1. Learning Facts About Different Technology Used By Binding Machines

    At present, more and more businesses are favouring the job and role of the binding in-house as they do not like the idea of outsourcing to an outside professional copyshop or print shop. A majority of modern people today feel surprised how fast and simple it is to bind documents with a binding machine. Previously, producing professional files, reports and wire and coil bound documents required complex and pricey binding equipment. But, these days binding machines are very easy to operate. Practically, these binding machines are so small that they can fit on a desk easily.

    So, there are varied methods that can be used to bind reports, books, presentations etc. Binding methods such as thermal binding, spiral binding, comb binding and wire binding are well known. These methods are so easy to perform that an untrained person can make great looking books at office or home in no time. The binding equipment are very safe and easy, and its supplies are widely available as well. To buy these supplies and binding machine equipment, you can visit any big office supply outlet available in your local market or can order from an online store as well.


    What Is Wire Binding 

    When you are binding documents using the wire binding method, the pages of the book get inserted in the punching unit of the machine. These punching can either be electric or manual. In both punch types, electric ones are more pricey, however, they are quite easy to perform and can easily drill down into the thick paper stack. After punching the papers, the wire gets threaded down to the holes. This wire goes into the whole report or book length. To close the wire this is normally done manually but a separate electric closer can also be purchased such as the ECL 360 electric closer. Wire binding comes in A4 and A5 as standard ans also comes in different colours.

    Comb Binding Technology 


    In the technology of comb binding, the book pages get punched to its edges; however, rather than the round holds the line, the punch produces rectangular holes to the page edges. It also comes in manual and electric punches. Because of low cost, the manual punch is more popular. In this technology, once holes are made within pages, the plastic comb gets opened on punches from a special holder. On the top-end of comb, pages get inserted. At last, combs get closed and a book is being created.

    The use of binding machines can fasten the process of book making for you. The use of binders promotes users to bound books and documents together so that they should look neat and professional. Besides, the technologies we mentioned above, coil and thermal binding are also used for binding documents strongly. In all the binding types, wire binding is one of the best and extensively used due to its professional appearance and ease of use.

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  2. Learning Some Crucial Factors Of Binding Machines!

    Do you often need to create some crucial documents and some other printing materials for the smooth functioning of your business which actually requires an addition to look more professional? Do you think that it is wise to manage more of the printing requirements of your office in-house rather than sending or outsourcing it to any printing service provider? If yes, then you must be interested to purchase a binding machines for your business. Though do you know there is a massive choice available in binding machine brands and types that can create chaos for you to decide the best and the most relevant binding solution for you. This article revolves around various important factors that help ensuring the best binding machines of the time for buyers.

    What Is The Need Of Document Binding

    Document binding is a great solution for many reasons. It is a reality that the well-bound documents look more managed and last longer as compared to unbound documents. The machines that are used to bind documents can either feature electric punch or manual punch. The manual punch binding is often utilized for medium or small volume printing jobs; however, the electric punch machines are used for large or medium printing jobs. At present, you can easily find fully automated binding machines in the market that ensure for better efficiency and great time utilisation.


    Finding Out How Binding Machines Can Be Effective For A Business

    Well, it is a good question to consider that how the binding machines can prove to be effective for one in a certain segment of business. So, it is meant to be used for different professions as it helps binding a huge range of business documents that usually include business policy documents, sales brochures, contract papers, quotations, training manuals and so on for the clients. The document binding is actually a greatly simple and conveniently process to do. Though it consults the regular base and keeps every critical page bound together and in proper order required.

    Factors That Help Deciding The Best Suiting Binding Machines

    For the selection of a right application that suits you well, you should check for elements like manufacturing speed, presentation effect, and several pages per bind. Generally, it is seen that the binding machines supporting electric punch are more effective and serve superior binding quality.

    For document binding, two methods are commonly used – knotted ends and friction type method. In knotted end method, the knots of binding are passed for once around load and detains in that position by two line ends, which are mutually knotted. Whereas, in friction method, the knots get passed once around paper loading and stays at that place by friction occurred between the line winding that pass through the other winding top.

    So, when you are selecting a binding solution for you, it is always advised to check out all these features properly. Also, take a look at factors like the number of sheets that machine can punch in a single load, its binding capacity and number of sheets it is capable of binding at a time, the paper size it accepts and function modes.

    Great Variety Comes In Binding Machines

    Now, talking about the variety comes in binding machines, there is a dearth of binding machine models available in the market for buyers. It comes in different types. The choice of the best binding machine totally depends on certain business requirements for document printing. For an office where there binding requirements are quite frequent and mass documents are needed to bind, a high-quality binding solution is must to look for. For creating sales materials, you have to choose top-quality of binding machine that may come with an expensive price tag.

    The most popular and easily available binding machine types include velobind, thermal binding machine, comb, coil, tape, padding and double loop wire. There are multiple companies that manufacture these machines in which few of them are GBC, Plastikoil, Rollabind, Speil, Rhino Tuff, Standard, HOP and Renz.

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  3. A Thorough Understanding Of Modular Binding Machines & Their Punching Patterns!

    When you look for a specialised binding machine type, the best options are usually modular binding machines which enable operators to conveniently change between various punch patterns in a single machine. In this article, we are trying to give readers a closer view of modular binding machine punches to understand the way they work and learn various advantages associated with them for busy binding environments. Additionally, we will also highlight different punch patterns for common binding solutions currently used.

    Learning about modular binding machines & their punching styles

    Most of the modular binders are equipped with inbuilt punching dies which are made to insert into the machine. These dies come in a wide variety of punching patterns. Modular binders are regarded as the best choice for fast and heavy demand printing requirements like printing shops and larger offices requiring a range of binding styles.

    These modular binding equipment solutions have few limitations.

    In the market, you will see many types of inexpensive add-on binding modules such as wire closer, comb openers, coil inserters etc. These binding module add-ons are actually great to utilize in collaboration with a modular machine focusing on providing a perfect binding solution.

    Furthermore, if you seek a solution that offers you multiple binding styles in a single binding equipment device, then modular binding machines are the best solution to go with. You don’t have to buy separate modules for varied binding styles, but use one for all commonly used styles.

    Exploring Punch Patterns Of Binding Styles

    Binding styles that are commonly preferred by most of the binding operators follow a certain punch pattern. Generally, each style supports a separate hole pattern that works with binding spines which relate to the certain binding process. Here, we are going to describe different punching patterns used for different binding styles.

    Punch Patterns For Wire Binding

    For the wire binding process, two different punch patterns are used that are 2:1 and 3:1. The 2:1 pattern features 2 holes per inch and 3:1 features 3 holes per inch. The former one utilizes rectangular holes with 23 total holes on each A4 sheet. However, in 3:1 patterns, square holes are used with 34 total holes on each A4 sheet.

    Punch Patterns For Coil Binding

    If you have a coil binding machine, then there won’t be any confusion in punch pattern because it uses single pattern that is 4:1 which is usually punches a 4mm circular hole. You need to factor in the extra time you need to crimp the ends when binding an A4 document. Standard binding coils made of plastic are used that come in A4 length and 49 loops. Some of the coil binding solutions also support oval holes rather than circle holes.

    Punch Patterns For Comb Binding 

    For comb binding, the supported punch pattern is of 21 holes in rectangular shape on every A4 sheet. These holes relate to 21 prongs available on the spines of comb binding. These rectangular holes measure 8mm x 3mm that give some additional space for easily turning pages after the insertion of binding comb.

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  4. ECL 360 Electric Closer – Is It Worth Buy Or Not!

    An overview to Renz ECL 360 electric closer machine

    When there is a demand of speed to bind and punch high volumes of files, you need an exclusive and reliable product like ECL 360 electric closer. It is a fully professional electric closing solution for bound ring wire documents. It amazingly suits for jobs involving the production of high volumes and needing a quality production speed as it is capable of closings up to 400 in an hour. This quality makes this machine – ECL 360 electric closer a revolutionary solution of the time for heavy wire closing requirements.

    How ECL 360 Electric Closer Works 

    To build documents, one has to conduct a very simple process. First of all, insert the ring wire in the any of the two alternatives featured in this dynamic model and start the document building process. After that, lift the machine from a hanging solution or pull out the clamp. The clampy system is an additional item which can be added to the ECL 360. Most users simply use the prongs at the front of the closer to place the binding wire onto. Then, ensure that wires are correctly upright during this process. Now, flush it against the closer back.

    For extra safety in closings, there is an additional security feature that means now anyone can try his or her hands in this closing bar. There is no need to be expert in this process, but a novice can also accomplish quality closings with safety. Once the machine is in the activated mode, the close would stop and ECL 360 closer will temporarily turn be to unresponsive for a precaution purpose. You just have to tap once on the foot pedal and the document will be bound and perfectly finished with amazing rounded close.

    For such exceptional features, this solution has become a rapid, great, safe and amazingly quality driven product by Renz.


    What ECL 360 Electric Closer Is Made For 

    The ECL 360 electric closer supports ring wire closings. It is a heavy-duty wire closing electric product which is made to bring finishing to the books having maximum 360mm length. The other electric closers from Renz include the ECL 500 and the ECL 700 for the extra width documents. Usually the ECL 360 is fine for more bound documents. The machine is made for using with multiple ring wire pitches (3:1 and 2:1 wire), twin loop, spiral o binding spines and wire o. This closer is perfectly capable of managing varied range of wire diameters which are present in the market.

    Moreover, it can also manage small to large wires with an ease. With this device, you can amazingly enhance the wire binding process by closing spines or without using calendar hangers.

    Specifications Of ECL 360 Electric Closer 

    • Fast adjustment of size for fast set up of wire diameter.
    • Can bind 340 sheets maximum.
    • Designed with an inbuilt ring wire hanging solution that encourage easy and convenient operations.
    • Continuous and quick binding cycle from first to last document each time.
    • The largest binding diameter supported by this machine is 1 ½ inches twin loop wire.
    • Automated safety switch for increasing protection and safe binding.ü Parallel adjustment commits for ideal binding

    Overall, ECL 360 electric closer by Renz is a brilliant product that can maximise the binding process and encourage better and quality binding.

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  5. Why Coil Binding Is Perfect Binding Choice For Offices!

    Coil binding, also known as spiral binding is one of the most popular styles of binding which is loved by professionals due to many reasons. It is a smart, trendy and bright binding options that comprises of a great bouncing memory. This quality makes coil binding a fascinating solution for people who seek an advanced, exciting and new binding solutions along with something that stands up and mailed in adverse conditions. By this we mean the binding coils are virtually indestructible so provide a great options for customers that often send documents in the post.

    So, there are so many things that make coil binding a successful solution of the time and here, we are going to talk about few of its qualities in detail.

    Greatly Versatile & Affordable

    Coil binding is a remarkable way of document binding. If you are a person who had been loving the idea to use comb binding previously, then coil binding may look to be a bit more flexible to you. The spines used in coil binding are very affordable to buyers. As far as coil binding machines are concerned, there are so many brands available out in the market from where you can buy these machines to accomplish binding process in a cost-effective manner. Moreover, these machines come in a range of colour choices that allow buyers to match them with their branding and marketing.

    Coil Binding – To Maintain Feel And Look Of Documents

    A great thing about coil binding is that; it does not let the document quality get harmed during the binding process. It is because it has an ability to open document fully to lay them flat on a surface. That means it allows documents to open for 360 degrees that are back and back. It is truly great for professionals’ handbooks, reference books and educational workbooks. Moreover, the colour range in spines also makes them perfect for creating proposal documents and marketing presentations.

    So, there is a great choice in coil colour to choose for users and here are some standard options of coil colours to give you an idea:

    White, navy blue, forest green, gold, silver, red, burgundy, clear, royal blue, ruby red and yellow

    To give the binding files more enhanced or creative feel, you can go with some other special coil colour options that are:

    Sky blue, Purple, Green, Reflex Blue, Baby Blue, Mid Blue, Moss green, Cream, Leaf Green, Dark Brown, Charcoal, Light Brown, Orange, Light teal, Chocolate, Pumpkin and Antique Gold.

    Types Of Binding Machines That Suit For Coil Binding Documents

    As we see Coil binding is an attractive binding process that is used for creating fully professional and creative document material. Though to perform quality binding, you have to select a right binding machine for this process. Today, you can see several machines for this type of binding. These machines can either be separate components such as an electric roller or punch machine, or can also be bought all in one solution which performs all processes.

    If you run a big printing outlet, our recommendation for you to buy a large size punching machine that should have an interchangeable system of a die in which you can accommodate comb, coil or even wire punches.

    To shop for the best binding machines for coil binding documents in London, Binding Outlet can be the best place to associate with. Check out our online collection for coil binding machines and choose the one that suits you the best.

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  6. Wire Binding – A Binding Solution That Professionals Admire!

    When it comes to a document binding, there are several options that start reflecting in our mind to go with. Wire binding is one of the most popular binding solutions that is coming for many years. But, there is again a choice in wire binding such as metal wire binding and plastic comb binding. Now, the question is which type of wire binding is better and how? Well, the answer is clear that is metal wire binding. Yes, metal wire binding is a better choice as compared to plastic comb binding.

    The reason we give wire binding more importance is that; its greater quality that makes them a universal choice for businesses, universities, government, printers, and people who look for elegance and quality in their documents.

    Being stronger, impressive and simpler to insert as compared to the plastic comb, wire enhances binding to a great extent. The binding wires available at Binding Outlet come with a distinct feel and superior quality than the plastic combs. As they are made of metal, they are heavier and hence, feature a better hold on documents, files or other printing materials.

    What Wire Binding Process Is All About

    To understand the effectiveness and strength of wire binding, you have to learn what it is and its process. So, in this binding, the binder uses a wire. Using this wire, the documents get bound together and form a look of a book or copy. A book which is metal wire bound gets the capability to open in rotation of 360 degrees. Binding Outlet has an incredible treasure for the supplies of metal wire binding in a variety of colours like blue, silver, white or black. Choose any colour of your choice and give your document copies a creative touch or strong feel as you desire. Binding wire at Binding Outlet is available in available in 9 different colours and in A4 or A5. We can even provide bespoke sizes.


    Discussing Positive Features of Metal Wire Binding

    As already discussed, this type of wire binding gets priority from people who want to add a professional touch and robust feel in their books or printing materials. Here are few key features that make metal wire binding the best choice for quality printing seekers.

    • This type of binding is a favourite option for those seeking an ability to open a bound book in 360-degree rotation. 
    • The books bound with metal wire can be a great space saver on the desk because they can be folded from back to front with an ease. 
    • This type of binding is usually preferred for books or notebooks featuring A4 or A3 sizes. 
    • The wire made of metal gives a strong hold to pages and cover of the book in a truly professional way.
    • Specifically made metal wire eliminates the stress included to spines when bound copies are open.
    • The spine flexibility enables one to open a bound copy without letting it damaged.

    Due to such an exceptional features and great qualities, metal wire binding proves to be a standout solution from all available binding options in the market. Now you can even edit a bound wire document which in the past you have been unable to do. Simply use one of the Renz wire opener devices to open a bound document.


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  7. HT 330 Dual Pouch Laminator – An Ideal Product For Offices!

    HT 330 dual pouch laminator is a remarkable machine which is ideal for copyshop or regular office usages. Designed with 2 heated rollers as well as an extra plate heater, it provides flawless laminated product up to 250 micron film thickness. It is a new generation machine which possesses every quality that one seeks from a Renz product.

    Design & Features Of HT 330 Dual Pouch Laminator

    This pouch laminator is an automated machine, it reduces it's temperature automatically to 50/60 degree C when it is not used for half an hour after being warmed up. To bring the machine temperature to the earlier set temperature, you simply press the heat up button again and it will quickly be ready for operation. It has a dual heating system including 2 heating plates for increased laminating quality and 2 hot rollers which are heated internally. It features adjustable temperature that you can set for all thicknesses of pouches. An LED function has been designed on the HT 330 dual pouch laminator which shows the phase of warm up, return function and ready state of the machine.

    HT 330 dual pouch laminator is packed with a hi-tech technique and great design by which it provides a complete protection for files and documents by making them waterproof, dust repellent, tamper-proof, durable and tear resistant. The powerful technology of this machine gives power to the laminating process of the documents. Made of a robust metal design, this model is designed for long term usage and is very easy to use due to its user-friendly functions.

    Who Should Buy HT 330 Dual Pouch Laminator

    The machine HT 330 dual pouch laminator is an incredible device for professional usage. It works on a powerful technology that makes document lamination a hassle free and quick job for all. Whether you are an expert in document laminating or have little experience, the easy operation of this machine will be handled by you conveniently due to its user-friendly design. This laminator is based on the dual heated technology in which two heated rollers and two hot plates are used for accurate laminating results.

    As far as the ideal customer or buyers of this machine are concerned, it is perfect for office use where office based employees need to laminate files and documents safely. In addition, if you run a copyshop, this machine will be perfect for your use. In a copyshop, where numerous customers arrive to get their documents laminated, the HT 330 dual pouch laminator will perform the job in a fast and easy way with great results for the customer.

    Specifications Of HT 330 Dual Pouch Laminator

    • Equiped with a fully user-friendly and simple control panel. 
    • A compact design 
    • Quick warm-up times 
    • Button for cold lamination 
    • There is no need for a carrier because of silicone rollers of this machine
    • A reserve button for anti-jam
    • Warm up and speed LED display 
    • Option for sleep mode during the times of inactivity.

    Apart from these features, the HT 330 dual pouch laminator comes with the quality assurance of Renz that assures the customers long term use of this machine.

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  8. Bindomatic 9000 – A Standard Binding Solution For Businesses!

    Binding requirements are not limited to just a few certain businesses, there is a requirement in every segment. Be it an office, a school, a university or any other workplace, no business can do without the use of a binding machine. Today, there are so many models of binding machines available on the market to choose from. Bindomatic 9000 from Renz is one of the best, most efficient binding solutions of the time.

    When it comes to choosing the correct binding machine, there are so many things that should be considered. Mainly, machine selection depends on the projected volumes of binding and required work flow to create documents.

    As far as the Bindomatic 9000 machine is concerned, it is a new product in the market that has succeeded to set a whole new standard for the document binding in this industry. This machine features truly fast binding speed as it can bind a document within seconds. Though the thing that makes this machine a remarkable solution of the time is its phenomenal work efficiency. In Bindomatic 9000, you can load up to 60 documents in the one go and this efficiency allows one to complete any other task in parallel to the document binding.

    Bindomatic 9000 has an amazing intuitive simplicity, unrivaled speed of binding and easy usage for which it becomes a perfect binding machine for busy or volume-seeking printing environments and large corporate print stations.

    Bindomatic 9000 thermal binding machine

    Key Features of Bindomatic 9000

    The Bindomatic 9000 is a revolutionary solution in thermal binding. It is well loaded with exceptional features that make binding convenient and fun for amateur operators as well. See below various features that make Bindomatic 9000 a perfect binding solution for businesses.

    • Features binding capacity up to 150 sheets.
    • Allows the operators to load maximum 60 documents in a single binding cycle as per the spine width. 
    • Designed with a digital measure indicator for document thickness which ensures the accurate width of cover spine is perfectly identified.
    • Supports all kinds of documents that has 297 mm maximum spine length and A4 sheets.

    A Case Study For A Successful Deployment Of Bindomatic 9000

    This year, a Bindomatic 9000 machine was sold by Binding Outlet to a renowned University in Central London. The Bindomatic 9000 was sold as package with the Xerox Versant 2100 press. Before buying this package, the university had been using the Fastback 20. Definitely, the staff were happy and content with the performance of Fastback 20 as it featured a good finish, yet there was an issue of speed. According to the operator, Fastback was able to bind only three documents a minute which made the binding process a time consuming job. In the university print unit there were only 2 employees hence, it was a hectic, time consuming job for them.

    In the beginning, they saw a Bindomatic 7000; however later it was decided that Bindomatic 9000 model would be the best option for their requirement. The reason they choose the 9000 model was because during the busy peak printing times they needed to load multiple documents quickly. This was the main factor to buy Bindomatic 9000.

    It is worth noting that Bindomatic 9000 will shortly be replaced by another model the Accel Ultra. The upcoming model will be twice as fast and will feature an even faster binding speed with an amazing 120 documents per minute. Compared to all other available thermal binding solutions in the market, this will be the most efficient, fastest and best.

    To place your order or to see various models thermal binding machines, refer to the official website of Renz that is


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  9. Thermal Binding Or Any Other Binding Options – Which Is The Best

    The need to search a binding solution arises on various occasions by businesses and individuals. This need leads them to consider whether or not they should buy a permanent binding machine for themselves or should consult a binding outlet to bind something. When there is an occasional binding requirement, one does not bother to buy a binding machine; however when the binding becomes more frequent, buying a binding machine becomes a wise step. So, depending on your requirement, if you think of buying your own binding solution, then you will find several options in the market. In all the binding solutions, the thermal binding machine is one of the most famous and successful solutions of the time.

    When deciding to buy a binding machine it is best to consider each option available in the market. Considering features and various aspects of different types of binding machines, buyers can learn which option is the best for them as per their particular binding requirements. This article revolves around the information on the comparison of the thermal binding machine with other types of binding solutions available in the market today. We will discuss binding machines at different aspects on which one makes a decision on an ideal solution for themselves.

    Which Binding Machine Is The Least Expensive

    Just as other things that we use in life, binding machines can be found as little or as expensive as you want to pay. Based on this fact, there are several options available as per your budget for buying a binding machine.

    If you are a buyer with a low budget for a binding machine, then buying wire or comb binding machine will be a right option for you. These binding machines are the least expensive products available to buyers with a tight budget. These are affordable solutions for which you need not spend a fortune. Moreover, to keep the binding expenses low, you can buy wires and combs in bulk as well.

    Though when you seek the cheapest binding solution, then go with Slide Binder as it comes at a low cost and does not require any binding machine to bind documents or files.
    Now coming to the thermal binding machine. These are heavy duty machines which are ideal for high volume of binding job. For small binding outlet, busy offices, schools etc. thermal binding machine is the best binding solution on the market.

    Thus, these are binding options available as per individual budgets. Buyers can pick the best option from all the discussed binding solutions that fit the most to their binding requirements and budget.

    Which Binding Solution Is More Professional

    Those who need binding solutions for fully professional documents, the thermal binding machine is a perfect option to go with. Thermal binding machines are quite similar as bookbinding solutions as compared to any other kind of binding machine and they appear amazingly professional. This type of binding solution is perfect for catalogues, brochures or anything that you like to present to your clients to put a positive impact on your business to them.

    Although, the thermal binding machine is the best and a clear winner for being a fully professional solution, yet we do not mean to say that no other binding solution looks professional. Wire and comb binding solutions also appear to be great; however, they do not have that appeal as you get in thermal binding.

    Which Is The Easiest Binding Solution

    To be very honest, none of the available binding solutions are difficult, though some feature relatively easier operations than others.

    In all the binding solutions, slide binding can be called the easiest as it works without any binding machine. There is very less possibility that anything may go wrong in binding.

    After slide binding, thermal binding is also comparatively easy as it requires the operator to place the documents in the folder and then, pop them up in a machine. After that, the heat starts binding them together.

    Wire and comb binding are a little more tricky. Especially, when the documents are not properly lined up with wires and combs, it would require a bit of fiddling, however, the process is not that difficult for sure.

    After reviewing different types of binding solutions, we have found our winner to be thermal binding machines which are perfect in all aspects. So, if you want a quality thermal binding machine for your business, then Bindomatic thermal binding from Renz will be the best option to go with.

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  10. DTP 340 M – A Dynamic Punching & Binding Solution For Everyone!

    The Renz DTP 340 M is a great, modern punching and binding solution as it is loaded with exceptional features that make document binding a quick and hassle free job. Generally, when one starts binding a document, he has to punch holes for combs, spirals and wires. A majority of binding machines are supplied with a fixed inbuilt punch; however when you need a stand-alone heavy duty punch, DTP 340 M is the best choice as it can tooled with interchangeable dies for many different punching styles. This binding solution is greatly productive and powerful punch, perfect for schools, busy offices and small binders. The key features of this machine are the great punching capability and compatibility to work with almost every binding module from Renz.

    An Overview To DTP 340 M Punching Machine 


    The DTP 340 M is a hard working, high capacity, electric paper punching machine and is a must have addition for any small binding outlet. It is a space saving compact machine, but also a heavy duty solution. Featuring a 35 mm punching capacity, this solution features a one second punching cycle. It comes with fully interchangeable spiral, comb and wire dies which take a maximum of just one minute to change.

    Features Of DTP 340 M Punching Machine 


    Being a great punching solution for small binding shops or busy offices, DTP 340 M is loaded with several useful features that simplifies the binding process for operators. Here are key features of this machine.


    • Modular to expandable binding solution for plastic comb, ring wire and coil binding. 
    • Quickly punches up to 20.000 sheet in an hour
    • Comes with a foot switch for operating the machine electrically 
    • Comes with an advanced drive system for energy saving. The motor works only when foot switch is on and once it is released, the motor will stop immediately 
    • Features adjustable lay-edge guide
    • Supports a maximum 2 x 34 cm punching width
    • Features a waste tray of large capacity


    Following are the key points that make DTP 340 M a dynamic modern punching solution.


    • This machine – DTP 340 M boasts a punching capacity of 35 sheets/80 gsm. In desktop binding solutions this is the widest punching slot of any machine available in the market today. 
    • DTP 340 M features up to 340 mm punching width which enables punching of A3 paper on its short edge. 
    • One punching cycle of this machine takes just one second of time. 
    • A huge range of spiral, comb and wire dies can be found in 2:1, 3:1 and many other punching pitches with both round and square holes. These are fully interchangeable dies which take only one minute to change. Thus saving a lot of time for the binding operator. 
    • The dies have selectable punching pins which allow the operator to choose the right holes for punching as per the document size to be punched. 
    • As with all the binding machines from Renz, this model is also made in Germany with high standards. Hence, it is a greatly reliable and well-designed machine. 
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