Thermal binding is regarded as a great option for quick, easy and convenient binding. Have you ever thought why thermal binders are called a better binding solution when there are many other options available? Well, the reason is here as this article contains information on why thermal binders are better than other binders and also, the supplies that one requires to bind documents in thermal binding machine.

Reviewing various binding options available in the market


In the world of the market, there are several active brands and manufacturers that introduce several types of binders to buyers. These binders are designed to help home and office users to organize documents in the best manner. Spiral, Coil, Thermal and comb binders are forms of binding.

How Thermal Binders Beat Its Counterparts


Thus, we see several options in binding solutions, but the thing where thermal binding machine wins the game is the technique it uses to bind documents. On the contrary to other binders, thermal binders do not make holes or punch the documents. However, other binders often punch document pages and then, insert the comb or spiral to make a required hold to documents. In the thermal binding machine, the heat gets produced with which document binding process gets completed. The advantage of this technology is that, is significantly quicker. Moreover, it gives a very professional finish.

The document bound with thermal binders often look perfectly presentable and well assembled. These books can easily be open just like classic books. The users can utilize both sides of pages. This quality cannot be found with documents bound with comb binders. Traditionally, thermal binders use a glue which is commercially made for last very long. It means more durability to be found in thermal bound books.


All and all, it can be concluded that thermal binders are highly functional solution as compared to other available options. For professional documents and books that need to be bind for longer period of time and require much classic feel, thermal binding machine will prove a perfect binding solution.

Now, let’s read about what are the main supplies required for thermal binding machine.


Bindomatic is the world leader in thermal binding supplies and thermal binding covers. Bindomatic is a Swedish manufacturer which is highly trusted.


The main thing that you should have for thermal binding is covers or binding folders. Usually, these binders come in a complete package which includes all required accessories and supplies to it. The covers are usually made of plastic or hardcover and selection of cover depends on the type of book you are creating. For example, Bindomatic Aquarelle covers produce a lovely finish with a frosted front cover and coloured back cover. The Bindomatic Ambassador covers produce a very professional finish in hard leather covers with or without a window. Finally, the Bindomatic Print on Demand covers let you print your own customized covers in your office with your own logo and graphics. Simply insert the glue strip after the cover is printed.


So, we can say that thermal binders are a perfect choice for those looking for hassle-free and clutter-free solution. In addition, when you look for highly classic book binding, you should definitely consider thermal binding.

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