The process of documentation and preserving important documents for longer periods of time has been an important part of human civilization. We have evolved over the years and so have our methods of document preservation. Lamination is one such method that has been in practice since a long time now. It had some great advantages over the traditional methods of preserving documents and was significantly less time consuming. The process involved in lamination was quite simple as it was done by layering a sheet of paper between sheets of thin and transparent plastic and using heated press to fuse them together.

Lamination is still one of the most preferred methods of preserving fragile documents but is it the best and the only method? Well, as most of us have learned by our experiences in life, evolution is a process that never stops. Things were invented by some, they have been improvised upon by many others and then came some others who came up with entirely new ideas and thus new inventions were made. This goes on and on till this day. Lamination has seen its hay days and has been a dependable and time tested method of preserving important documents but its supremacy is being challenged by a new and revolutionary concept- UV coating.


UV coating or Ultra Violet coating is a latest technology being used today to significantly enhance the lifespan of documents. As the name itself suggests, UV coating is done by using a source of ultraviolet light to convert the state of a polymer resin from liquid to solid thereby creating a protective layer over the printed piece of paper. UV coating done by state-of-the-art machines like the Argos F400 LED not only enhances the lifespan of a document but also accentuates the richness, contrast and colors of the printed work.


Today, UV coating has surpassed lamination in being the most preferred method of document preservation because of its numerous advantages over the latter, but today, we will take a look at the most important advantage that Argos Solutions UV Coater has upon traditional lamination machines.


Everyone today is concerned about the environment and rightly so. Carbon footprints, harmful emissions and toxic wastes have reached frightening proportions. When we talk about the benefits of lamination machines we must also talk about their biggest disadvantage i.e. they are not environment friendly. Millions of tons of plastic lamination sheets are discarded every year around the world which will take almost 1000 years to biodegrade completely. That is a very long period of time indeed.

On the contrary, UV coating done by Argos Cold UV Flood Coaters use an extremely thin layer of polymer resin coating to protect and accentuate the lifespan and quality of a printed paper. The liquid varnish used in this process does not contain any VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions.

As awareness regarding matters related to environment is increasing, more and more people are switching over to UV coating as it offers a great plastic free alternative to lamination. In addition to this, the European Parliament has taken a great step forward in the direction of protecting our environment by voting for a complete ban on single use plastics throughout the European Union and the UK will adhere to this if it becomes a directive prior to the end of Brexit transition period.


A double sided fully automatic laminating machine costs around £80 k whereas Argos Solutions UV Coater is only around £49 k. The running cost of a UV coating machine is less than half a penny/sq. metre as it uses only 2 grams/sq. metres per SRA3 sheet.

As I have said earlier, the list of advantages that UV coating machines have over their lamination counterparts is a very long one, but I personally feel that their being more ecofriendly and economical is what makes them all the more essential for all of us because our environment has to be on top of our priority list and purchasing Argos Solutions UV Coater is a right step in the right direction. There are several websites out there that are offering UV coating solutions but is the only one that is offering the widest range of Argos UV coating machines at ridiculously low prices. Do check it out for more details.