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  1. Essential Factors To Decide Which Binding Machine You Should Buy!

    Binding machines can come with a hefty price tag. So, investing in one can be an expensive purchase. For this reason, one must investigate the various factors before deciding on the right binding machine for your specific requirements. Binding Outlet is the reputed UK based specialized online binding machine selling platform featuring the best binders from leading brands. As there are so many binding machine options available, it can become a little confusing for a new buyer when trying to choose the best machine. To make your search easier, we are going to elaborate on some factors that must be considered to source the best binding machine for your requirements.

    Before we proceed with the factors to consider, let us give you the available features from various binding machines present on the market now. So, let’s compare the different types of binding machines right here!

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  2. Step by Step Guide to Adding or Removing Pages Using a Thermal Binding Machine!

    In most cases, changing pages that are bound into a document is a very difficult task with binding machines, in many cases, it is simply not possible. So, binding operators that have the occasional requirement to change pages in a document often look for another way to complete this operation.

    It is simple to add or delete pages using a Bindomatic thermal binding machine, some models come with intelligent features that make it fast and simple to remove or change a page. If you are new to using thermal binders, you may find it a bit difficult if you are not aware of required steps necessary to change or remove pages.

    In this article, we will present a step by step guide to help you learn how to add or remove pages using a Bindomatic thermal binding machine without investing much effort and time.

    Exploring step by step guide to add or remove pages from Bindomatic thermal binders

    1. First, place your bound document
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  3. Renz Helping and Supporting The Start-Ups

    After a strong debut, Purfect Binding Company a trade finishing start-up in the binding industry has now installed a raft of Horizon machines and a rapid installation of equipment by Renz.


    Michael Irving, the former bindery manager at Wakefield commercial printer Charlesworth Press & Hammonds has set-up Purfect Binding Company after a period of 30 glorious years at Charlesworth. 


    Irving stated that he had invested “well over £200,000” on kit for the Leeds operation, taking delivery of a Horizon BQ-470 four-clamp perfect binder and HT-30C three-side trimmer from Intelligent Finishing Systems, alongside an AP360 automatic punching system, a Renz Mobi 500 ring-wire binder, and a Punch 500 ES from Renz.


    The machines and e

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  4. A Drive Towards the Latest Technology with Renz

    Renz, the leading brand in the binding industry is embellishing the techniques in binding technology throughout the world. Because of this, the latest sale from Renz is at a South Yorkshire trade printer where they have installed a Renz AP360 high-speed automatic punching system. It will enhance the quality of products the South Yorkshire trade printer provides and fulfills their demand boosting their capability for wire-bound books.


    The two-finger paper pick-up system handles a range of mixed stock far easier than before, the process of changing the die faster and with the two-part split dies for book and calendar work die to change has never been simpler.


    Jim Swain (Operations director) stated: “We got through the busy Christmas season for calendars and wanted the extra capacity to handle work such as wire-bound books."


    Nonetheless, the cost of the kit hasn’t been disclosed yet.


    Story at a Glance

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  5. Renz, One Stop Shop for all Binding Solutions

    Renz listen to all your requirements belonging to punching, binding and presentation. If you are trying to find the best punching and binding solution, then here your search is now over!

    Renz is the leading manufacturer earning a top place in the punching and binding industry across the world.

    There are hundreds of binding and punching machines out there, the binding market has become one of the fastest growing industries in the world and binding styles and types of equipment playing a crucial role in it. The market for punching machines and the material is rapidly growing every month so why don’t you grow with this trend? Why don’t you become a part of this vast binding market?

    Renz has established a phenomenal business worldwide from its headquarters located in Heubach, South Germany. RENZ has subsidiaries in various countries and many sole expert agents t

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  6. Do Not Be Confused - Get The Right Binding Covers

    Binding has become a wide world where we find a myriad number of covers. That is why sometimes it becomes quite difficult to choose which cover is best for you and which is not. Anyone can get confused by the different options in binding covers. Renz is here to reveal the options available in binding covers. The hurdle of choosing the best cover for you will be sorted out after getting enough information, as we are going to navigate you the specifications, advantages, and flaws of binding covers.

    Every binding cover has a different thickness, pattern and available colours. It purely depends on the users what they prefer. Few prefer plastic covers over the paper covers as plastic has some waterproof properties and impossible to tear. The great advantage of Renz polprop covers is, they are heat

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  7. Argos F400 Cold UV Coating Machine

    Renz has brought an efficient unique product to market for you, the "ARGOS F400 COLD UV COATING MACHINE". It is a high-speed UV flood coater with conventional lamp system. Before examining this machine let's have some information about UV coating.

    It is highly recommended to go for UV coating to protect and enhance your documents. Most of us know UV coating and it's brilliant results. UV coating provides a glossy and shiny appearance to the end product. The substrate you are using gets a thicker layer after getting UV coating treatment and it becomes more reliable and strong. The durability of the product automatically increases by this coating.

    Basically, it is a compound that we apply on to paper and then it gets instantly dried from the wet state after passing under the UV lamp. The ultraviolet light performs the entire task and it gives results within the second.

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  8. New Polyprop Covers Transparent Matt Available Now

    Renz introduces polyprop binding covers in matt. These are the high quality branded matt binding covers. These items are used as front or back covers to enhance protection and presentation of documents. A document gets a new and enticing look by using these covers as well as great strength.

    The motive of using polypropylene in these covers is not only to give beauty to the bound documents but also serves the document with a few additional benefits. Polypropylene comes under the category of great quality which is very useful. In addition, it is more beneficial than acetate because polyprop covers repel dust and prevent fumes and particles which can harm the document.

    Polyprop enhances the life of the cover and therefore enhances the life of the bound document.

    This advantageous substance is a great adver

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  9. GM Finishing Moved Towards Enhancing Finishing Abilities By Installing Renz Mobi 500

    The installation of a Renz Mobi 500 wire ring-binder took place at GM finishing in late February for the completion of Nottingham-based GM’s existing tasks which incorporates booklet making, wire-binding, drilling, punching and sheet collation.

    Managing Director and founder Gary Middleton had examined the machine at Ipex in November last year. After that Gary made a visit to a local print company which was performing their tasks by using this same machine. On seeing that machine running, Gary got an opportunity to see the capabilities of the Renz MOBI 500.

    The machine left a great impression on Gary with its impeccable productivity with minimal glitches while the job was running. Gary stated that “The Mobi’s versatility was what struck me the most, this machine has numerous benefits and gains us much time", Gary added.

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  10. Invest In A UV Coater & Impress Your Clients!

    In the business world, companies struggle hard to compete with their rivals. In this battle, printing plays a vital role. There are different kinds of printing requirements that arise with businesses. In these requirements, printing for advertising material requires great attention because it clearly relates to the business growth.

    To fulfil the printing needs of businesses, there are different types of binding, printing and laminating solutions available with Renz. UV Coating is one of such solutions that can prove a godsend for your company. At Binding Outlet, you can buy the best UV Coater that features several functions including LED Curing. Before we introduce the UV coater for your next printing solution investment, let us explain all about UV coating and its benefits.

    A Brief Overview of UV Coating 

    It is basically a compound in which a resin of polymer gets changed to solid from liquid by a UV light source.

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