Today, every business segment has a great amount of competition. So, it is not easy to pitch new customers with old and ineffective marketing ideas. Equally, with growing financial burden on businesses, it becomes essential to find ways to keep expenses in control. Buying personalized thermal binding covers is a new and compelling idea to make modern business look good and save on frequent outsourced binding expenses for marketing and advertising needs.

At Binding Outlet, you can easily access the new range of Bindomatic customized thermal binding covers that fit every business marketing need.

Why choose Bindomatic Customised Thermal Binding Covers 

When it comes to reasons to choose Bindomatic customized thermal binding covers, the list features many supporting reasons. The first reason is personalized design, exclusive covers from your specific business. Now, get your binding covers printed with your company logo, pictures and business message and use them as marketing material. With this solution, you can use the dual advantage of custom thermal binding covers – one to bind your documents and one to prepare marketing material for your company.

Features of Bindomatic Customised Thermal Binding Covers 

Features that make Bindomatic customized thermal binding covers so popular.

They come in different spine widths ranging from 1.5 mm – 54.0 mm.

They feature an amazing range of card, paper and pvc options for thermal binding covers.

They fit all Bindomatic thermal binding machines – be it Cube, Ultra, Flex or 1000.

They are compatible with various other systems such as Fellowes and DSB.

The Business Benefits of Customization and Personalisation 

When it comes to thermal binding covers, 3 main options appear including transparent, window-cut and solid hard covers.

The transparent covers are made with a card based back with transparent front of plastic. The transparent front covers allow the full display of the title page without even opening the book. Window cut covers are the same as solid hard covers in terms of design and style, but these covers have a small window cut at the front to enable some of the artwork or text visible through the cover from the title page.

Solid, hard covers are card based coming in varied colours and textures.

The best thing with these covers is their ability to be customized and personalized in many ways. Due to this factor, these covers are regarded as a great promotional solution for catalogs, reports, pricelists, photo books etc.

To enjoy many binding and promotional business benefits from your binding covers browse the Binding Outlet website and make use of our expert assistance to learn more about Bindomatic customized thermal binding covers.