Starting a new business and guiding it to success is a big challenge these days; a challenge that is getting bigger and bigger with each passing year. During all these years that I have spent studying the methods used by successful businesses all over the country on their way to becoming success stories that they are today, I can safely conclude that although situation is quite tough out there for a new business to survive, but if done properly and with a vision, chances of reaching the heights have never been as bright as they are today. The only thing that you need is to use your resources properly, and one of the sure shot ways of doing this is by leasing office equipment for your business rather than buying it.


Why Lease Office Equipment When I can Buy?


One of the most asked questions that I have encountered and answered several times is why does one need to go for leasing quality office equipment from market leaders like Renz, Bindomatic or Fastback when it can be easily bought? The curious thing to note here is that almost all the established businesses and even the new ones are opting for leasing instead for buying office equipment. This time tested business strategy has helped businesses focus better on expanding their horizons as it lets them channelize their resources in a better way.


Reasons Why Leasing Wins Over Buying by a Great Margin

Cash is King


It is often said, and rightly so, that Cash is King. Buying top of the line office equipment like Renz, Bindomatic and Fastback machines is sure to consume a lot of cash, which from the point of view of business, is not a sound decision to make. When you have ready cash in your hands, you are free to use it to deal with any critical business eventuality. In simple words, it lets you have more liquidity, which is a big plus that you cannot afford to ignore. Leasing these machines helps you maintain a healthy cash reserve for your business without compromising with the quality or quantity of production.


Freedom to Do More


One of the more important things that leasing gives you is the freedom to do more with your money as it lets you pay in small monthly or quarterly amounts instead of paying a big lump sum upfront when you intend to get good office equipment from Bindomatic, Renz or Fastback.


Earn Before You Pay


The biggest drawback of purchasing brand new office equipment for your new venture is that by the time your production starts, you would have already spent a fortune in establishing the whole structure. This greatly increases your dependency upon the revenues that are yet to generate. In a situation like this even a small unforeseen problem can bring down the whole project or can at least damage your plans severely. On the contrary, leasing lets you earn from your office equipment before you actually start paying for it and that too in small instalments.


Keep Up-to-Date With Technology


Leasing lets you do one very important thing that purchasing new office equipment does not i.e. keeping pace with the latest in technology. When you buy new equipment, you have no other option but to sell it off at throwaway prices when better machines with latest technologies come in the market. Leasing on the other hand lets you keep upgrading at minimal cost.


Better Budget Management


Leasing Fastback, Renz or Bindomatic office equipment outshines old fashioned purchasing in one more way as it lets you pay back in fixed monthly/quarterly amount without worrying at all about the volatile fluctuations of the interest rates.


Unmatched Ease of Flexibility


With leasing, you can be sure of getting the flexibility to pay just the way you always wanted to. Leasing companies like Grenke offer a wide range of lucrative options ranging from 1 to 5 years. This way, you get the latest technology in office equipment with the flexibility to choose the instalment amount that you need to pay along with choosing the time in which you need to pay it.


As you can see for yourself, leasing wins’ hands down when compared to the now fast becoming obsolete method of purchasing new office equipment for your new business venture. Going for leasing from market leaders like Grenke instead of purchasing such equipment will certainly let you take your business to a greater height; the height that you had envisioned for it.


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