A manual plastic comb binding machine can provide several advantages to business. There are various types of document punching and binding needs that one can fulfil by opting for a good plastic comb punching and binding machine. In the market, you can buy plastic combing binding machines from different brands, but when you look for high quality and flawless functionality, Renz comes as the best binding and punching machine brand of all time. Knowing the growing requirements and expectations of businesses, Renz keeps on inventing new products and the Combinette plastic comb binding machine is one of the most powerful products under this brand.

The product Combinette plastic comb punching machine is a must-have product for offices and here, you will come to know the various features and benefits of this machine in detail. With this information, you can make the right selection of a manual plastic comb binding machine.

Introducing Combinette Plastic Comb Punching Machine 

Combinette plastic comb binding and punching machine can be used to make professional looking documents and books including proposals and marketing materials. For offering a great finish to bound books and printed materials. This product has become a renowned manual plastic comb machine. By accomplishing the binding task in less time, it saves a lot of time for users and allows them to invest that time in other important tasks. There are so many notable aspects that make Combinette plastic comb binding and punching machine worth your investment which we discuss in this article.

  • This machine features a remarkable punching capacity of up to 25 papers of 80 gsm. So, in one hour, you can punch around five thousand sheets with this machine.
  • As this binding machine works with small as well as large combs, it demonstrates a great binding power. With this machine, you have the option to use 52 mm diameter combs for binding thick books.
  • It comes with two handles a binding handle and punching handle. With these handles, users can place pages straight to the comb immediately after punching. This way, punching becomes speedier with well-placed pages. 
  • Being a compact machine, Combinette plastic comb binding machine does not demand a lot of space. You can keep it adequately in a narrow space as well. It measures 14.2 inches length with 19.3 inches width and 21 pounds weight. 
  • The best and the most notable point about this machine is the two-year warranty that Renz offers with this product. With this warranty, buyers do not need to spend any money in case of any flaw in the machine.
  • This machine supports all papers sizes excluding A3 landscape. There is no guesswork or any kind of effort to be invested to use this machine with its disengage able punching pins. With easy and simple binding, this machine is regarded as the perfect for new buyers.

So, these are some notable aspects about Combinette plastic comb punching machine that every manual plastic comb punching machine buyer must know about this Renz product. With these features, this machine commits to deliver the best outcomes.

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