Being a renowned brand for binding machines and supplies, Renz keeps on putting efforts to introduce more innovative products to buyers. Argos HD Coater solution is a new innovation introduced by Renz with an effort to enhance its product portfolio and fulfill the expectations of consumers worldwide. The new offering in Argo's solutions by Renz is named as F400 HD cold UV Coater that is presently available for the UK based consumers.

Introducing Argos F400 HD Cold UV Coater By Renz 

By introducing Argos F400 HD Cold UV Coater, Renz has expanded its Argos family. It is an HD standard solution which comes in varied configurations in the market with price up to £120,000. There are several worths noting features that make this product a remarkable solution in the binding and printing industry. This coater is furnished with some amazing features like a closed LED curing lamp system with substrate temperatures that never extends to 25 degree Celsius. That means 2g coating is more than enough to cover an area of sq. mt.

According to Renz, as compared to other coaters available in the market, this model saves a lot of money of users in coating projects because 10 g material is enough for a quality coating in an area of 1 sq m.

As per the sales manager of Renz, Mr. Paul Simpson, the supporting technology of this machine offers a chance to deliver glossier, shinier HD finishing over various applications. With this solution, Renz mainly targets the new photographic and printing market.

More Details On Argos F400 HD Cold UV Coater 

The operating cost of this machine is quite lower than other counterparts as most of them are designed with the open lamp technique which requires more coating and runs too hotter. On the contrary, the newly introduced Argos coater requires users to use less coating without affecting the print quality because printing quality comes right from the curing technique, not from the coating amount. This way, Argos F400 HD Cold UV Coater saves up to 80 percent of the overall operating cost in the coating and because of no direct rivalry in Europe, it emerges as a great solution for printers by enabling them to serve unique solution that adds value and possibilities to various ranges.

This new offering Argos F400 HD Cold UV Coater has the power to manage sheets having maximum 400 widths. If your need is for a wider solution, then there is also 540 mm width supporting version available. This large version is for B2 segment that targets the big size digital printing companies which product on-request photo solutions and greeting cards. Though the packaging industry is another focusing area for it.

This machine gave its debut in the in the UK during the print show. Arrived in the UK marketing in the beginning of August month, this machine is still maintaining its relationship with Belgian manufacturer and Renz. The Belgian manufacturer is all ready to establish manufacturing operations of Argos in the Germany which is native place of Renz.

It is not the end as the journey of Argos will keep on moving with Renz as it keeps on expanding this portfolio with compelling coating solutions.

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