There are so many punching and binding tasks that can be accomplished with the help of a good manual plastic comb binding machine. Although the binding machine sellers offer a range of binders to buyers, there are so many reasons that encourage buyers to invest in a plastic comb binding machine. So, if you too look for any of such binders, then consider Renz PBS 340 as it is a dynamic Renz product and is loaded with remarkable features.

To buy Renz PBS 340, Binding Outlet is an ideal online platform from where you can order this product from home and get this product delivered to your doorsteps. Now, we will highlight some impressive features of Renz PBS 340 that make it an outstanding binding solution of the time.

Renz PBS 340

Renz PBS 340 is a feature-rich manual comb binder that is made to use with another Renz product – DTP 340M. It is a modular plastic comb binder with 14 inches comb opener size and a fully metal constructed body. This binding machine supports 6mm to 52mm combs and features 34cm binding width and up to 24 ring combs. This machine can also be used with a Module Holder that is totally optional to make it a standalone solution. To add quality assurance to buyers, Renz provides the 2-year warranty with this product.

Basically, most binding solutions are sold in a package with comb opener and punch. This device is known for its quality that helps users bind up to twenty thousand maximum sheets an hour. If you plan to purchase the Renz PBS 340 for faster binding speeds, then Renz PBS 340 can prove to be an ideal choice, especially when bought with a separate punch.

Renz PBS 340 Manual Plastic Comb Binding Closer -

What Are the Positive Factors of The Renz PBS 340

To deliver optimum performance and better binding results, Renz presents Renz PBS 340 that is loaded with exceptional features as mentioned below:

  • It is highly compatible with all comb sizes. It works well with 6mm to 52mm combs. Due to this feature, users can easily bind files having hundreds of sheets.
  • This device can work with 340mm maximum length combs up to 24 rings long. On this machine, the legal documents can perfectly be bound.
  • This product can be used as the standalone product if used for pre-punched papers. With such papers, the punching will be a cost-saving job as there will be no need to invest more money in pre-punched papers.
  • To ease up the operation of this machine, it has a stopper available near the top end of this machine. Using this stopper, one can control the comb width to avoid damage of the device. It will also help users to avoid any kind of injury during the operations.
  • It is highly well-designed with the metal body that makes it a durable and long-lasting machine. It is powerful enough to handle rough use and can easily handle heavy binding requirements. So, these are some notable things about Renz PBS 340. If you feel that it is an ideal binding solution for you, then go to Binding Outlet and place your order now to get this machine delivered quickly and get relevant help from the experts.