A thermal binding machine comes as an excellent solution for a copy shop, a busy office or a print environment. With the Bindomatic Cube and Bindomatic Ultra you can achieve a binding speed of one bound document every second! Moreover, there are not many binding machines that can boost a maximum binding thickness of the 540 sheets in one go using the Bindomatic Flex. Bindomatic machines have the ‘one touch function’ that makes it easier for the first time operators to use them quickly. Anyone can use the Accel machines using the simple 'drop & go' technology.

When it comes to providing the best thermal binding finish, there are many different styles of covers such as the hardcover Ambassador covers and the soft cover Aquarelle or new Eco covers. The upgraded version of the early binding machines give twice the productivity and are 3.5 times quicker which wasn’t found in the conventional punching and comb/ comb binding systems.

Now the machines come with the option of printing the brand and company logo on the cover that not just give a professional touch to the document or file but also deliver a personalized look to it.
How does it work with a modern-day Thermal Binding Machine such as the Bindomatic Flex?

1. Measure the document to determine what spine size you need.
2. Insert the pages into the thermal binding covers
3. Wait 1 minute for the machine to heat up the cover or covers
4. Place the covers into the cooling rack

With no need for specialized training, now, anyone can work with these machines.

How is thermal binding produced?

A process called thermal binding provides thermal Binding Solutions. This process helps in creating the same look as seen in the binding of soft cover books. This process happens due to heat production that heats up the glue and makes the pages to adhere to the spine of the document. This process is fast and is executed with great ease, allowing binding of 30 docs in just a minute.

This process is perfect for the interior pages as it is sturdy and durable which forms a secure bond with these pages. Furthermore, one can add and remove pages by reheating the spine, thus, giving you the control over documents, in case of any mistakes.

Bindomatic Thermal Binding Machine

The exclusive and superior design of this machine is based on practical experience. The new-generation Bindomatic Accel binding machines has been developed after decades of engineering experience.

Features of this binding machine include 

a) High productivity
b) Up to 58 bound documents per minute
c) No training required
d) Binding capacity - up to 150 sheets
g) A heavy-duty machine designed to perform continuous operation
h) Swedish made quality

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