1. Frosted Polyprop 500 Micron A4 & A5 Binding Covers & Make Files Presentable!

    To make a good impact on your clients, it is imperative to use high quality and well-presented documents. Using low quality printing materials can be a reason to disappointment your clients and that could mean, the loss of business. So, when you have very high aspirations from your business and clients, work harder on the presentations you make to them. For that purpose, pay some extra attention to using high quality marketing and printing materials. Preparing your documents with quality thick frosted binding covers can be a great step towards enhanced presentations. For this purpose, we suggest to our readers one of the most appealing binding covers are frosted polyprop 500 micron A4 & A5 binding covers.

    At Binding Outlet, you can easily place your order for frosted polyprop 500 micron A4 & A5 binding covers and get them delivered to your doorstep. For supplying the best bind

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  2. Renz UK Delivers 450 Calendar Binding Kits to Digital Photo Printing Giant Max Spielmann

    Max Spielmann, one of the biggest chains of digital photo printing outlets in the country, has ventured into the field of in-store on demand calendar production. The chain that was founded by Wirral based Graham family in the late 1950’s has taken delivery of 450 to quality binding kits from the leader in the field of binding-Renz. Renz UK has completed the order and has claimed it to be one of the biggest orders of multiple machines handled by it till date.

    The flamboyant Ivan Sestan, who works as the Innovation Director at Max Spielmann, is obviously quite satisfied with the order and divulged further details about the order and about how this expansion of business was planned in the first place and then executed flawlessly. ‘For the past five years, we have printed calendars at our central production site but there are big peaks in October, November and December. We thought we could improve service to our customers by distributing t

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  3. UV Coating - A Better Alternative Than Lamination

    Last few years have seen a remarkable progress in the field of UV coating (ultraviolet light coating). Slowly but steadily UV coating has developed into the alternative that printers were looking for and now more and more printers are switching over to it for adding longevity and value to the printed work.

    Simple Yet Effective Process

    Even though the term UV coating sounds quite technical, the process involved in it is quite simple. In this method, an ultraviolet source of light is used to turn a liquid polymer resin into a solid yet soft protective layer that protects the printed document against a wide range of damages and enhances the print quality.

    Merits Of UV Coating

    UV coating brings to the table a host of advantages that make it a thorough competition killer. It is rather difficult to explain and elucidate all the aspects of UV coating technology in a short article but let us discuss he

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  4. Refurbished Binding Machines: The Intelligent Entrepreneur's Choice

    Are you one of those entrepreneurs whose aspirations to become a force to reckon with in business are dampened by the lack of appropriate financial backup? For instance, if you want to become a professional book binder, you will need to be financially sound to be able to purchase good quality binding machines. It will be quite frustrating for you if you want to open a new business but can’t, not because you lack vision or management skills, but because you do not have adequate finance. In such cases purchasing refurbished machines can help you in a big way.

    Welcome To The World Of Refurbished Binding Machnes

    More and more entrepreneurs are turning towards pre-owned equipment for starting their business and the same applies to the field of binding as well. I know many such people who started a new business with used binding machines and are doing great in their businesses today. Wonder what makes them go for second hand machines? Let us analyse

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  5. UV Coating: Ecofriendly Technology That Is Economical As Well

    The process of documentation and preserving important documents for longer periods of time has been an important part of human civilization. We have evolved over the years and so have our methods of document preservation. Lamination is one such method that has been in practice since a long time now. It had some great advantages over the traditional methods of preserving documents and was significantly less time consuming. The process involved in lamination was quite simple as it was done by layering a sheet of paper between sheets of thin and transparent plastic and using heated press to fuse them together.

    Lamination is still one of the most preferred methods of preserving fragile documents but is it the best and the only method? Well, as most of us have learned by our experiences in life, evolution is a process that never stops. Things were invented by some, they have been improvised upon by many others and then came some others who came up with entirely new ideas an

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    With Christmas just around the corner, it’s festival time once again ladies and gentleman. The markets are abuzz with offers, discounts and gifts, and that is exactly why everyone eagerly awaits this time of the year, isn’t it? All these things combined together with a generous dash of festivity undoubtedly make this the best time of the year.


    This is also a great time for those looking for a great new thermal binder for their office or domestic use. Most of the online retailers are offering thermal binding machines at considerably low prices with some websites also giving away thermal supplies and other accessories at seriously low prices.


    Talking about thermal binding machines, the first name that comes to anyone’s mind is that of the obvious leader in the field of binding machines; Bindomatic. The company that manufa

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  7. Celebrate Christmas With Three New Stunners From Renz

    With Christmas just around the corner, anticipation and excitement in the market are extremely high. Renz has come up with three stunning laminating machines in the form Lamigo A3, Lamigo A3 PRO and Lamigo A4 for office and home users. Renz, as you know is the German technology giant, which is a clear leader in the field of punching, binding and lamination. They have enriched and expanded their portfolio of Lamigo laminating machines. Let us check out what makes these three machines stand way above the rest of the modern laminating machines.

    State Of The Art 4Rsh-Technology For Better Protection Of Your Documents

    First and foremost, it is the revolutionary new technology that these machines bring to your business, office or home work. Renz has come up with by far the best heating technology i.e. 4RSH-technology, a term that stands for 4-Roll-Short-Heat technology. This path b

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  8. Renz UK To Extend Its Portfolio with Paper-Based Binding Covers!

    To deliver the best and the most desirable products to consumers, Renz UK keeps on inventing new products and adding them to its portfolio. This time again Renz has proved its concern for consumers who are eco-sensitive with the new launch of paper-based covers for thermal binding. These covers are going to be the perfect substitute for plastic covers which are not good for the environment. In this article, we will tell you all about the new launch of these covers through Renz UK and how Binding Outlet can assist you in buying or even deciding the best binding product for your need.

    Renz UK Recently Announced Its Exclusive Product

    Recently, Renz UK made a public announcement about bringing a new product in the market. Sharing details about the product, Renz said it would start selling a new frosted-finish binding product after

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  9. Renz Products – Just Perfect For All Your Professional Punching And Binding Requirements

    The punching and binding industry has grown considerably over the last two decades. Many things have changed over the course of this period. Old and obsolete technologies have given way to new and more relevant ones. So many brands have come, shone and then have faded into oblivion as they could not match up with the neck breaking pace of the fast-changing technologies coming into the punching and binding industry.

    One name that has shone with unmatched brilliance since 1908 is that of Renz. The company, which was a brainchild of a visionary genius whose name was Christian Renz, has withstood the onslaught of the winds of change by evolving constantly and by bringing in numerous game changing technologies to the punching and binding industry. Renz has remained an undisputed market leader since its inception and is still going strong.

    Renz Punching, Binding And Laminating Machines: Solutions For All

    One of the most important

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  10. Valuable Tips for Buying the Best Wire Binding Machine!

    Wire binding is one of the most preferred kinds of binding solutions that home, and office users tend to choose. To bind business reports and booklets, wire binding is often chosen as an ideal solution. These machines are called twin-loop binding machines they utilise a certain kind of wire element or binding wire that securely binds hundreds of sheets together.

    Though this solution is highly reliable and effective as a document binding solution, choosing the correct wire binding machine is not necessarily that easy. The trickiest part in choosing the right machine is sorting through various terms and ensuring the correct binding pitch. In this article, we will give you some useful tips to choose the best wire binding machine and get the most out of it.

    Before we start revealing our valuable tips, let us suggest to you a reliable platform to buy all kinds of bi

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