Document binding is common nowadays in business as there are many occasions when one needs quality binding of various documents. Sometimes, when this need becomes frequent businesses start looking to buy a binding machine for their offices. The reason for owning a binding machine is to save the money that one spends on getting a book or document bound at a binding shop and also to save time. So, if you too observe this kind of binding requirement at your business, wire binding machine can be a great alternative for you to go with.


Wire binding machines are loved by all kinds of professionals. Especially, when you need to handle high-quality documents bound quickly and with great quality, a wire binding machine can prove a great bet for you. In the market, you can find many options for wire binding machines in which the Renz Eco C 360 is a revolutionary product. Using 2:1 pitch Renz ring wire, this wire binder handles binding jobs in an effortless manner. The best thing about this machine is that you do not need to be a binding expert to operate the machine, its easy interface allows a novice to use it easily.


A Brief Introduction of Renz Eco C 360


Being a competitive product from a leading brand – Renz, Eco C 360 is a perfect fit for offices. Featuring 2:1 pitch, this is a sturdy entry-level product made for daily usage and handling of a high volume of binding requirements. Be it a small office or a medium enterprise, this wire binding machine model will not leave you disappointed. This machine is loaded with a range of features, it can bind more than 300 sheets and supports A5 and A4 paper formats. All in all, there are so many things that make this product perfect for binding professionals, see the following features detailed below to help you learn more about Renz Eco C 360.


Features of Renz Eco C 360


  • It can bind 340 maximum sheets.
  • Supports A5 and A4 paper formats.
  • Comes with a closure control for convenient ring wire closure which helps in the great presentation for each project.
  • Features distinct hard punching pins that provide long-lasting binding quality.
  • Staggered punching pins give great punching quality.
  • Side lay adjustable to help a great punching registration.
  • Measures ring wire size and document.
  • Very convenient to empty its sliding waste tray.
  • Designed with parallel adjustment for great binding.
  • Truly great design as it is a compact heavy duty machine.


With such great features, the Renz Eco C 360 wire binding machine ensures perfect binding for office documents, books and presentations. With this machine, professionals get a great binding solution from this machine and hence, they recommend this machine for schools, colleges, offices and all other places where binding requirements keep on arising.