When you look for binding machines, you’ll find a variety of options available in the market. Every binding machine has its own strengths and functionalities meaning that you can choose a machine that meets your requirements. But, Fastback Tape Binding and Bindomatic Thermal Binding are two most popular binding machines, and a debate is going on regarding which machine is better. So, here we’ll compare both these machines to find out which one is better.

Fastback Tape Binding

Fastback Tape Binding has become the top choice in the binding machine for businesses. It provides some great advantages over traditional punch and binding methods like plastic combs, coils, wire, and so on. Fastback tape binding is capable of producing strong-presentable tape bound documents as well as quality soft or hardcover books. The fastback tape binding includes a system for everything from the random binding of proposals, reports, minutes, school projects, and manuals to highly impeccable saleable documents like Photobooks, Business books, yearbooks, and wedding albums.

The primary reason to choose Fastback Tape binding machine is that it provides the easiest methods to bind a book. Also, you don’t need any special skills or setup to bind your book with Fastback tape binding machines. Simply, place the documents into the machine, match the book spine thickness to the fastback spine tape width and press the big green button.

There are many advantages of using Fastback Tape Binding machine, such as:

  • The strength of Fastback Tape Binding is amazing
  • Versatility and ability to bind books
  • Anyone can use it without any guidance
  • Offers a professional and unique appearance to your books and documents

You can purchase the Fastback Tape Binding machines easily from Bindingoutlet.uk.

Bindomatic Thermal Binding

Bindomatic is an industry leader in providing thermal binding machines. They are committed to offering great tools to businesses and organizations for creating professionally bound documents. Bindomatic has been offering exclusive thermal binding products since 1974.

Thermal binding machines are perfect for those businesses who look for a fast binding method that doesn’t involve any punching. The working process of Bindomatic thermal binding machines is very simple – just insert the thermal cover into the machine and let it heat up and bind the documents. There are different variants of Bindomatic Thermal Binding machines, such as Bindomatic 1000, Bindomatic Accel Flex, Bindomatic Accel Cube, and Bindomatic Accel Ultra.

  • Bindomatic 1000 is small and manually operated thermal binding machine that is designed to use for a personal basis or frequent use in the office.
  • Bindomatic Accel Flex is a powerful and manually operated binding machine that can meet any document format demand with a spine length of 370mm.
  • Bindomatic Accel Cube is the world’s first automated thermal binding machine which doesn’t require any operator to oversee it.
  • Bindomatic Accel Ultra is considered the only binding machine that can process and bind a document every two seconds. You can upload up to 60 documents at one time in this machine for binding, so there is no match for the efficiency that this machine provides.

These different variants of Bindomatic Thermal binding machine clearly define their advantages. You can choose an option that best suits your business needs.

We have compared both the binding machines based on their features and advantages. Now, you can decide yourself which machine better matches your requirements. However, if you’re willing to purchase any of these machines, then you can contact Bindingoutlet. They are recognised as the number one provider of binding machines. For more information, you can visit their website and look for other binding products, such as binding sheets, binding covers, etc.