In most cases, changing pages that are bound into a document is a very difficult task with binding machines, in many cases, it is simply not possible. So, binding operators that have the occasional requirement to change pages in a document often look for another way to complete this operation.

It is simple to add or delete pages using a Bindomatic thermal binding machine, some models come with intelligent features that make it fast and simple to remove or change a page. If you are new to using thermal binders, you may find it a bit difficult if you are not aware of required steps necessary to change or remove pages.

In this article, we will present a step by step guide to help you learn how to add or remove pages using a Bindomatic thermal binding machine without investing much effort and time.

Exploring step by step guide to add or remove pages from Bindomatic thermal binders

  1. First, place your bound document back into your Bindomatic thermal binding machine and then, press the start button as though you are binding the document for the first time again. Now, leave it until completion of the binding cycle.
  2. Leave your document as it is in the machine and grip the page or pages that you want to remove. Pull the pages out using one hand holding the document cover with your other hand.
  3. Take the page or pages that you want to add and place them inside the document where you want them. Hold both ends of the new page or pages and then jog them down into the document cover until they are right down into the spine of the cover aligned with the other pages.
  4. Finally, remove the document from the thermal binder and put it to one side let it cool down before you start opening them.

These few simple and yet easy steps to add or remove pages using a thermal binding machine make document editing possible. As there are different kinds of binding machines and binding styles available, the process of adding or removing pages often varies. Below we rate different binding machines for their convenience and ease whilst doing this process. So, let’s check it out right here.

  • Thermal Binding Machine – This binding machine with intelligent features is the is the simplest for adding and deleting pages process.
  • Plastic Strip Binding Machine – In this machine, you would find it very difficult to pull the pages apart once they are bound.
  • Wire Binding Machine – In this machine, adding or removing pages process is simply an impossible thing without damaging the document and losing the wire.
  • Plastic Comb Binding Machine – The process of adding or removing pages in this machine is possible but quite time consuming and difficult.

So, this is a complete elaboration of ease or difficulty in adding or removing bound pages from different documents using different machines. Based on your requirement, you can select the most appropriate model for you and when you seek quality and convenience wrapped in a machine, choose a good binding machine supplier like