When you come out into the market to shop for the best binding solution to manage your binding requirement, several options will appear. As there are several brands and manufacturers of binding machines, there are innumerable binding solutions which claim to be perfect for certain binding requirements. Wire binding machines are one of the most famous binding solutions that people tend to prefer for their office presentations, academic presentations, files etc. So, if you look for a wire binding machine to remove the stress of binding documents, then Renz Eco S 360 Manual could be the perfect choice for you. This is a great wire binding machine by the leading binding machine brand – Renz and is furnished with great features. Knowing the key qualities of Renz Eco S 360 manual, you will certainly feel attracted to this machine and will most likely love to buy it for your office or home binding needs.


Renz Eco S 360 Manual machine is designed to support 2:1 pitch Renz ring wire and is known for being a heavy-duty machine. There are several points about this wire binding machine to note, which we discuss right in the article below.


Qualities of Renz Eco S 360 Manual

  • The Renz Eco S 360 manual is a dynamic wire binding machine that is designed to handle the high punching requirements of users. Using this machine, you can punch up to five thousand sheets in an hour, great capacity indeed. With this much capacity, you can assemble around 250 books in just an hour of time. With this Eco S 360 manual machine, you can punch up to 30 sheets in a single lift.


  • Renz Eco S 360 manual is designed with a disengageable dies for punching that allows users to punch sheets of varied sizes. This wire binding machine supports papers in length up to 14 inches. In addition, it can bind books having 1.5 inches thickness that means books of 300 pages.


  • This machine supports wire spines having 2:1 pitch. With wire spines, you can give a sophisticated look to any document. That means, all your files and documents will get a professional feel with this wire binding machine. These spines can be found in a range of colours like black, silver and blue.


  • The most appealing thing about the Renz Eco S 360 manual wire binding machine is its ability to upgrade its capacity into electric unit. So, in case your binding requirements get changed, you can convert this manual machine in electric one. For this purpose, you should buy the modular motor from Renz and by attaching it to the machine, it will become an electric machine.


  • The Eco S 360 manual has several interesting features to make binding easy for non-professional users. To use this device, you do not need to be a binding expert, but you can create amazing professional books easily with minimal effort. The notable features of this machine are wire size gauge, gauge for book thickness and wire holder for determining the right spine to be used.


  • It is a very durable machine made of metal guaranteed to last many years. On this machine you can produce innumerable books for many years into the future.


Overall, we can say that Eco S 360 manual is a great device by Renz. For all who want to bind documents at 2:1 pitch, it is an ideal wire binding machine available in the market today. Using this machine, you can smartly bind and punch documents and can create several books in an hour only.