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Add value with document accessories. Whether it is colorful renz binding wire, binding elements, front & back covers, self adhesive pouches, calendar hangers, filing strips or any other enhancement... Binding Outlet help gives your documents that lasting impression. If there is something you cannot find please just drop us a line; and we will happily source it for you.

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    Renz PVC Covers A4 Transparent 0.15 mm
    £ 9.49
    Renz PVC Covers A4 Transparent 0.20mm
    £ 12.58
    Renz PVC Covers A5 Transparent 0.20 mm
    £ 14.86
    Renz PVC Covers A4 Transparent 0.30 mm
    £ 18.83
    PVC Covers A3 Transparent 0.20 mm
    £ 25.22