To deliver the best and the most desirable products to consumers, Renz UK keeps on inventing new products and adding them to its portfolio. This time again Renz has proved its concern for consumers who are eco-sensitive with the new launch of paper-based covers for thermal binding. These covers are going to be the perfect substitute for plastic covers which are not good for the environment. In this article, we will tell you all about the new launch of these covers through Renz UK and how Binding Outlet can assist you in buying or even deciding the best binding product for your need.

Renz UK Recently Announced Its Exclusive Product

Recently, Renz UK made a public announcement about bringing a new product in the market. Sharing details about the product, Renz said it would start selling a new frosted-finish binding product after signing an exclusive contract. Though this is not an immediate replacement for the plastic products, but as per expectations of Renz, the current Bindomatic consumers may choose to dump the usage of plastic binding covers for this new product in time.

Why Paper-Based Binding Covers

Showing confidence in paper-based covers for thermal binding, Renz said that paper-based binding covers are 5% more costly than that that of plastic covers. Although the price is higher, consumers show much interest in opting for these covers over plastic ones because they find them more sustainable.

Paul Simpson, Sales Manager at Renz UK stated that “it is taken as a responsibility by Renz & Bindomatic to ensure our products are as eco-friendly as possible. So, we make all efforts possible to deliver offerings that support a plastic free environment.

Shedding more light on the new product, Simpson said that the Renz UK headquarters in Germany is fully encouraging a plastic free environment and is also considering various eco requirements from all corners of the globe. In the UK, the company follows the same direction. It is paying attention to how to make transport and packing of its delivery as efficient and green as possible.

Discussing with the consumers of Renz, it found that they do not mind paying extra to use a better and more sustainable binding solution. So, it is expected that it will surely be a good substitute for plastic binding covers.

Moreover, the paper-based covers of papers are aesthetically the same as the standard frosted covers made of plastic. Renz will bring paper covers in a range of colours. Unlike plastic covers, documents with paper-based covers would not require to be segmented in various parts for recycling.

End Note on New Paper-Based Binding Covers from Renz UK

This step of Renz UK in the favour of paper-based more sustainable solutions comes after its announcement to be the UK distributor of the famous Belgium-based product Argos’ F400 HD Cold UK Flood Coaters. This coater is significantly eco-friendlier because uniquely the machine has a running temperature of only 25 degrees. To learn latest news on Renz or any other binding solution, stay tuned to Binding Outlet that is a specialised binding solution provider in the UK.