Renz has brought an efficient unique product to market for you, the "ARGOS F400 COLD UV COATING MACHINE". It is a high-speed UV flood coater with conventional lamp system. Before examining this machine let's have some information about UV coating.

It is highly recommended to go for UV coating to protect and enhance your documents. Most of us know UV coating and it's brilliant results. UV coating provides a glossy and shiny appearance to the end product. The substrate you are using gets a thicker layer after getting UV coating treatment and it becomes more reliable and strong. The durability of the product automatically increases by this coating.

Basically, it is a compound that we apply on to paper and then it gets instantly dried from the wet state after passing under the UV lamp. The ultraviolet light performs the entire task and it gives results within the second.

Various different kinds of compounds are also used to coat a paper such as polythene and many others. These compounds are mixed and refined with few substrates and finally, the coating task takes place.

Renz introduced this UV coating machine which provides a protective and strong layer to the product. It makes the paper or printed document stronger and it protects the end product from scratching and fingerprints etc. UV coating bestows numerous advantages to the paper. The beauty of printed paper appears in a more enticing way. This machine by Renz provides many other advantages over the ordinary coating methods such as aqueous coating or varnish.

Let's have a look at ARGOS F400 COLD UV COATING MACHINE

  • This machine comes with cold curing Technology which provides a short time preparation to the product by which you can save your time and prepare the pre-process immediately.
  • It demands only 25C temperature on the substrate by which process can be done with the duplex mode.
  • 99% of components are made in Europe. 
  • It saves power up to 75%. Performing on this machine is very safe due to a new digital power supply. 
  • It saves the material which is used in the coating process. In comparison to the manual or other processes, it saves up to 80% less coating due to new roller system in combination.
  • Its new high performance protects glass to avoid media burn. IR Quartz protection performs this task. 
  • The position of rollers is visual so that the user can see the entire process going on.
  • There is no mechanical transformation in this machine and everything is digital. The advantage of this new digital power supply is, it performs the completion of the process with no error and in an impeccable form which saves time and the raw material. 
  • Sheet positioning system on infeed plate.
  • Air knife to handle difficult and lighter weight paper.
  • Adjustable lamp power over the touchscreen.
  • Large diameter rollers and fluid pre-heating for a superior finish 
  • Standard 2 box container

Renz is continuously manufacturing the best products belong to binding and printing industry to provide benefits to print. Renz wants to minimize your efforts and provide a smoother path to get the end product. After getting any machine from Renz you will be served with 24x7 customer service.