Binding does not only organize your documents but also provides a professional impression to your work. Binding has emerged as a daily need especially when talking about office routine. Presently, using a binding machine is a necessity as we deal with many sheets to be turned into many documents each day. It is imperative that you look after your binding machine, are you aware of the tips to take care of your binding machine? If no, then we will navigate you through the best tips by which the performance of your machine will be enhanced.



Follow the right techniques and take care of your binding machine

•          Power supply

Latest electric binding machines required a smooth supply of power, not less and clearly not more. Machines should be provided by the appropriate amount of power supply. After using the machine turn the machine off. If the power continues even after the use of machine then it can affect the machine’s motor. The motor could overheat and afterward, you will have to deal with service or replacement policies. So be safe and make sure you turn the power off after using the machine.


•          Chip tray

If you are using coil, comb, or wire binding machine then ensure you empty the chip tray consistently. You will find it a little time consuming and somewhat a messy task to perform but it is an essential step for a long life and maintenance of a binding machine. Excessively numerous chips can be an obstruction in the execution of the machine and the working of the punching dies could be affected. The poor performance of dies will not be productive enough and produce unclean holes. Gradually it will reduce the performance of the machines and you will confront trouble.


•          Capacity of punching

Punching holes in the document are the main task a binding machine plays. Ensure you don’t overfill the punching slot when punching. Make this amount of paper as per the recommended capacity of the machine. If you add more sheets to punch, probably it will save your time but will also surely damage the dies of the machine. If you want to get little more output from the machine then adopt a method of pre-punching paper when the office is quiet or use a modular binding punch with one person punching and one person binding.


•          Selection of supplies

Binding machines are classified into various different working processes. Every machine behaves according to its working procedure. Handling process for supplies is also different. It has been seen that most of the binding machines work best when using quality supplies fit for the machine. So be sure you have the correct selection of quality supplies to bind your document.


• Guidelines and user manual by Manufacturer

Manufacturers provides a user manual and guideline manual with each machine. The best approach to looking after your machine is to follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer. You will get legitimate tips and instruction to take good care of your binding machine.