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Fastback binding by the American manufacturer Powis Parker has been around for over 20 years and is recognised as one of the most professional forms of binding. Traditionally producing perfect bound documents has been very expensive and time consuming but with the Fastback 9 or the Fastback 20 you can easily create your own perfect/thermal bound documents economically and quickly. Fastback uses a revolutionary thermal binding technology that produces an extremely strong bind and professional appearance. Moreover the Fastback machines are very simple to use and require no expert training to use the machine. For those looking for a complete ‘dummy proof’ binding machine the Fastback 9 and the Fastback 20 machines offer a great solution. It’s ideal for large, busy corporate offices where there are many people using the machine. We have seen many situations where the binding machine sits in a corner of a room or separate print room and rarely gets used as staff are afraid to use it. The Fastback 9 and Fastback 20 machines offer a genuine ‘green button’ machine where the user simply walks up to the machine and presses the green button. In 13-20 seconds you have a professionally bound document which can be up to 350 sheets of 80gsm paper.

Firstly we take a look at the two different Fastback machines to see how they match up. The Fastback 9 is the more economical of the two models coming in at a list price of £1,611. If you are looking for an entry level perfect binding/ tape binding machine then the Fastback 9 is an excellent choice. We love the fact that there is no warm up time unlike other thermal binding machines and also you don’t have to keep a range of different cover sizes in stock which can be expensive while taking up lots of room. Simply choose between a narrow strip (10-120 sheets) or a medium strip (121- 230 sheets of 80gsm paper).

The Fastback 20, as in the pictured below, is the next machine in the range from Powis Parker and is a great option for a range of copyshops, print room and a range office or educational environments. Binding up to an impressive 350 sheets we love how strong the binding is even when the document has been handled several times. At a list price of £3,499 it represents great value for offices and institutions looking for a cost effective and labour saving binding machine.

  fastback binding 20 

At the bindingoutlet we love the different cover options available. The standard Fastback strips are available in a range of different colours including Black, White, Maroon, Dark Blue and Red. You can even personalise your document with the Powis Parker Image Strip. The level of personalisation available is really impressive. Customise the spine of your document with any image or company logo. There are two options; either send us your artwork and we will print for you or you can customise and print on your own desktop inkjet printer. Simply peel the printed images strips straight from the printer and place into the Fastback 20 machine. If you want to know more about these Image Strips available for your Fastback 9 or Fastback 20 machine or want to know whether it will be compatible with your printer just drop us a line at

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