New launch from Renz is the replacement for the Bindomatic 5000 model. The new Bindomatic Flex has now been introduced by the leading brand in the binding industry Renz.

Bindomatic Flex plays a vital role in enhancing the Bindomatic drop and go Technology. Now it is two times faster than the previous generation. Along with that, it has also increased the efficiency. Now machines can get the documents moving faster. The efficiency has dramatically boosted.

The additional features in Bindomatic Flex are upgraded. Bindomatic Flex gives increased quality and greater strength of bind. The bound documents are stronger and come with enhanced quality.

By becoming stronger with a perfectly square spine bound documents are considerably more professional and attractive.

Bindomatic Flex binding system is well known for the daily routine stationery binding works. It is considered as the ideal binding system for the corporate office and stations. It also takes its place in CRD or commercial. There is no need for professionally trained operators to operate this machine in order to delivering the professional inbound documents. Now, the end product can be received in an impeccable form.

With updates and the acquisition of various modern techniques, the Bindomatic Flex becomes 35% faster than the previous model. It is now introduced as a powerful desktop thermal Binder which is a leader in the binding market. Documents up to 54mm thick can be bound on the Bindomatic Flex. The machine also includes then facility to bind hard and soft thermal binding covers and is able to handle and bind documents using a smoother process and rapid speed. The reliability of the end product is second to none compared to other products available in the market.

The productivity of the Bindomatic Flex is great it finishes documents perfectly. It gives the final product a meritorious appearance. Radically the machine binds up to 15 documents a minute. Handling of this machine is very easy, no matter whether a veteran or a novice; anyone can use the machine and start binding documents, even a novice user can complete the entire binding work in a moment. The process of reheating and then adding or removing pages from documents is also very simple.

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