HT 330 dual pouch laminator is a remarkable machine which is ideal for copyshop or regular office usages. Designed with 2 heated rollers as well as an extra plate heater, it provides flawless laminated product up to 250 micron film thickness. It is a new generation machine which possesses every quality that one seeks from a Renz product.

Design & Features Of HT 330 Dual Pouch Laminator

This pouch laminator is an automated machine, it reduces it's temperature automatically to 50/60 degree C when it is not used for half an hour after being warmed up. To bring the machine temperature to the earlier set temperature, you simply press the heat up button again and it will quickly be ready for operation. It has a dual heating system including 2 heating plates for increased laminating quality and 2 hot rollers which are heated internally. It features adjustable temperature that you can set for all thicknesses of pouches. An LED function has been designed on the HT 330 dual pouch laminator which shows the phase of warm up, return function and ready state of the machine.

HT 330 dual pouch laminator is packed with a hi-tech technique and great design by which it provides a complete protection for files and documents by making them waterproof, dust repellent, tamper-proof, durable and tear resistant. The powerful technology of this machine gives power to the laminating process of the documents. Made of a robust metal design, this model is designed for long term usage and is very easy to use due to its user-friendly functions.

Who Should Buy HT 330 Dual Pouch Laminator

The machine HT 330 dual pouch laminator is an incredible device for professional usage. It works on a powerful technology that makes document lamination a hassle free and quick job for all. Whether you are an expert in document laminating or have little experience, the easy operation of this machine will be handled by you conveniently due to its user-friendly design. This laminator is based on the dual heated technology in which two heated rollers and two hot plates are used for accurate laminating results.

As far as the ideal customer or buyers of this machine are concerned, it is perfect for office use where office based employees need to laminate files and documents safely. In addition, if you run a copyshop, this machine will be perfect for your use. In a copyshop, where numerous customers arrive to get their documents laminated, the HT 330 dual pouch laminator will perform the job in a fast and easy way with great results for the customer.

Specifications Of HT 330 Dual Pouch Laminator

  • Equiped with a fully user-friendly and simple control panel. 
  • A compact design 
  • Quick warm-up times 
  • Button for cold lamination 
  • There is no need for a carrier because of silicone rollers of this machine
  • A reserve button for anti-jam
  • Warm up and speed LED display 
  • Option for sleep mode during the times of inactivity.

Apart from these features, the HT 330 dual pouch laminator comes with the quality assurance of Renz that assures the customers long term use of this machine.