Last few years have seen a remarkable progress in the field of UV coating (ultraviolet light coating). Slowly but steadily UV coating has developed into the alternative that printers were looking for and now more and more printers are switching over to it for adding longevity and value to the printed work.

Simple Yet Effective Process

Even though the term UV coating sounds quite technical, the process involved in it is quite simple. In this method, an ultraviolet source of light is used to turn a liquid polymer resin into a solid yet soft protective layer that protects the printed document against a wide range of damages and enhances the print quality.

Merits Of UV Coating

UV coating brings to the table a host of advantages that make it a thorough competition killer. It is rather difficult to explain and elucidate all the aspects of UV coating technology in a short article but let us discuss here some of its various advantages that make it a better choice than lamination machines.

Lowest Cost Per Page

Although some people do criticise UV coating machines for being a bit expensive when compared to the lamination machines, but the situation has changed over the past few years with the advent of Argos Solutions UV Coaters, pioneers in the field of UV coating. Today, Argos cold UV coating machines are easily available for as low as £49k whereas a fully automatic double sided lamination machine can cost in excess of £60k.

UV coating machines are way superior to the rest when it comes to giving the lowest cost per page. The Argos F400 Cold UV LED coating machine uses 2-3 grams/sq. metre of coating, which comes down to £0.026/sq. metre. This is far lower than digital film lamination cost, which is around 30p/sq. metre. So UV coating is a clear winner in the long run.

Zero Warm Up Time

When compared to lamination machines, Argos Solutions UV coaters offer zero warm up time. This means that a UV coating machine is ready to work the moment it is switched on. This is a huge advantage as it significantly enhances your productivity and that of your staff if you happen to be running an office setup.

Safety Comes First

Lamination machines tend to release fumes when lamination film is pressed over printed paper using heat for fusing them together. UV coating machines, on the other hand, are completely safe as they use Cold Closed Lamp (CCL) technology, which ensures that no heat is transferred to the paper and hence no fumes, odours or toxicity is produced.

Protection That Adds Value And Class

UV coating is obviously a better way of protecting any document of some worth but the good thing about UV protection is that it accentuates the richness of the colours of any printed document. The end product that you get after UV coating looks and feels much better than the original one. In addition to this, UV coating is available in a wide variety of finishes namely matt, gloss and HD gloss. If you own a business, UV coating is certain to give you more options to please your customers than you ever had before.

Green Technology For A Better Future

One thing that makes UV coating machines the best option today is their being completely eco friendly. Argos F400 Cold UV makes use of a liquid varnish that is completely safe for use as it is made in Europe itself and contains no VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions. This is a future oriented technology as it will reduce the use of single use plastics as planned by the European Parliament and will in turn help stop pollution of the oceans, which as we all know, is the greatest need of the hour.

So, any way you look at it, UV coating machines are the best option to go for. Most of the e-commerce websites in the country are offering Argos Solutions UV coaters but there is only one place where you can find the complete range of these world class machines at the lowest prices and that place is Do checkout the website to get the best deals on Argos UV coating machines and experience the whole new world of UV coating.