An overview to Renz ECL 360 electric closer machine

When there is a demand of speed to bind and punch high volumes of files, you need an exclusive and reliable product like ECL 360 electric closer. It is a fully professional electric closing solution for bound ring wire documents. It amazingly suits for jobs involving the production of high volumes and needing a quality production speed as it is capable of closings up to 400 in an hour. This quality makes this machine – ECL 360 electric closer a revolutionary solution of the time for heavy wire closing requirements.

How ECL 360 Electric Closer Works 

To build documents, one has to conduct a very simple process. First of all, insert the ring wire in the any of the two alternatives featured in this dynamic model and start the document building process. After that, lift the machine from a hanging solution or pull out the clamp. The clampy system is an additional item which can be added to the ECL 360. Most users simply use the prongs at the front of the closer to place the binding wire onto. Then, ensure that wires are correctly upright during this process. Now, flush it against the closer back.

For extra safety in closings, there is an additional security feature that means now anyone can try his or her hands in this closing bar. There is no need to be expert in this process, but a novice can also accomplish quality closings with safety. Once the machine is in the activated mode, the close would stop and ECL 360 closer will temporarily turn be to unresponsive for a precaution purpose. You just have to tap once on the foot pedal and the document will be bound and perfectly finished with amazing rounded close.

For such exceptional features, this solution has become a rapid, great, safe and amazingly quality driven product by Renz.


What ECL 360 Electric Closer Is Made For 

The ECL 360 electric closer supports ring wire closings. It is a heavy-duty wire closing electric product which is made to bring finishing to the books having maximum 360mm length. The other electric closers from Renz include the ECL 500 and the ECL 700 for the extra width documents. Usually the ECL 360 is fine for more bound documents. The machine is made for using with multiple ring wire pitches (3:1 and 2:1 wire), twin loop, spiral o binding spines and wire o. This closer is perfectly capable of managing varied range of wire diameters which are present in the market.

Moreover, it can also manage small to large wires with an ease. With this device, you can amazingly enhance the wire binding process by closing spines or without using calendar hangers.

Specifications Of ECL 360 Electric Closer 

  • Fast adjustment of size for fast set up of wire diameter.
  • Can bind 340 sheets maximum.
  • Designed with an inbuilt ring wire hanging solution that encourage easy and convenient operations.
  • Continuous and quick binding cycle from first to last document each time.
  • The largest binding diameter supported by this machine is 1 ½ inches twin loop wire.
  • Automated safety switch for increasing protection and safe binding.ü Parallel adjustment commits for ideal binding

Overall, ECL 360 electric closer by Renz is a brilliant product that can maximise the binding process and encourage better and quality binding.