Funky Pigeon is the leading manufacturer of personalized greeting cards and wire bound calendars and has collaborated heavily with Renz over the years.

Renz is the expert brand and well known for manufacturing punching, binding and laminating equipment. This new investment is an exciting new step which will enhance productivity and performance at Funky Pigeon.

General Manager Grant Bewey stated, “We had a UV coating system but that caught fire and so we wanted to install a replacement that had strong safety features”.



"The package offered by Renz for the Argos F400 was cost effective and we appreciate that" Bewey added. "We have four HP Indigos, and the new UV Coater is running near-line, we are planning to add another two Argos F400 coaters from Renz to run in line with the Indigos. It will make the process highly flexible."

The Argos F400 “Cold Lamp” UV Coater installed at Funky Pigeon comes with remote diagnostic functionality. It has the ability to coat 6,000sph (A3) or 45m/min with an uninterrupted but also flexible process. The feeder will hold 400mm of paper. Funky Pigeon stated that the Argos F400 from Renz is designed with the purpose of fast and highly productive working. Funky Pigeon is very satisfied with the addition of remote diagnostic. Bewey mentioned “as we are located in a more remote location sometimes it has been hard to get sufficient manufacturer support to fix errors. So, the addition of a remote diagnostics function gives us great peace of mind".

"The new Argos "cold" UV coater from Renz at Funky Pigeon sits alongside much Renz wire binding equipment including five Renz P 500 heavy duty punches, five Renz ECL 360 electric wire closing machines and two Renz MOBI 500 automated wire binders".

Bewey considered other options and stated “On our visit with Renz to the Argos factory in Belgium we paid particular attention to ensure that the F400 coater was achieving our desired speeds. It was good to see it achieving this easily and to see its ease of use and reliability. It produced our job with great efficiency and the cost per sheet comes in significantly lower than from our existing coaters or that of the competition machines we viewed as the machine consumes far less coating hence the reason for a significant reduction in cost per coated sheet".