Renz is known as one of the top rated binding machine manufacturer around the world. As this company delivers the most advanced and efficient binding solutions, businesses and individuals keep on exploring the new range of Renz binding machines. Of the many advanced wire binding machines produced by Renz, the Renz Eco Home is a great model using 2:1 pitch Renz ring wire.


The customer base of Renz Eco Home is quite big as it comprises home users and small businesses and offices. It is basically an entry-level range binding product that is designed for quality punching and document binding in lesser volumes. So, if you have low volumes of documents to be bound, Renz Eco Home is the best buy for you.


Key Features of Renz Eco Home 


One of the innovative wire binding machines by Renz, Eco Home is furnished with several attractive features which we address below. Knowing these features, you can understand how to take best advantage of this wire binding machine. So, let’s read on the list of features that make Renz Eco Home a successful product of the time.


  • Renz Eco Home features a great binding capacity as it can bind up to 135 sheets. 
  • It has closing control which guarantees convenient closure for ring wire to facilitate impeccable presentations. 
  • To encourage quality punching, Renz has designed Eco home with staggered punching pins resulting in great punching quality. 
  • A4 as well as A5 sheets. 
  • Easy setup of side lay to support accurate punching registration.
  • Seamless binding each time.
  • Automatically measures documents on its own.
  • Very easy to empty sliding waste tray.
  • Comes with a 1 year of warranty. 
  • Compact design makes it easy to fit into a small office or home.


How Renz Eco Home Works & Delivers Great Punching & Binding Results


Renz Eco Home is a great wire binding solution that is loved by SOHO owners due to its easy performing capabilities. If you are interested in buying this wire binding machine, make sure you to use it correctly. Here we describe different aspects to consider when using Renz Eco Home in an appropriate manner.




To start binding on a Renz Eco Home the first step is punching the documents where you insert papers to be bound in the machines inbuilt punching slot. After that, pull forward the lever and your papers will be punched.


Document Insertion in the Machine 


Once punching is done the next step is to insert your documents onto the wire in the wire holding fixture.




After inserting your document onto the wire, the last step is to close the wire. Take your punched document inserted onto the wire from the holding fixture. Then, insert the book vertically into the closing unit to close the wiring element.


This is all you need to do to bind a book or file on the Renz Eco Home. To finish the process, remove your documents from the machine.

One of the best features of the Renz Eco Home is its integrated measuring scale that makes it very simple to establish the wire element diameter. To do this, you put the book under the measuring scale, then push the slider downwards. You can now read the exact diameter of binding wire required from there. Using this scale, you will determine the correct wire diameter for you book thickness each time.


It is quite clear that Eco Home is specifically made for small offices and home use where low volume document binding requirements arise from time to time. With the easy functionality of this wire binding machine, anyone can bind documents easily and professionally.