Renz, the leading brand in the binding industry is embellishing the techniques in binding technology throughout the world. Because of this, the latest sale from Renz is at a South Yorkshire trade printer where they have installed a Renz AP360 high-speed automatic punching system. It will enhance the quality of products the South Yorkshire trade printer provides and fulfills their demand boosting their capability for wire-bound books.


The two-finger paper pick-up system handles a range of mixed stock far easier than before, the process of changing the die faster and with the two-part split dies for book and calendar work die to change has never been simpler.


Jim Swain (Operations director) stated: “We got through the busy Christmas season for calendars and wanted the extra capacity to handle work such as wire-bound books."


Nonetheless, the cost of the kit hasn’t been disclosed yet.


Story at a Glance


“We needed more automation after increasing our volumes and we chose the Renz model because it complements other Renz equipment we have,” says Jim.


The establishment of the company took place in 2012 as part of the Bluetree Group.

Now after the initial years of success, we have become able to dispatch around 5,500 jobs every week from its 10,000 sqm vast base. The business has 280 staff and a £32m turnover.


The installation of a Renz Punch 500 ES and Renz MOBI 500 ring-wire-binding equipment gives new wings to the calendar production service at busy times. It will introduce a new quality and standard.


Route One Print in Rotherham prints on litho, digital and inkjet technology provided by Heidelberg B1 & B2 presses, Xerox iGens, HP Indigo and large-format HP Scitex, plus Fuji & Screen inkjet systems.


Swain stated “We chose this equipment because we wanted to add calendar production to our portfolio of solutions. We looked at expanding capacity and finding a solution for thicker booklets”. “We chose the Renz AP360 high-speed automatic punch and expect increased interest around our booklet ranges, especially personalized notebooks.”


Jim added further “This will enable us to have fresh conversations with our existing customers and target new business. We are also in a very good position for the next calendar season.”


Winding Up


The Bluetree purchase also included a Renz P500 ES that is versatile enough to handle all types of books and calendar punching requirements for ring wire, plastic comb and coil option using different punching dies for each application.



The Renz Punch 500 ES compliments the Renz MOBI 500 semi-automatic ring-wire binding system purchase which is also versatlie and intended for binding books, calendars and skip binding. It easily handles various formats binding up to 260 sheets thick.