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Welcome to Binding Outlet! We pride ourselves in being one of the leading distributors and suppliers for undoubtedly the widest range of Renz binding machines and equipment in the United Kingdom. With a rich and long history of supporting and helping printing businesses grow all over the world and in the UK in particular, we have come a long way. Read on to know how.

What We Do

Binding Outlet is one of the largest distributors and suppliers for the most reliable manufacturers of Renz binding machines available on the market. This includes Renz, Bindomatic and Fastback and much more. We only supply high quality and reliable wire binding machines. For example, Renz, as everyone in printing industry knows, has set exceptionally high standards in manufacturing punching machines, binding machines, binding accessories, wire binders, binding supplies, lamination machines and supplies and a lot more. We at Binding Outlet bring the German engineering excellence of Renz to the thriving printing industry in our country at the most competitive possible prices.

A Glimpse into the Innovative World of Renz

Renz is the most trustworthy name when it comes to punching, binding, and laminating machines, equipment and supplies. It manufactures the most comprehensive range of these machines to cater to the needs of printing industry the world over. The company has made its presence felt in over 80 countries including USA, France, Australia, Holland, Turkey, Argentina, and the Czech Republic to name a few. Starting from simple manual binding machines going up to semi-automatic office machines and further up to fully automated professional binding machines for wiro, wire spiral, a plastic coil as well as comb binding; all manufactured by Renz.

In addition to these, Renz also makes sure that its customers get the finest binding supplies and other consumables such as calendar hangers, laminating pouches and binding covers. What makes Renz machines so unique and popular is the fact that they offer the widest variety of wire diameters across both 3:1 and 2:1 pitches available, from 5.5 mm up to 38 mm, making Renz wire binding machines the most complete and dependable binding solution available in the market. Binding Outlet, Renz, Bindomatic and Fastback-The Perfect Team

We bring the complete range of Renz products to its wide consumer base in the United Kingdom making it the preferred one stop destination for all Renz products. In addition to this, we offers very competitive pricing on all Renz products.

 Renz Binding Machines Available from us at www.bindingoutlet.uk

Office 3:1 Machines

* Renz RW 360 – A manual binding machine perfect for regular A4 and A5 work and has a working width of 360 mm.

* RW 360

Renz RW Home

* Renz SRW 360 – Built on the platform off RW 360, SRW 360 has been designed to give you more flexibility in terms of punch pins, variable margin depth and hole to page edge measurements.

* Renz SRW 360 Comfort – Offers faster punching time and superior ease of operation secondary to its attached durable electric motor module.


Office 2:1 Machines

* Renz Eco Home – Ideal for home use, this entry level 2:1 pitch binding gentle monster can punch up to 1 mm with ease.

* Renz Eco S 360 – Perfect partner for those who want to punch and bind regular A4 and A5 work.

* Renz Eco C 360 – Built on the platform off Eco C 360, SRW 360 has been designed to give you more flexibility in terms of punch pins, variable margin depth, and hole to page edge measurements.

* Renz Eco 360 Comfort – Offers faster punching time and superior ease of operation secondary to its attached durable electric motor module.

* Renz Eco E – Available with a quick punching cycle of one second, this heavy duty 2:1 pitch machine can easily punch documents up to 3 mm.


Professional Binding Machines

* Renz Mobi 360 – Ideal for books and calendars. Easy to operate and available in 3:1 and 2:1 pitch options. No compressed air is required.

* Renz Mobi 500 – An advanced version of Mobi 360, Mobi 500 offers more working width of 500 mm conducive for larger formats.


Punching and Closing Machines

* Renz DTP 340M – Perfect for heavy office work with its capacity to punch up to 3.5 mm. Compatible with a variety of Renz binding modules to create a complete binding system.

* Renz DTP 340A – Available with a sensor based option, this is a semi-automatic binder that comes with an automatic paper dispenser for greater ease and speed.

* Renz WBS 360 – A wire closing module that is compatible with Renz binding machines to create a complete system. Comes with a capacity to close wires starting from 1/4” going up to 1-1/2”.


 Spiral Binding Machines

* Renz SPB 360 – A manual spiral punching machine with a built in electrical spiral inserting device. It comes with a working width of 360 mm and can punch up to 2 mm with ease.

* Renz SPB 360 Comfort – Comes with an electric motor for greater ease of operation and production speed.



Comb Binding Machines

* Renz Private Bind – With a punching range of up to 1 mm, this is an ideal entry level comb binder for home usage.

* Renz Combinette – Perfect for regular and repetitive comb binding work up to 2.5 mm in regular A4 format.

* Renz Combi S – Comes with a working width of 340 mm Renz Combi S offers flexible margin depths and up to 28 selectable punch pins.

* Renz Combi V – Perfect for regular A4 work, it offers flexible margin depths.

* Renz Combi Comfort – An advanced version of the Combi S, Renz Combi Comfort comes with a heavy duty electric motor for superior and faster punch.

* Renz Combi E – Professional electric comb binding machine with a capacity to punch up to 2.5 mm with a lightning fast punch cycle of only one second.


Other Renz Products Available with Us at bindingoutlet

* Renz Binding Covers.

* Renz Calendar Hangers.

* Renz Coil Binding Supplies.

* Fastback Machines and Supplies.

* Renz Filing Strips.

* Renz Lamination Machines.

* Renz Lamination Pouches.

* Renz Lamination Rolls.

* Renz Plastic Comb Supplies.

* Renz Self-Adhesive Pouches.

* Renz Thermal Binding Covers.

* Renz Thermal Binding Machines.

* Renz Wire Binding Machines.

* Renz Wire Binding Supplies.

* Renz customised printed binding covers available at www.printedbindingcovers.co.uk


Bindomatic machines available at bindingoutlet.uk:

Bindomatic 1000

Bindomatic 5000

Bindomatic 7000

Bindomatic 9000


Other Bindomatic products available from Binding Outlet include:

Bindomatic aquarelle thermal binding covers

Bindomatic ambassador thermal binding covers

Bindomatic POD (print on demand) binding covers


And soon we will have available a new range of super-fast thermal binding machines from Bindomatic.


Also we are approved distributors for Fastback from Powis Parker:

Fastback 9

Fastback 20

Fastback binding strips


In the very unlikely event of you not finding what you were looking for in Binding Outlet, please contact us at: contact@bindingoutlet.uk