Pouch lamination is one of the most useful office solutions that every business owner should invest in. There are so many aspects that make a pouch laminator a must have product for the office and here we talk about the Peak Instant A3 PI-320 Pouch Laminator, a dynamic laminator model from the Vivid brand. Vivid introduced several pouch laminators under the Peak series and all of them deliver users highly professional finishing for documents. The Peak Instant A3 PI-320 is a highly durable, convenient, operator friendly product.

Overview of Peak Instant A3 PI 320 Pouch Laminator

As said earlier, this laminator is designed with the purpose of delivering an optimum performance for document lamination. This machine is very powerful, portable and easy to operate. Due to its simple design, any new user or novice can operate it and create the finest laminating quality for documents whenever required. This laminator can laminate up to A3 size and has many applications that are very cost effective and simple. This product is known for its quick warm-up time, meaning it is capable of laminating up to A3 in less time compared with other counterparts available in the market today.

Key Features of the Peak Instant A3 PI 320 Pouch Laminator

Featuring quality performance, this laminator is equipped with a range of features. It has a very simple control panel that benefits new users making them easily familiar with it. For speed and temperature controls, there are only three buttons by which the users can choose pouch micron thickness, speed, and temperature. Due to its great features, this laminator is a perfect product for offices, home office, schools, copy-shops, colleges, and reprographics units. In addition, it performs very well at laminating certificates, sales literature, posters, letters, and legal documents.

When talking about the most notable features of this machine, we must include the following:

  • Very easy to operate control panel
  • Laminates up to A3 size / 11” x 17” sheets
  • Designed with Auto Shut-Off option saving energy
  • Works with up to 250 micron pouches
  • Laminates 500 mm / 20” length a minute.
  • Very fast warm-up time of only 45 seconds
  • 1200 W power consumption 
  • Total rollers count – four
  • One year warranty gives buyers peace of mind and confidence in the quality of this machine.

Other Reasons to Buy Peak Instant A3 PI 320 Pouch Laminator

Apart from the above great features, this machine has many other benefits that encourage buyers to invest in this product. The biggest reason is its capability to keep lamination costs under control. It is a compact and pocket-friendly product which facilitates low costs. Apart from that, the design of this machine is very stylish as well as being durable and safe.

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