Every employee wants to make a good impression with their presentation and office reports. But, it’s not only your personality that represents you, the way you keep your office files or documents also make an impact on your presentation. So, it’s necessary to keep office files, notes, or documents neat and clean. One way to achieve this is by using high quality front binding covers.

Front binding covers help make your files, documents, presentations etc., neat and clean and represent them in a much better way. You can find binding covers in many colours, sizes, textures, and thickness. But there are two front binding covers that always stay in competition with each other – Acetate and Polyprop front binding covers. These two are the most widely used front binding covers by businesses, organizations, individuals, and students. So, here we will differentiate which of these two is the best front binding cover for your requirements.

Acetate Front Binding Covers

These front binding covers are also known as clear presentation covers, PVC clear, clear vinyl, and crystal-clear covers. Acetate front covers can give your documents a whole new finish. They are specially designed keeping end-user requirements in mind. Acetate front covers are clear glossy plastic covers that have square corners.

  • The great thing about acetate covers is that they remain flexible and can easily elevate your presentation while pairing with the solid backings. 
  • Acetate front covers are made from acid-free clear glossy plastic material and resist moisture so that you can easily wipe them clean. 
  • Using acetate front covers means you can essentially make custom covers for your presentation, as the first page will show through. 
  • You can also pair acetate front covers with a plastic comb, spiral and wire bindings and pre-punched paper for a report cover solution without using a punching machine.

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Polyprop Front Covers

Preparing your documents with high-quality polyprop front covers can be a good step towards enhanced presentations. Polyprop front binding covers can support every document size easily. As they are good in quality when compared with other binding covers, so they are ideal for use with reports, marketing materials, manuals, sets of accounts, etc. Apart from using as front covers, polyprop binding covers can also be used as back cover. There are numerous advantages of polyprop binding covers, such as:

  • They are eco-friendlier compared with other clear or transparent binding covers.
  • They are created using polypropylene material which can be recycled.
  • These covers give the elegance factor to your presentation.
  • Polypropylene front covers are highly durable which making them suitable for frequent handling.
  • These types of front covers work with almost every binding machine.
  • They are available in transparent matt colour which makes them more unique.

In short, polypropylene front covers are suitable for every kind of document, report, notes, or books. Every individual can use these covers according to their requirements.

Reading the above comparison, you can decide yourself which front cover is best for your business. Both the acetate and polypropylene front covers have their own features and functionalities. Also, you can order any of these front covers from bindingoutlet quickly. They sell all types of covers, including A4/A5 binding covers, thermal binding covers, frosted binding covers, etc. You can choose the product that you want for your purpose.