A laminator gives several benefits to users, but it entirely depends on the type of laminator you are going to buy. In the market, buyers come across numerous models of pouch laminators to choose from, but from all other choices, the laminators by Vivid are known for their best quality and great performance. With Vivid laminators, you get to choose from a large variety as there are many models already available in different price ranges. Of all the models, PC-700 Peak Performance laminator is one of the most compelling products and carries remarkable features and great specifications to deliver outstanding outcomes of document lamination.

Why you should buy PS-700 Peak Performance Laminator

When you decide to buy a laminator for your office purpose, you come across several types of laminators from varied brands. But, for all, PS-700 peak performance laminator has some strong reasons to be the first preference of buyers. The first reason to buy this laminator is its dynamic capacity to add protection to all documents that are laminated from it. A laminated document by this device gets a professional feel that adds value to your documents or presentations you share with your clients or prospective customers. In addition to other reasons, you should buy PS 700 peak performance laminator to save the hard-earned money that you have to spend on getting documents laminated from an external source. Tis way, buying this laminator gives great advantages to businesses.

A Glimpse on Features of PS 700 Peak Performance Laminator

It is a truly perfect laminating machine for places where there document laminating requirements are available in high volume. For example, it is an ideal solution for the print department and copy shops. To fulfill their need to handle heavy laminating work volume, this machine is loaded with remarkable features and great specifications that make this product ideal and advanced in this time. It comes with a box of A4 size 75-micron pouches and in the gloss finish.

The key features of this laminator are a fully powerful metal constructed body that adds durability to this product and makes it capable of handling a heavy workload. It features photo lamination facility without any bubble. It is designed with temperature controls and variable speed. It can laminate up to A1 sizes documents and also ID. It comes with a reverse mode for anti-jam. There is a ready light indicator available that tells the operator when the machine is ready to work. It features 10 minutes time for warm up. It is made for laminating pouches up to 500 microns with 175 microns each side. The laminating speed of this machine is maximum 2700 mm per minute. This machine is also suitable for the hot foiling. It can offer both hot and cold laminating solutions.

What to Expect From PS – 700 Peak Performance Laminator

If you are planning to buy this ultimate laminator for your office or print shop, then first have the knowledge about what you should expect from this machine and how the performance is of this machine. It is a truly versatile laminating solution that takes no time to deliver a fully laminated document due to its temperature controls and variable speed features. The manufacturer of this machine has designed it considering the rigorous usage of it in mind. So, it can offer effortless performance to laminate ID to documents having A1 size and that too in a very short time duration. In addition, to run this machine, you don’t need a carrier.

Lastly, we have to say that PS 700 peak performance laminator is a must-have product for print departments, copy shops, instant printers, commercial printers and reprographics where heavy laminating requirements arise. It is an ideal solution for laminating business cards, IDs, certificates, posters, notices and signage, and glossy photographs with its advanced technology and features. To buy this product, choose Binding Outlet that is well-known for delivering high quality binding solutions across the UK and to other markets in the world.