Lamination is a technique by which we can protect our printed paper or document. Basically, applying a thin layer of plastic or card sheet on a printed paper is known as lamination. It comes in the trend many years ago but grown periodically in this meantime. It is the most popular technique adopted by the world.

Lamination process takes place with various types such as gloss, matt, and silk as per the nature of printed matter. Industries of packaging, book covers, business cards and brochures are widely using the lamination as it is considered as the best techniques to protect and enhance the life of printed items.



How To Use A Laminating Pouch


  • First of all, make sure your object is fit in the pouch, the pouch should be bigger than the object. Pouch thickness is another noticeable thing as whenever you are going to buy or use a laminator, make sure it is enough able to handle the thickness of the object you are going to laminate.
  • Laminating pouches come in different thickness as 3mil,5mil, 7mil and 10 mil but it is not necessary that every size comes in every thickness.
  • Most of all laminating pouches have rounded corners and some pouches come with pre-punched size slot. Using a laminating pouch is pretty simple. All you need to do, just open your pouch and insert the object in it.
  • After inserting the object make sure all the edged are even and if need then align with all the edges nicely. Then place the pouch in the carrier so that they can be opened in the same way. Line up the carrier with an object and the lamination pouch.
  • Insert the carrier in which the laminating pouch and your object are present in the laminator. Laminator will take that stuff inside by itself and provide enough heat with pressure to get the lamination done.
  • Laminator has its own working process which we will cover in our next article. After completing the lamination, the laminator will take the object out. When it comes out then nicely and carefully remove the carrier and get your object laminated

Laminating pouches are available in several sizes


  • ID Cards
  • School Size
  • Business cards 
  • Index cards
  • Menu Sizes 
  • 8 1/2 x 11
But the list goes on as there is diversity has seen in the sizes of laminating pouches as per the requirement of the job. The need of various sizes is being increased gradually.