There are many people and businesses who are taking an interest in buying a pouch laminator for their home or office after seeing a growing need for laminated documents. For this reason, we have seen a huge growth in the sale of laminators. Owning a laminator eliminates the need to send documents out to external suppliers for lamination. Additionally, by adding laminator in your office along with a good printer and binding machine you can complete the entire job in-house and deliver quality printed laminated and bound material to your clients with a very quick turnaround time.

Introducing Peak Lite A3 PL – 320 Pouch Laminator

So, if you are in a search of a good pouch laminator, then the Peak Lite A3 PL – 320 pouch laminator could be a good option to consider. It is stylish, compact and very easy to use and suits both office and home use. With this laminator, you get an ultimate solution for making critical documents dirt or waterproof within seconds and in doing so can adding security to them from all kinds of damage. Peak Lite A3 PL 320 is a powerful model from the Peak range by Vivid that is equipped with dynamic features to deliver high-end performance to users.

Features That Make Peak Lite A3 PL – 320 Pouch Laminator A Powerful Office Solution

To deliver the best quality performance for pouch lamination, this product is packed with several advanced features that do not only improve the performance but also add ease to the operations. Designed with a simple control panel, this laminator allows operators to work in an easy manner. There is a single button that works for speed and temperature control. Using this button, users can choose pouch micron and work accordingly.

Other considerable features of this laminator are the easy and fully clutter-free control panel, reverse mode, operation without the carrier, an automatic shut-off solution that stops the laminator when not in use, LED indicators and many more. Owning such a remarkable laminator will add safety, perfection and a professional feel to your documents. With quality laminating, you can make your documents dirt and waterproof within seconds.

Technical Specifications of Peak Lite A3 PL – 320 Laminator

  • Features up to 300 mm per minute laminating speed
  • Allows users to easily choose the thickness of pouch and then, resume laminating
  • Simple control panel
  • Designed with a feed tray which can be shut down when it is not required.
  • LED indicators
  • Perfect for up to 250 micron pouches
  • Carrier free laminating operation 
  • Reverse Mode
  • Auto shut-off option
  • 1-year warranty

On top of all these features, Peak Lite PL 320 is a highly stylish and easy to use the product that is perfect for the office and home use. To buy this ultimate laminating product, go to Binding Outlet who guarantee you quality binding and laminating solutions from expert consultants.