In the business world, companies struggle hard to compete with their rivals. In this battle, printing plays a vital role. There are different kinds of printing requirements that arise with businesses. In these requirements, printing for advertising material requires great attention because it clearly relates to the business growth.

To fulfil the printing needs of businesses, there are different types of binding, printing and laminating solutions available with Renz. UV Coating is one of such solutions that can prove a godsend for your company. At Binding Outlet, you can buy the best UV Coater that features several functions including LED Curing. Before we introduce the UV coater for your next printing solution investment, let us explain all about UV coating and its benefits.

A Brief Overview of UV Coating 

It is basically a compound in which a resin of polymer gets changed to solid from liquid by a UV light source. It offers a safety layer that does not only safeguard the printed content but also enhances the richness and vibrancy of the colours inside. In this process, a compound is applied on the wet paper and after that, it quickly dries when passing under the UV light. The coating can be different in thickness and reflectivity on the basis of an application. Mostly, a subtle matte or high gloss is used for premium printing materials like catalogues, business material etc.

Ideal Applications for UV Coating 

By investing in a UV coating machine, printers can enjoy several benefits as there are numerous applications that can be UV coated. The best application for UV coating is the glossy thick paper stocks. In these applications, you can include booklet, catalogue covers, business cards, calendar covers and postcards, sales sheets, flyers etc. All these applications when sent to customers or new potential new clients UV coated, create a good impression. This way, they can turn to be a sales increasing solution.

Why Invest in a UV Coater 

If you ask us the reason to invest in a UV coater, we must say that there are so many reasons supporting businesses to invest in this solution. Mainly, it adds a valuable revenue stream to a business. It adds great value to the printed documents. If you consider it wholly, the price of consumables in the long term is certainly far, far lower than that of plastic lamination. And the gloss and attractiveness is more than that of plastic lamination. So, investing in a UV coater is a wiser choice for any business.

Some notable reasons to invest in UV coating are as below:

  • The materials that are UV coated have an enhanced design and colour. 
  • When your sales materials have an enhanced look, it gives customers great confidence in you and the services you offer. 
  • Having premium marketing and advertising materials gives customers a positive thought about your company and they happily like to connect with you. 
  • UV coated documents become long-lasting.

The benefit of LED Curing in UV Coating 

The UV coater can be specified to feature the additional benefit of LED curing which means that you get more eco-friendly and inexpensive document finishing. With LED curing, you can operate the LED coater on single phase power. As compared to traditional lamps, it saves around 50% power. It is Ozone free leading to a healthier and cleaner environment with of course the benefit of no heat to paper.

Being a market leader, Renz presents top-rated Belgian UV coater manufacturer Argos, The F400 V.4 LED being the flagship model. Place your order for a UV coater at Binding Outlet and give wings to your business sales.