Renz introduces polyprop binding covers in matt. These are the high quality branded matt binding covers. These items are used as front or back covers to enhance protection and presentation of documents. A document gets a new and enticing look by using these covers as well as great strength.

The motive of using polypropylene in these covers is not only to give beauty to the bound documents but also serves the document with a few additional benefits. Polypropylene comes under the category of great quality which is very useful. In addition, it is more beneficial than acetate because polyprop covers repel dust and prevent fumes and particles which can harm the document.

Polyprop enhances the life of the cover and therefore enhances the life of the bound document.

This advantageous substance is a great adversary against unwanted dirt. These sustainable covers are more durable because polyprop is a material which is known as a versatile thermoplastic. The crucial benefit of this polyprop is, it can be used not only for making document covers but also in various other processes and techniques for commercial purpose. Parpolyprop is used worldwide to provide strength and beauty to the document cover. It has numerous qualities. Renz provides polyprop covers to give a professional appearance to the documents.

The team at Renz works on the manufacturing these covers with focus and introducing this great product at your service. These covers come in various sizes and qualities as per the customer's interest. In the transparent clear cover, Renz brings A3, A4 and A5 sizes with the thickness from .15mm to .30mm thickness.

In transparent Matt, they come with a thickness of 0.20 mm which is available in A4 size. In transparent coloured variety, the A4 size is available with 0.20 mm thickness.

In transparent matt polyprop the sizes are available from A4 to A5 with the thickness of 0.50 mm to 0.70 mm.

Renz has a portfolio of many other varieties of the document covers such as classical matt embossed and leather-imitating etc.

Feel free to ask about prices as Renz is committed to providing the product at an affordable and cheap price. With the virtuous qualities, the product of Renz reaches up to the customers. Achieving the customer' trust is an integral part of the policy of our organization. The work on the lapses and flaws are noticed by our team and we try to serve our customers a proficient product to provide gratifying and blissful experience. Renz will be the reason for endowing the best products. Experts from the house of Renz work to make an impeccable product in the binding industry.

By considering the monotony going on these days in the world, we always try to make our product with an enticing and alluring look.

We offer a special bulk pricing for 50+ per item which is available on request. Along with the polyprop cover we are providing self-adhesive pouches for the business cards and self-adhesive triangular pouches also. Fillings trip pre-punched transparent are available for plastic comb binding system.