This style of binding is perfect for those looking for a fast binding method that doesn't involve any punching, just simply insert the thermal covers into the Bindomatic thermal binding machine and let the machine heat up and bind your documents. The best part of this style of binding is the unmatched simplicity and ease of binding that it offers while saving a great amount of your invaluable time.



When compared to other conventional methods of binding, thermal binding is super quick and on the Bindomatic Cube, for example, can binding up to 58 documents in a single minute.

Tough and Long Lasting

Thermal binders heat up a strip of glue on the inside cover to make the document adhere to the spine, which makes the documents last long, very long. The Bindomatic has the strongest bind of all the manufacturers

Elegant and Classy Look

When used with thermal binding covers for documents, thermal binding gives them an unbeatable elegant and classy look. This is that one thing that gives thermal binding an extra edge over other styles of binding.

This is Where We Come In

We at are clear market leaders when it comes to offering the very best in thermal binding machines, thermal binding covers, and thermal binding supplies at some of the most competitive prices available anywhere in the market, both offline as well as online. When you shop with us, you get the advantage of our huge experience and expertise in the binding industry and are sure of getting the best technical support for your professional binding needs.

We are With You, Always

We welcome you to check out our exhaustive range of thermal binding machines, thermal binding covers and thermal binding supplies at

If you have anything to ask, please always feel free to give us a call. Alternatively, you can also chat with one of our representatives or can write to us at

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