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  1. Tips to Create a Calendar

    If you ever wanted to create a calendar that is bound with twin loop wire with a small half-moon punch out and a calendar hanger to hang it anywhere on the wall, then it’s possible to create such calendars. The essential supplies that you need to create such calendars are a twin loop wire binding machine, a thumb cut calendar punch, twin loop wire and some calendar hangers. Using these supplies, you can easily create your own calendar. Below we have mentioned some steps that can be used to achieve this task.

    • Start with the thumb cut calendar punch equipment to punch the half-moon calendar cut-out in the document. Make sure you punch the half-moon shape exactly in the middle of the document so that the document can be punched successfully for wire binding in the next step.
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  2. Tips to Choose between Paper and Plastic Thermal Binding Covers

    Every person uses binding covers at one point in their life. For example, an employee uses it to keep the office documents safe and secure, and a college student uses it to keep the notes and books safe. But, when it comes to choosing a binding cover for documents, people often get confused about which binding cover they should pick – paper or plastic?

    This is the question that you might ask yourself when looking for the right presentation cover that meets your needs. Generally, all the thermal binding book covers are available in two categories – Paper and Plastic. Both these covers have their own features and quality. In this article, we will help you make your decision easier by describing the strength and weakness of both paper and plastic binding covers with different options that are available for your documents.

    1.     Paper-based Binding Covers

    Paper-based binding covers are some of the most po

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  3. Selecting a Punching Machine for Coil Binding

    Coil binding is getting widely popular in the UK. There are multiple colours for coil binding available in the market, and each has their own unique look. But, one thing that is common among all styles of coil binding is the use of a punching machine. Now, there are two types of punching machine available in the market – electric or manual punching machine. Many people often couldn’t decide which machine they should choose for coil binding.

    Purchasing a punching machine depends on a lot of factors. There are some things that can be more obvious than others. So, if you’re also confused about which punching machine you should purchase for coil binding, then here are some things that you should consider before making a decision.

    •     Number of Books

    The first thing that you should consider is the number of books that you want to bind per day. If you have a huge number of books for bi

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  4. Customising Your Binding Covers with Bindomatic Thermal Covers

    Bindomatic thermal covers allow businesses to make a definitive positive impression on their clients in the first attempt. Whether you are an organization, a small business or an individual – everyone can benefit from the use of Bindomatic binding covers. Your documents or files will make an impact on the recipient with Bindomatic binding covers.

    Bindomatic binding covers are made from thermal binding machines that are specially designed by Bindomatic. These binding machines produce professionally bound-looking documents. Bindomatic provides an innovative and patent document binding process that put print-shop quality-bound documents at your fingertips.

    Ways to Customise Bindomatic Thermal Covers

    Bindomatic provide the highest quality thermal binding covers in a wide variety of colours, formats, and spine widths, that s

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