Considering binding solutions, coil binding is one of the most effective and popular solutions that businesses and individuals tend to purchase. In the market, there are numerous models and options for coil binding machines so when you seek the most from your binding machine, you must consider some important aspects in the selected model. In this article, we will guide you through what to look for when buying a coil binding machine and also direct you to a reliable and reputed binding solution provider in the UK; that is Binding Outlet.

A Brief Overview of Coil Binding

Coil binding solutions are quite popular these days due to their flexibility and numerous colour options that help add a personalised touch to bound documents. Coil binding is used in workplaces, offices, copy shops and binding stores. Organisations love to use coil binding due to its easy operation and attractive presentation features it gives to the to document. At Binding Outlet, we have several options for coil binding machines in different price ranges. Let’s talk about various factors to look into before purchasing a coil binding machine for your purpose.

Things to Consider when Buying Best Coil Binding Machines

  • Small size coils are easier to work compared to large size coils. When you have large sized books to be bound, you should buy a coil binding machine that has an oval hole shape. With this type of hole, coil binding becomes more convenient and easier. Our Renz coil binding machines are packed with such features ready to offer great performance.
  • Usually, the binding machine sellers offer coil binders working with 4:1 pitch supplies. Though you can find other patterns of binding hole as well, but 4:1 is standard and quite effective. 4:1 pitch means, the pattern features 4 holes in an inch.
  • You can find plastic coil in different lengths like 12 inches and 36 inches. This length choice makes it good for binding documents having large size. Apart from coil length, you must ensure the coil binder should have a fully disengageable dies with open throat for binding large size documents. Our Renz coil binders have this feature also.
  • For 11 inches documents, the standard coil supplies have 12 inches length and if you find the length is extra, it can be cut during crimping process of coil. In case, you have any other confusion regarding coil supplies size, Binding Outlet would feel more than happy to assist you with our online chat assistance.
  • The coil binding machines features a pair of rollers at the top and front side of them. They are used to insert coil in document by spinning the coil into the holes on the documents’ edge.

So, these aspects are essential to be considered before buying a coil binding machine from any seller. But when you have doubts regarding binding machine purchase, look for an expert seller like Binding Outlet. At Binding Outlet, SPB 360 Comfort Plus and SPB 360 Manual Spiral Binding Machines are two options available for you.