can be of two types these are cross cutting shredders or strip cutting shredders. They come with a bin that collects all paper pieces for effective disposal.

    Spiral Binding Machinery

    Also termed as coil binders, spiral binding equipment is a solution that works by binding spirals or coils into documents or books. This solution is long-lasting and creates a professional finish to documents.


    Just remember that well-organised paperwork has great value in the business world for the flawless functioning of various departments. The list we have mentioned above contains supplies and equipment that each and every office must have. Binding Outlet can help you buy the best supplies and equipment for the best binding solutions.

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  9. Find Out What Makes Spiral Binding Equipment Machines Versatile!

    In the world of document binding, spiral binding machines are known as one of the most efficient binding solutions. These machines are highly versatile and very easy to use. Binding with these machines truly becomes a hassle-free task for any user. With these machines, you can bind documents merely by passing the plastic coil through various holes punched in the document spine. Indeed, it is an efficient way to bind numerous personal as well as professional documents like business presentations, files, books etc.


     Basically, spiral binding machines are famous for their versatility. The process of spiral binding makes the job of binding lots of documents at one time a task of just a few minutes. It gives a solution to producing well-managed documents for offices, school, colleges and businesses. So, if you want to make any kind of documents which require additions or you want to update documents frequently, then look for a spiral binding machine. This machine will enable you to accomplish this job in less time and with ease. Moreover, for this purpose, you do not need to recreate the whole document and there is no risk of any kind of page damage.


    To de-bind a book which is spiral-bound using a spiral binding machine, there are two advantages.

    Re-Use Replacement Coil – Though you use the new coil in your binding machine, still you can benefit from using old one later after removing.

    Reuse Existing Coil – When removing the coil from spiral binding machines, some extra effort is needed if you want to use it again. Rather than cutting down its crimped ends, it is necessary to utilise needle-nose pliers for unbending crimps from the coil end to straighten it.


    Apart from the benefits of using coil, there are other binding techniques that you can use for book binding.

    Wire Binding Machine – For securely binding pages, twin loop wire technique is famous. In this technique, the book pages get punched and are then laid onto the wire element. Then, using the binding handle the wire element gets secured. In this technique, pages lie flat and can easily be folded back and through 360 degrees. This is achieved by using wire closing and punching machines.

    Plastic Comb Binding Machine – Is a technique for book binding. In this process, the comb is inserted into the machine and then the comb opened by the binding handle. This document is then punched and then inserted onto the comb.

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  10. Learning Facts About Different Technology Used By Binding Machines

    At present, more and more businesses are favouring the job and role of the binding in-house as they do not like the idea of outsourcing to an outside professional copyshop or print shop. A majority of modern people today feel surprised how fast and simple it is to bind documents with a binding machine. Previously, producing professional files, reports and wire and coil bound documents required complex and pricey binding equipment. But, these days binding machines are very easy to operate. Practically, these binding machines are so small that they can fit on a desk easily.

    So, there are varied methods that can be used to bind reports, books, presentations etc. Binding methods such as thermal binding, spiral binding, comb binding and wire binding are well known. These methods are so easy to perform that an untrained person can make great looking books at office or home in no time. The binding equipment are very safe and easy, and its supplies are widely available as well. To buy these supplies and binding machine equipment, you can visit any big office supply outlet available in your local market or can order from an online store as well.


    What Is Wire Binding 

    When you are binding documents using the wire binding method, the pages of the book get inserted in the punching unit of the machine. These punching can either be electric or manual. In both punch types, electric ones are more pricey, however, they are quite easy to perform and can easily drill down into the thick paper stack. After punching the papers, the wire gets threaded down to the holes. This wire goes into the whole report or book length. To close the wire this is normally done manually but a separate electric closer can also be purchased such as the ECL 360 electric closer. Wire binding comes in A4 and A5 as standard ans also comes in different colours.

    Comb Binding Technology 


    In the technology of comb binding, the book pages get punched to its edges; however, rather than the round holds the line, the punch produces rectangular holes to the page edges. It also comes in manual and electric punches. Because of low cost, the manual punch is more popular. In this technology, once holes are made within pages, the plastic comb gets opened on punches from a special holder. On the top-end of comb, pages get inserted. At last, combs get closed and a book is being created.

    The use of binding machines can fasten the process of book making for you. The use of binders promotes users to bound books and documents together so that they should look neat and professional. Besides, the technologies we mentioned above, coil and thermal binding are also used for binding documents strongly. In all the binding types, wire binding is one of the best and extensively used due to its professional appearance and ease of use.

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