In the binding segment, wire binding is known as the most efficient and flawless kind of binding solution that gives great results. At Binding Outlet, you can find an exceptional range and quality of wire binding machines along with all related accessories at very competitive prices. So, when you are buying wire binding machines or supplies from Binding Outlet, you do not need to wonder anymore because it is a one-stop solution for all types of binding supplies, accessories and wire binding machines. Before we present you several wire binding machines options available at Binding Outlet, we would like to give a brief introduction of this kind of binding solution.

Knowing Wire Binding Machines 

It is a famous, secure and traditional kind of binding process that is loved by corporate personnel, marketing team, students and individuals. The finishing of files or documents in wire binding is something that makes them the most appealing. The documents bound with wires look highly professional and well-presented. Therefore, for all kinds of commercial documents, wire binding is regarded as the best binding solution. To add more appeal and personalised touch in the files, you can use coloured wires that come in a range of colours like white, silver, black, blue etc.,

Wire binding machines come at different price range and each machine demonstrates some certain specifications and features to deliver the desired results.

At Binding Outlet, you can browse through a range of wire binding machines along with their price and specification. For your recommendation, we list few of the most popular products in wire binding here.
Renz Eco Home Wire Binding Machine – It is a great wire binding machine manufactured by the famous brand – Renz. It is a 2:1 pitch machine and delivers great binding performance for low volumes, especially suited to the home office market.

Renz Eco C 360 2:1 Wire Binding Machine – It is another successful 2:1 pitch wire binding machine by Renz. It is perfect for home or office use.

Renz Eco 360 comfortplus Electric Wire Binding – It is a quality 2:1 pitch binding solution by Renz producing great binding results for greater binding volumes.

Renz Eco S 360 Manual 2:1 Wire Binding – Renz Eco S 360 is a great 2:1 pitch binding solution for offices and home, being a manual machine, it is good for medium volume binding environments.

Eco E Electric Punch & Manual Binding – This 2:1 pitch machine is perfect for high volume binding requirements as it features manual and electric binding processes.

Renz RW Home 3:1 Wire Binding – This is a great wire binding machine featuring 3:1 pitch and delivers optimum binding results. This machine is mainly aimed at home office binding requirements.

Renz SRW 360 comfortplus 3:1 Electric Manual Wire Binding - This is an easy to use and very powerful 3:1 pitch wire binding solution of the time. Produced by Renz, this product comes with a quality guarantee and great performance assured for greater binding volumes.

Renz RW 360 Wire Binding Machine – Designed for day to day binding requirements, Renz RW 360 wire binding fits perfectly to home and office binding requirements. It is a 3:1 pitch machine and has many great specifications that ensure for great performance of this machine.

Renz Mobi 500 - This wire binding machine is specifically designed for professional and commercial use. Suited to both 2:1 and 3:1 pitch binding requirements it can handle all sorts of binding requirements and is suitable for heavy binding environments, but critically with the touch screen digital set-up is suited to short run as well as long run jobs.

So, these are some available and successful wire binding machine options from Renz at Binding Outlet. Whichever machine you choose, you get an assured quality performance and exceptional product quality.