After a strong debut, Purfect Binding Company a trade finishing start-up in the binding industry has now installed a raft of Horizon machines and a rapid installation of equipment by Renz.


Michael Irving, the former bindery manager at Wakefield commercial printer Charlesworth Press & Hammonds has set-up Purfect Binding Company after a period of 30 glorious years at Charlesworth. 


Irving stated that he had invested “well over £200,000” on kit for the Leeds operation, taking delivery of a Horizon BQ-470 four-clamp perfect binder and HT-30C three-side trimmer from Intelligent Finishing Systems, alongside an AP360 automatic punching system, a Renz Mobi 500 ring-wire binder, and a Punch 500 ES from Renz.


The machines and equipment were installed onsite during the months of February and March, and the official launch of Purfect Binding Company took place on 1 April.


“It’s taken me a year to get this off the ground and get moving – obviously in that amount of time you lose a few contacts and I’ve spent time getting people to give me a go and get their trust,” said Irving.


In addition, Irving said “After 30 years in the job, the binding I can provide is pretty exceptional, as you would expect. With the help of the Horizon and Renz equipment, the first seven weeks have been quite busy and I’ve probably produced around 30,000 books on my BQ-470 and about 12,500 on the Mobi 500.

“We will be able to offer lots of different jobs opportunities, including diaries and manuals as well as Wiro binding in various colors. I hope customers will discover that Purfect Binding is big enough to cope, but still small enough to care.”


Presently, Irving is handling the entire tasks of the organization on his own but by 2019 he is planning to take on his first employees as per the growth of the business. Establishing a stable and productive empire is the dream and a plan of Irving. He is looking forward to building trust with his customers.


Wiro binding and punching are most preferable additional markets for the new venture to grow into according to Irving because of their “endless design and substrate availability as well as a vast range of sizes, colours, and layouts”.


The Horizon BQ-470 enhanced the capabilities of Irving to bind books up to 65mm thick at a maximum speed of 1,350bph using EVA hot-melt glue. The Renz Mobi 500 allows for the ring wire binding of books, calendars and skip-bound jobs sized up to 260 sheets.