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Renz is the leading manufacturer earning a top place in the punching and binding industry across the world.

There are hundreds of binding and punching machines out there, the binding market has become one of the fastest growing industries in the world and binding styles and types of equipment playing a crucial role in it. The market for punching machines and the material is rapidly growing every month so why don’t you grow with this trend? Why don’t you become a part of this vast binding market?

Renz has established a phenomenal business worldwide from its headquarters located in Heubach, South Germany. RENZ has subsidiaries in various countries and many sole expert agents throughout the world.


Colours Factory a customer of Renz has installed a fully automatic punching and wire binding line to perform the task of binding books and calendars. The process took place in July 2017 with the installation of a RENZ INLINE 500 in Colours Factory.

A Glance on Colours Factory

Colours Factory has achieved a place as one of the fastest evolving printing houses in Poland in just a few years. The company has robust structure and strength of around 600 people. The organization is serving the printing market with several printing technologies in-house. The objective of the company is to provide all printing solutions. The services incorporate offset printing, digital printing in offset quality, solvent, latex and UV printing etc.

Renz has a strong business relationship with Colour Factory and has, fortunately, had the experience that the organization wants to work with the most modern printing and print finishing solutions. The printer has a vast space for production, storage which is 16 000 sqm located in north-western Poland to perform every task.

Inline 500 by Renz

The printing technology has been evolved over the previous years from using semi-automatic solutions where punching and the binding process had to be done separately. Due to the latest and magnificent technology Inline 500, the fully automatic system introduced by Renz can run both processes at once.

The outcome and productivity are now far higher than before. The credit goes to new Inline 500 by which order processing time has been reduced by 30%. Now the printing house can produce the wire bind products by 300% more per day which demands 50% less involvement of labour too, says Marek Kruszka- technology and development director of Colours Factory.

The Bottom Line

The organization successfully manufactured around 3,00 000 wire bound products between the period of September to December 2017. While serving the world with the top standard products Renz is significantly enhancing the quality of production.