1. Choose The Best Binding A5 Wires From The House Of Renz

    If you are in the business of book-binding and applying the traditional methods or modern methods to perform binding tasks then the following information is for you!


    Wire Binding made the task of bookbinding super simple and professional by using quality wires for binding which are specially made by a few unique brands in the world. Here you need to choose a suitable and desired category of wire and a trustworthy brand, because a wire is a product which should be robust in nature and durable if it’s not then you will face a problem with your job.


    By removing your maze and nurturing your trust, Renz introduces Binding Wires A5 with a super fine quality. Renz continually works on its products in a befitting manner to assure you about the quality of the product.


    A glance at A5 Binding Wires by Renz:


    Binding Wires A5


    A high-quality wire product used for bookbinding which can deal with many kinds of bookbinding tasks. These Renz A5 wires are the most suitable product for binding your documents or books.


    Renz is a well-known name who hold an immense amount of stock for making the delivery process easier and with the affordable prices. It provides a vast variety of binding wires from stock and the quality provided by Renz is unambiguous by the international standard.


    All products along with binding wires by Renz are well made with robust material and the manufacturing process has gone through strict measures of production. Renz Binding wires come in a variety of colors as per the buyer’s requirement. At Renz, you can get specification details of Binding Wires A5 before making your order.


    Binding Wires A5 provided by Renz will bind documents, many sheets, and heavy cover pages. They have the ability to bind an enormous amount of pages. The strength of Renz wires binds the sheets in a safe way. They ensure smooth page turning and easy handling. Renz Binding wire A5 is the latest version available in the market.


    Renz believes in serving its costumes in a professional way and embarked on a journey of launching superfine quality products whilkst maintaining the trust of the consumers.


    Visit Binding Outlet for more details and leverage for your business with the purchase of quality products.


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  2. Renz Eco Home Wire Binding Machine to Speed up The Binding Process!

    Renz is known as one of the top rated binding machine manufacturer around the world. As this company delivers the most advanced and efficient binding solutions, businesses and individuals keep on exploring the new range of Renz binding machines. Of the many advanced wire binding machines produced by Renz, the Renz Eco Home is a great model using 2:1 pitch Renz ring wire.


    The customer base of Renz Eco Home is quite big as it comprises home users and small businesses and offices. It is basically an entry-level range binding product that is designed for quality punching and document binding in lesser volumes. So, if you have low volumes of documents to be bound, Renz Eco Home is the best buy for you.


    Key Features of Renz Eco Home 


    One of the innovative wire binding machines by Renz, Eco Home is furnished with several attractive features which we address below. Knowing these features, you can understand how to take best advantage of this wire binding machine. So, let’s read on the list of features that make Renz Eco Home a successful product of the time.


    • Renz Eco Home features a great binding capacity as it can bind up to 135 sheets. 
    • It has closing control which guarantees convenient closure for ring wire to facilitate impeccable presentations. 
    • To encourage quality punching, Renz has designed Eco home with staggered punching pins resulting in great punching quality. 
    • A4 as well as A5 sheets. 
    • Easy setup of side lay to support accurate punching registration.
    • Seamless binding each time.
    • Automatically measures documents on its own.
    • Very easy to empty sliding waste tray.
    • Comes with a 1 year of warranty. 
    • Compact design makes it easy to fit into a small office or home.


    How Renz Eco Home Works & Delivers Great Punching & Binding Results


    Renz Eco Home is a great wire binding solution that is loved by SOHO owners due to its easy performing capabilities. If you are interested in buying this wire binding machine, make sure you to use it correctly. Here we describe different aspects to consider when using Renz Eco Home in an appropriate manner.




    To start binding on a Renz Eco Home the first step is punching the documents where you insert papers to be bound in the machines inbuilt punching slot. After that, pull forward the lever and your papers will be punched.


    Document Insertion in the Machine 


    Once punching is done the next step is to insert your documents onto the wire in the wire holding fixture.




    After inserting your document onto the wire, the last step is to close the wire. Take your punched document inserted onto the wire from the holding fixture. Then, insert the book vertically into the closing unit to close the wiring element.


    This is all you need to do to bind a book or file on the Renz Eco Home. To finish the process, remove your documents from the machine.

    One of the best features of the Renz Eco Home is its integrated measuring scale that makes it very simple to establish the wire element diameter. To do this, you put the book under the measuring scale, then push the slider downwards. You can now read the exact diameter of binding wire required from there. Using this scale, you will determine the correct wire diameter for you book thickness each time.


    It is quite clear that Eco Home is specifically made for small offices and home use where low volume document binding requirements arise from time to time. With the easy functionality of this wire binding machine, anyone can bind documents easily and professionally.

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  3. Renz Eco S 360 Manual – A Robust Heavy Duty Machine

    When you come out into the market to shop for the best binding solution to manage your binding requirement, several options will appear. As there are several brands and manufacturers of binding machines, there are innumerable binding solutions which claim to be perfect for certain binding requirements. Wire binding machines are one of the most famous binding solutions that people tend to prefer for their office presentations, academic presentations, files etc. So, if you look for a wire binding machine to remove the stress of binding documents, then Renz Eco S 360 Manual could be the perfect choice for you. This is a great wire binding machine by the leading binding machine brand – Renz and is furnished with great features. Knowing the key qualities of Renz Eco S 360 manual, you will certainly feel attracted to this machine and will most likely love to buy it for your office or home binding needs.


    Renz Eco S 360 Manual machine is designed to support 2:1 pitch Renz ring wire and is known for being a heavy-duty machine. There are several points about this wire binding machine to note, which we discuss right in the article below.


    Qualities of Renz Eco S 360 Manual

    • The Renz Eco S 360 manual is a dynamic wire binding machine that is designed to handle the high punching requirements of users. Using this machine, you can punch up to five thousand sheets in an hour, great capacity indeed. With this much capacity, you can assemble around 250 books in just an hour of time. With this Eco S 360 manual machine, you can punch up to 30 sheets in a single lift.


    • Renz Eco S 360 manual is designed with a disengageable dies for punching that allows users to punch sheets of varied sizes. This wire binding machine supports papers in length up to 14 inches. In addition, it can bind books having 1.5 inches thickness that means books of 300 pages.


    • This machine supports wire spines having 2:1 pitch. With wire spines, you can give a sophisticated look to any document. That means, all your files and documents will get a professional feel with this wire binding machine. These spines can be found in a range of colours like black, silver and blue.


    • The most appealing thing about the Renz Eco S 360 manual wire binding machine is its ability to upgrade its capacity into electric unit. So, in case your binding requirements get changed, you can convert this manual machine in electric one. For this purpose, you should buy the modular motor from Renz and by attaching it to the machine, it will become an electric machine.


    • The Eco S 360 manual has several interesting features to make binding easy for non-professional users. To use this device, you do not need to be a binding expert, but you can create amazing professional books easily with minimal effort. The notable features of this machine are wire size gauge, gauge for book thickness and wire holder for determining the right spine to be used.


    • It is a very durable machine made of metal guaranteed to last many years. On this machine you can produce innumerable books for many years into the future.


    Overall, we can say that Eco S 360 manual is a great device by Renz. For all who want to bind documents at 2:1 pitch, it is an ideal wire binding machine available in the market today. Using this machine, you can smartly bind and punch documents and can create several books in an hour only. 



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  4. The overwhelming benefits of buying a comb binding machine

    In recent years, the popularity of comb binding machines has catapulted by a great extent. This is owing to the fact that a large number of companies are using this type of binding apparatus to produce and bind various documents. Whether it is a cookbook or a user manual, companies are increasingly showing the inclination towards buying comb binding machines. One of the essential benefits of using a comb binding machine lies in the fact that it provides lasting durability. Moreover, it can also be used to bind a lot of documents. For instance, comb binding machines are increasingly being used in various publication houses to attach multiple documents of varying sizes. It is also interesting to mention that with the help of a comb binding machine, you can now remove or add pages to update the document quickly.


    Plastic comb binding machines are versatile and save money


    It is important to note that assembling documents with the help of a plastic comb binding machine is just half the cost when compared to binding with coil. Moreover, if you are thinking of binding with thermal devices, then you will incur a more significant amount of binding cost. Whereas plastic combs reuseable.


    Furthermore, even if you need to buy the combs for binding with a comb binding machine, you can save a lot of money as they cost very little.


    They have a wide variety of options


    Comb binding is not only versatile, but it is also available in a wide range of colours. Hence, with the help of this handy binding machine, one can add a lot of unique colours to the documents. Hence, you can easily customise your documents with the assistance of unique colours available from your dealer. Also, plastic combs can be printed on the spine with the name of a company or logo of the group.


    They can adapt to any size of the document


    Comb binding machine should be your ideal choice if you are on the lookout to bind thick documents. On the other side, plastic comb binding machines are also crucial in assembling small-sized documents. Hence, buying a comb binding machine is advantageous in many ways. One can quickly bind a lot of finished documents. This is the reason that a lot of modern-day companies are considering the use of comb binding machines.


    If you are someone who is not sure which type of binding machine to buy, you can always rely on comb binding machines to carry out your assignments.

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  5. Raise The Popularity Of Your Presentation With Thermal Binding Covers


    It is a commonly observed fact that it takes a lot of time and hard work to put together a worthy presentation. And if you have to prepare various pages of the report and these pages matter a lot in your promotion, you need to lay proper emphasis on the way your pages are being presented at the meeting. On the other hand, it only takes one accidental mistake to distract your thoughts. Hence, you need an excellent binding cover that would protect all your documents from damage and falls. These are the times when you should opt for using the thermal binding covers. By adding thermal binding covers to all your records during the period of an outstanding presentation, you can feel confident. By using thermal binding, you can make sure that your display receives extra attention in a meeting. You can also impress a lot of clients with the help of the thermal binding covers.


    Why Should You Always Use Thermal Binding Covers?


    Thermal binding covers would always give you the ability to produce securely bound pages. That means you carry a document which resembles a book. This would give you the added confidence in an important meeting or seminar. As there is no hole punching required in the case of a thermal binding cover, you can always make the full use of the documents. For instance, you do not have to leave spaces on the sides of the papers for the punching hole. In this manner, the thermal binding machines always play a very crucial role in ensuring that you are securely carrying your documents. On the other hand, most of the thermal binding machines are available with pre-set heating that ensures secure binding.



    The Thermal Binding Spine Widths Available In The Market.


    Thermal binding covers include spine widths that are available in full assortment of various colours. Usually, the binding covers and utility sheets are most often used in case of binding a thick document. However, one can also use the paper stocks version of a thermal binding machine to make sure that there are no underlying issues with the binding. Moreover, the adhesive lined products are highly customizable and hence are used in a wide variety of industries. One can also use it to produce the presentation in the field of academics.


    Rely On The Thermal Binding Covers In Your Next Presentation.


    If you stapled all the documents in your meeting or presentation session, it would not be a good impression. Hence, you should always look forward to making sure that you rely on the thermal binding covers. By using the thermal binding in your next meeting, you would be guaranteed that you can make full use of your skills. You do not have to suffer from concentration lapses fearing that your documents would be lost.


    Be wise and make the right selection for the thermal binding covers. You can also render a stylish look to your documents.

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  6. What Are The Considerations When Buying A Wire Binding Machines?

    Wire binding machines have evolved as one of the most preferred means to bind reports and booklets. For instance, you have completed your report or proposal to be presented to your stakeholders. All those pages in the description or the instruction manual need to be put into a perfect order so that your clients and delegates would find it easy to read through the documents. This is where a wire binding machine can play a pivotal role. In this context, it is also interesting to note that wire binding machines are also referred to as twin loop wire binding machines. With the advent of modern technology, the overall design of these tools has also undergone a sea change. This is the reason that one needs to be on the lookout for the considerations in buying these wire binding machines.

    1 # The type of binding machine you want.

    It is an important selection criterion that should be kept in mind by the buyers. While buying wire binding machines, one needs to be clear about the purpose behind the usage of these tools. For instance, if you are on the lookout to just get the work done, you can select the comb binding machines. These machines are cheap and are quite useful in their overall tasks. These machines are also an excellent choice for internal documents like maintaining employee handbooks. On the other hand, if you want to render a premium binding look to the list of documents, you can opt for the thermal binding machines. Most of the paperback books that you see in the local bookstore are glued to one another with this technology.

    2 # Buying a binding machine by punch capacity

    Also, the reputation of the brand, the essential features of binding machines also play a crucial role in its selection process. In this context, one should know about the punching capacity of a binding machine. It refers to how many pieces of paper a binding machine can punch at a given time. It is one of the most essential features of binding machines hence it needs to be considered at the time of buying the binding machines. On the other hand, if you are on the lookout to assemble thick books, then punching capacity of a binding machine is the primary selection criterion.

    3 # Manual or electric binding machines

    Many binding machines are available in the market that can be operated manually or automatically. Wire binding machines are best to buy when they can be utilized through electrically. It is so because by selecting an electric operated wire binding machine, you would have a higher freedom to punch and bind papers and documents with utmost ease. If your workload is less, then a manual binding machine can meet most of your expectations. However, if you have high volumes of mandatory assignments, then using an electric binding machines is always the best option.

    Always go through the reviews of various binding machines while buying them. This would ensure that you have got the best product.

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  7. What are the things to consider when buying a laminating machine?

    It is a widely accepted fact that a laminating machine plays an essential role in any office. However, in order to buy the best laminating machines, one needs to be aware of the aspects that play a crucial role in the acquisition process for this type of machine. With the rapid advancement of technology, one finds a lot of high featured laminating machines. Hence, it can become a confusing proposition when first buying a laminating machine. It can also become a complicated process when the brand name comes into play. One has to assess the brand prestige when buying a laminating machines. Moreover, it is also common to find some great deals on laminating machines. Hence, in a nutshell, the process of purchasing a lamination machine is complex.

    Defining the extent of laminating work you would be doing

    In the process of buying an efficient lamination machine, the primary requirement is to assess how much laminating you would be doing. In this context, it is interesting to mention that if you are opting for a laminating machine that is suitable for household use, then a less expensive one may be the right option. On the other hand, if you are going to do a lot of laminating work, then you should always opt for the lamination machines that have a more significant output and less consumption of power. Furthermore, you should also make sure that the speed of lamination is up to your desired level of performance. On a similar note, it can be said that if you are using it for household usage, then you only need a machine that has a low output speed. If you are opting for commercial usage, then always select a computer that has a high output speed.




    The type of laminators you need


    The marketplace is flooded with various kinds of laminating machines. Hence, you need to select the right laminator to your needs. For instance, one of the most common types of laminators available on the market are pouch laminators. They can be used by households and equally by small businesses. With the help of a pouch laminator, you can readily laminate any sheet, protecting it and enhancing its value. With large laminators the addition of heated rollers melting the glue of the lamination film play a vital role when laminating cards or any paper surface. By using this kind of laminator, you can drastically reduce the risk of the invasion of tiny air bubbles. These kinds of laminators are frequently used in the print industry so that the posters and postcards can also be laminated easily. All the types of laminators are quite easy to use and are a welcome addition to any home or office.

    Hence, if you are on the lookout to buy affordable laminators, always weigh your options carefully.

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  8. Notable Qualities That Make Accel Ultra & Accel Cube The Best Binding Solution!

    In the world of binding, you may have heard about several binding solutions made by different manufacturers. Binding is a requirement for professionals, students, professors and all types of offices. To make documents manageable one needs to bind several documents together; so that he or she can enhance work efficiently and positively.


    Just as many other brands, Renz is one of the most popular binding machine brands fulfilling the binding requirements of all types of customers all around the world. To improve binding quality, Renz keeps on introducing new products from time to time and Accel series is the newly launched product line of Renz which is grabbing attention from customers. So, if you are looking for a new and highly innovative binding solution to complete the binding job in a fraction of a minute, then you must take a look at several interesting qualities of Accel Ultra and Accel Cube that make them a dynamic binding solution of the time.


    What are the common features of Accel Ultra & Accel Cube


    Drop & Go Technology

    Loaded with drop and go technology, both of these binding machines – Accel Ultra and Accel Cube make the binding of several documents a fun and easy job. Now, you do not hang on the machine to bound documents for many hours, but just put the papers in the machine and rest of the job will be handled by these machines automatically. Thanks to the drop and go technology which has made things truly easier for all.


    45x speedier than bind and punch 

    These ultimate machines of Accel series can bind a document in a second that means truly faster binding process. As compared to punching and binding, it features 45x speedier binding of the documents that is actually a remarkable speed.


    30x speedier as compared to tape binding 

    If you like tape binding due to its fast speed, then these machines will again win over your choice because it is 30x speedier than tape binding. Thus, we can say that you won't find a faster binding solution than Accel Cube or Accel Ultra from Renz.


    Allows extra upgrades to improve quality as well as strength of documents 

    If you seek to enhance your binding process, then these machines will allow for extra upgrades. These upgrades will improve the binding quality and document strength.


    50 Documents Batch Load 

    To process the binding job in a fast way, these machines allow up to 50 documents batch load at a time. That means you can load 50 documents together and then leave the whole binding job aside as the machine will handle everything on its own.


    Perfect for volume demanding binding and printing environments –

    As these machines of Accel series are furnished with great qualities, they fit perfectly to high volume demanding binding environments like office, corporates, institutes, print stations, CRD etc. So, if you run any of such organizations and want to improve your binding efficiency then replace your old and ineffective binding machine with the new and advanced Accel binding series that are – Accel Cube and Accel Ultra.

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  9. Renz UK Is Exhibiting At “The Print Show” Telford In October

    Renz UK is going to present the new super quick Bindomatic Accel Ultra and Accel Cube thermal cover binding machines at The Print Show” Telford in October. The functionality of both machines has been designed with deep consideration of high-end users of binding equipment.


    The Print Show is to be held on 11th to 13th of October at The International Centre in Telford. Iain Bullock, the Managing Director of Renz UK, professes “This new advanced classification of thermal cover binding machines shrinks the binding process in half. The binding capacity of this automated thermal binding system is very impressive. The machines binds up to 360 sheets of 80gsm being bound using 36mm wide spines. It takes only an incredible one second per document for the binding process to be completed".


    Renz will also be exhibiting at the show their MOBI 500 semi-automated ring wire binding machine, AP 300 Compact automated punch and Punch 500 heavy duty punch, these are specially made for wire binding calendars and books. The line-up from Renz UK will be completed with the exhibiting of the ECL 360 electric ring wire closing machine and desktop DTP 340 semi-automated punch.


    In addition to the prior statement, Iain Bullock mentioned in his words “The determination and enthusiasm of the The Print Show organizing team was very impressive. The efforts of the entire team are praiseworthy, I have backed them by exhibiting with them in a year when we are also committed to the IPEX exhibition at the NEC just three weeks later". The Print Show has also showing its affection towards Renz in some glowing statements”.


    “The main motive for exhibiting at The Print Show is to be in front of our audience and showing the highly productive equipment, we have on offer for them. Renz has grown with its customers over the years and achieved their trust. This is one of the main reasons for the present reputation of Renz. I wouldn’t like to be sitting in my office whilst there is an exhibition being organized somewhere in UK and Renz not being a part of it and not having the opportunity to interact with our potential customers”, he added.


    Renz has become a well-known provider of binding and punching equipment and believes in their continual innovations. Renz is committed to providing the best quality binding and punching solutions for the market.

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  10. Funky Pigeon has invested in Renz for an Argos F400 “Cold Lamp” UV Coater

    Funky Pigeon is the leading manufacturer of personalized greeting cards and wire bound calendars and has collaborated heavily with Renz over the years.

    Renz is the expert brand and well known for manufacturing punching, binding and laminating equipment. This new investment is an exciting new step which will enhance productivity and performance at Funky Pigeon.

    General Manager Grant Bewey stated, “We had a UV coating system but that caught fire and so we wanted to install a replacement that had strong safety features”.



    "The package offered by Renz for the Argos F400 was cost effective and we appreciate that" Bewey added. "We have four HP Indigos, and the new UV Coater is running near-line, we are planning to add another two Argos F400 coaters from Renz to run in line with the Indigos. It will make the process highly flexible."

    The Argos F400 “Cold Lamp” UV Coater installed at Funky Pigeon comes with remote diagnostic functionality. It has the ability to coat 6,000sph (A3) or 45m/min with an uninterrupted but also flexible process. The feeder will hold 400mm of paper. Funky Pigeon stated that the Argos F400 from Renz is designed with the purpose of fast and highly productive working. Funky Pigeon is very satisfied with the addition of remote diagnostic. Bewey mentioned “as we are located in a more remote location sometimes it has been hard to get sufficient manufacturer support to fix errors. So, the addition of a remote diagnostics function gives us great peace of mind".

    "The new Argos "cold" UV coater from Renz at Funky Pigeon sits alongside much Renz wire binding equipment including five Renz P 500 heavy duty punches, five Renz ECL 360 electric wire closing machines and two Renz MOBI 500 automated wire binders".

    Bewey considered other options and stated “On our visit with Renz to the Argos factory in Belgium we paid particular attention to ensure that the F400 coater was achieving our desired speeds. It was good to see it achieving this easily and to see its ease of use and reliability. It produced our job with great efficiency and the cost per sheet comes in significantly lower than from our existing coaters or that of the competition machines we viewed as the machine consumes far less coating hence the reason for a significant reduction in cost per coated sheet".

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