1. GM Finishing Moved Towards Enhancing Finishing Abilities By Installing Renz Mobi 500

    The installation of a Renz Mobi 500 wire ring-binder took place at GM finishing in late February for the completion of Nottingham-based GM’s existing tasks which incorporates booklet making, wire-binding, drilling, punching and sheet collation.

    Managing Director and founder Gary Middleton had examined the machine at Ipex in November last year. After that Gary made a visit to a local print company which was performing their tasks by using this same machine. On seeing that machine running, Gary got an opportunity to see the capabilities of the Renz MOBI 500.

    The machine left a great impression on Gary with its impeccable productivity with minimal glitches while the job was running. Gary stated that “The Mobi’s versatility was what struck me the most, this machine has numerous benefits and gains us much time", Gary added.

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  2. Invest In A UV Coater & Impress Your Clients!

    In the business world, companies struggle hard to compete with their rivals. In this battle, printing plays a vital role. There are different kinds of printing requirements that arise with businesses. In these requirements, printing for advertising material requires great attention because it clearly relates to the business growth.

    To fulfil the printing needs of businesses, there are different types of binding, printing and laminating solutions available with Renz. UV Coating is one of such solutions that can prove a godsend for your company. At Binding Outlet, you can buy the best UV Coater that features several functions including LED Curing. Before we introduce the UV coater for your next printing solution investment, let us explain all about UV coating and its benefits.

    A Brief Overview of UV Coating 

    It is basically a compound in which a resin of polymer gets changed to solid from liquid by a UV light source.

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  3. Available now! New Bindomatic Flex

    New launch from Renz is the replacement for the Bindomatic 5000 model. The new Bindomatic Flex has now been introduced by the leading brand in the binding industry Renz.

    Bindomatic Flex plays a vital role in enhancing the Bindomatic drop and go Technology. Now it is two times faster than the previous generation. Along with that, it has also increased the efficiency. Now machines can get the documents moving faster. The efficiency has dramatically boosted.

    The additional features in Bindomatic Flex are upgraded. Bindomatic Flex gives increased quality and greater strength of bind. The bound documents are stronger and come with enhanced quality.

    By becoming stronger with a perfectly square spine bound documents are considerably more professional and attractive.

    Bindomatic Flex binding system is well known for the daily routine stat

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  4. Exploring and understanding UV Coating for Digital Print

    UV coating is a process whereby a polymer resin changes from a liquid to solid with the help of an ultraviolet light source. UV coating provides a protective layer which not only protects the printed work but also increases the vibrancy and richness of its colours Traditionally you would see this shiny or matt layer on greeting cards but printers are finding other applications now such as business cards, postcards, calendars, photobooks and many other printed products. UV Coating machines can also produce matt, soft touch and now HD gloss UV coating from Argos Solutions.

    UV Coating has often been compared to laminating. Both UV Coating and laminating effetively provide another protective layer and enhance the finish and final look and vibrancy of the printed paper or card. Traditionally UV Coating machines have been more expensive than roll laminating machines. However, the advanc

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  5. Discovering Various Usages & The Importance Of An Electric Binding Machine

    A binding machine is an important office machine for a range of presentation documents. There are tremendous benefits of owning a binding machine. But, when you look for ease and time saving benefits, you should consider the benefits of investing in an electric binding machine. It is effective for making business documents look fully professional. In addition, there are so many other benefits that come along an electric binding machine.


    In the market, you can see several manufacturers and brands offering electric binders at different price cost. However, for customers who seek a superior quality and the best functionality, Renz is regarded as one of the best binding solutions provider. Binding Outlet is one of the most trusted supplier of Renz binding machines. Here you can see almost every model in electric binding machine manufactured by Renz.


    Some of the modern electric binding machine models listed on Binding Outlet are Renz S

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  6. Know Reasons To Choose A Good Quality Laminating Machine For Your Business!

    Do you feel a confusion in choosing a perfect laminating machine that fit your business or office requirements perfectly because of numerous options available in the market? If your answer is yes, then now you have reached to a right place as Binding Outlet presents the best binding and laminating machine models from the top brand – Renz.


    In the world of binding and laminating, Renz holds a respectable position by manufacturing the most reliable and quality products that grow the productivity of businesses and satisfy the users at a great extent. Therefore, when you look for a good quality laminating machine, Renz can prove to be a trust-worthy brand of all time.


    Generally, a good buyer prefers buying a laminating machine from a good brand, but there are few such people who do not bother about the brand as they do not see much in a good quality laminating machine. If you are also one of such buyers, here we will tell you various reasons to spend y

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  7. A Quick Guide for Lamination Pouches

    Lamination is a technique by which we can protect our printed paper or document. Basically, applying a thin layer of plastic or card sheet on a printed paper is known as lamination. It comes in the trend many years ago but grown periodically in this meantime. It is the most popular technique adopted by the world.

    Lamination process takes place with various types such as gloss, matt, and silk as per the nature of printed matter. Industries of packaging, book covers, business cards and brochures are widely using the lamination as it is considered as the best techniques to protect and enhance the life of printed items.



    How To Use A Laminating Pouch


    • First of all, make sure your object is fit in the pouch, the pouch should be bigger than the object. Pouch thickness is another n
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  8. Things You Need To Know About Wire Binding!

    Wire binding is a well-known book or document binding method throughout the world. Although it is famous by the name wire binding also known as wire bind, ring wire, double-o, twin loop wire, wire-o and double loop wire.


    Punching is the first step after which wire binding takes place, so this step should be impeccable. Aspirant needs to get the documents punched before binding. Punching documents get inserted into the wire binding machine and it performs the task of binding in such a perfect way.


    Variations Of Wire Binding 


    Wire binding confers a strength to the bound documents and easy to open on a flat surface with 360-degree rotation. Radically, there are two different hole classifications in wire binding which are 3:1 and 2:1. Basically 3:1 refers 3 three holes per inch and similarly 2:1 refers 2 holes per inch.


    Pitch 3:1


    3:1 hole pattern comes with 32 holes on 11 edges where 2:1 endows

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  9. Plastic Comb Binding Machine - A Cost Effective & Handy Binding Solution!

    The arrival of plastic comb binding machine has made it quite easy for people to create fully professional looking documents on their own. Plastic comb is the original type of binding style. Now, you do not need to depend on a copy shop or a binding shop to get your documents bound, but with a plastic comb binding machine, you can do this job at your home or office environment. Moreover, buying a good model in this type of binder can help you start a small home based business as well. So, this article will tell you how plastic comb binder can be a cost effective and handy binding solution to make binding job done in more convenient and better way.

    Plastic Comb Binding Machine – A Cost Effective Binder 


    Plastic comb binding is a cost effective alternative to wire, coil or even thermal binding elements. Additionally, you can edit the document very easily which is the main advantage of plastic comb binding.

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  10. Thermal Binding – The most efficient way of binding!

    Thermal binding is regarded as a great option for quick, easy and convenient binding. Have you ever thought why thermal binders are called a better binding solution when there are many other options available? Well, the reason is here as this article contains information on why thermal binders are better than other binders and also, the supplies that one requires to bind documents in thermal binding machine.

    Reviewing various binding options available in the market


    In the world of the market, there are several active brands and manufacturers that introduce several types of binders to buyers. These binders are designed to help home and office users to organize documents in the best manner. Spiral, Coil, Thermal and comb binders are forms of binding.

    How Thermal Binders Beat Its Counterparts


    Thus, we see several options in binding solutions,

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