In the world of book or document binding, Renz is known as one of the leading manufacturers which keeps on introducing new technology equipped with advanced binding machines. Renz Eco 360 ComfortPlus is one of the most compelling models that is loaded with several attractive features. In this article, we will tell you why you should invest in this wire binding machine or what you should expect from this ultimate Renz binding model.


Just as the name, Renz Eco 360 ComfortPlus is all about offering great comfort and convenience to the binders. Due to its advanced technology, this wire binding machine makes the whole binding process a lot easier than before. Using 2:1 pitch, ComfortPlus kills off a lot of time that one has to spend on completing a binding job.


An overview of Renz Eco 360 ComfortPlus – Wire Binding Machine 


The Renz Eco 360 ComfortPlus is known for its greatly enhanced punching speed. As this machine is equipped with an advanced motor, this wire binding machine achieves more speed than other available models. Compared to many other modern binding machines, Renz Eco 360 ComfortPlus is more powerful. Due to extremely high comfort, this machine can be a perfect fit for other successful models of Renz like SRW 360 comfort, Eco E and many more. Designed in 2:1 pitch, it is perfect for regular use in medium or small offices. Although it is an electric machine, the closing facility is manual.


Key Features of Renz Eco 360 ComfortPlus 


Being an advanced wire binding machine, Eco 360 ComfortPlus is constructed with great features that help improve binding quality and speed for binders. Following are a few notable qualities and features of this machine that you must be aware of.


  • It can bind up to 340 documents.
  • It is designed with a closure control which commits to provide convenient closure for ring wire to feature flawless binding quality every time.
  • For providing robust binds, there is a gauge that alters the margin.
  • It supports greatly hardened punching pins that provide better punching.
  • Designed with quick size adjustment, this machine is known for high flexibility to support binding for different formats of papers like A3, A4, and A5. 
  • The Eco 360 ComfortPlus is also made of staggered punching pins to feature great punching of documents.
  • It has a sliding tray for waste which is very easy to vacate.
  • Made of heavy-duty design and a very compact size.
  • There is a parallel adjustment which guarantees for amazing binding.
  • It measures the ring wire size as well as document.For great punching registration, there is an adjustable side lay




As this machine utilizes vertical punching, the binding and punching process becomes easier and faster for all on electric as well as manual versions with a 2:1 pitch. The QSA technology of this wire binding machine enables cancellation of punching pins with ease and also makes it easy to change paper formats when required. With the depth gauge function, an operator can adjust the hole margin which from 2mm to 5mm to add strength to the edge of the document.


So, after reviewing the technology and features of Renz Eco 360 ComfortPlus, it is clear that this machine is a perfect solution for those who look for fast and easy binding machine to perfectly bind documents of varied sizes. Thus, if you run a small business where binding requirements keep on arising, this wire binding machine is the right buy for you.