Bindomatic thermal covers allow businesses to make a definitive positive impression on their clients in the first attempt. Whether you are an organization, a small business or an individual – everyone can benefit from the use of Bindomatic binding covers. Your documents or files will make an impact on the recipient with Bindomatic binding covers.

Bindomatic binding covers are made from thermal binding machines that are specially designed by Bindomatic. These binding machines produce professionally bound-looking documents. Bindomatic provides an innovative and patent document binding process that put print-shop quality-bound documents at your fingertips.

Ways to Customise Bindomatic Thermal Covers

Bindomatic provide the highest quality thermal binding covers in a wide variety of colours, formats, and spine widths, that suit any document presentation need. The spine width of Bindomatic thermal binding cover ranges from 1.5 – 54mm. Thermal binding covers can accommodate up to 500 sheets of paper. Also, Bindomatic thermal covers can be customised in various ways. Here, we have mentioned the most common ways to customise the thermal binding covers.

•      Make the Document Transparent

Bindomatic offers classic covers that are transparent and known as crystal-clear front covers. Well, the name itself clarifies how these classic covers can be used. The simple and polished appearance of these covers makes your documents/files look more professional. These covers are white and have a glossy paper quality with a spine width of 1.5 – 54mm. So, they can be matched to all the document sizes.

•      Be Colourful with Your Documents

These types of covers are called Aquarelle and are created from frosted plastic, and linen textured paper. The specialty of these covers is that they are available in different colours, such as graphite, burgundy, blue, black, white, grey, dark blue, and dark green. This unique variety of Aquarelle covers makes them the most popular front binding cover among businesses.

•      Print Your Own Design

Bindomatic provides Ambassador POD (Print-On-Demand) covers that are hard-bound, leather-like, and textured with an added feature. It comes with a self-adhesive label which can be personalised by creating digital prints of your logo or own design. After designing the label, you stick it into the embossed frame of the cover.

•      Customise with Your Logo

Bindomatic thermal covers have helped businesses and companies to customise their report covers with logos, corporate colours, and slogans by providing customising covers. These customise covers help companies to reinforce their brand identities. Also, the choices for customise covers or corporate bookbinding is endless. So, you can choose any colour, any format, or any texture to customise your business reports.

•      Create Perfectly Bound Documents

The innovative on-demand covers from Bindomatic allow you to create a perfectly-bound document. With On-Demand covers, you create your own bespoke cover and use a self-adhesive glue strip to bind your document into the spine of your cover using any Bindomatic binding machine. So, you see the process of creating perfectly bound documents is not difficult with the help of on-demand covers.

These are some of the best ways to customise thermal binding covers for your purpose. Using these techniques, you can tailor any binding cover according to your requirements. Also, you can purchase all these Bindomatic binding covers from Bindingoutlet. They are one of the leading providers of Bindomatic binding covers and binding machines in the United Kingdom. For more information, you can visit their website: