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  1. Argos HD Coater – A New Renz Offering Ready To Enter The UK Market!

    Being a renowned brand for binding machines and supplies, Renz keeps on putting efforts to introduce more innovative products to buyers. Argos HD Coater solution is a new innovation introduced by Renz with an effort to enhance its product portfolio and fulfill the expectations of consumers worldwide. The new offering in Argo's solutions by Renz is named as F400 HD cold UV Coater that is presently available for the UK based consumers.

    Introducing Argos F400 HD Cold UV Coater By Renz 

    By introducing Argos F400 HD Cold UV Coater, Renz has expanded its Argos family. It is an HD standard solution which comes in varied configurations in the market with price up to £120,000. There are several worths noting features that make this product a remarkable solution in the binding and printing industry. This coater is furnished with some amazing features like a closed LED curing lamp system w

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  2. A Thorough Comparison Between Renz Punch 500 ES & DTP 340 M!

    Modern businesses encounter a range of document punching requirements. When these requirements are infrequent, most of the people prefer to get it done by third party document binding and punching solution providers. However, when there is a frequent requirement for punching, buying a good machine to use in house can prove to be a good move. There are many punching machine options available in the market to choose from. Though for quality punching machines, Renz is the best brand of all.

    Renz is a renowned binding and punching solutions provider, highly trusted for its products. Renz Punch 500 ES and DTP 340 M punching machine options are two popular ones which we will compare in this article. Going through this comparison, buyers can quickly make the right selection for a suitable Renz Punching Machine. In this comparison, we will consider almost every aspect of both machines that contribute to quality punching outcomes and great performance for users.

    Comparing Renz Punch 500 ES with DTP 340 M

    Per Hour Punching Cycle – The Renz Punch 500 ES features 3000 punching cycles per hour; whereas the DTP 340 M features only 1200 cycles in an hour.

    Punching Width – The Punch 500 ES features dual punching width including a micro switch. The minimum width featured by 500 ES is 60 mm along with the foot pedal and 105 mm with the micro switch that goes by 500 mm maximum width. Whereas, the DTP 340 M features 10 mm minimum punching width that goes by 340 mm maximum width.

    Punching Thickness – The Punch 500 ES can handle 4mm maximum punching thickness; however, the DTP 340 M supports 3.5mm thickness for punching.

    Operation – The Renz Punch 500 ES supports micro switch and foot pedal punching operating. Though the DTP 340 M supports only foot pedal punching operation.

    Supporting Punching Dies – The Punch 500 ES machine supports a range of punching dies which include calendar, comb, coil and ring wire of 3:1 and 2:1. Though the DTP 340 M also supports all these punchings dies with the same size.

    Changeover Time For Die – Renz Punch 500 ES features 3 min changeover time for die changing; however, the DTP 340 M features 1 min changeover time for die.

    So, these are some aspects on which we compared two leading punching machine by Renz. After evaluating this comparison, it is very clear to say that Renz Punch 500 ES is stronger, more efficient and better punching machine as compared to the DTP 340 M. The features and specifications of Punch 500 ES are superior to that of the DTP 340 M. Though on these aspects, the Renz Punch 500 ES emerges as the clear winner, yet there are other aspects that contribute to the right selection of a good punching solution for users. Budget and punching quantity requirements are two other important aspects that must be considered when buying a punching machine.

    Whichever punching solution you choose from the two, you need it to buy from a reputed and reliable seller like Binding Outlet who enjoy a trust-worthiness of consumers across the globe.

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  3. Great Aspects That Make Renz Combi ComfortPlus a Successful Binder!

    Are you in a search of a high-quality electric punching and binding machine that can fulfill your plastic comb binding needs perfectly? If yes, then the Renz Combi ComfortPlus could be the best answer. There are so many attractive aspects making this binding machine ideal for prospective buyers and in this article, we are going to shed some light on those aspects.

    An overview of the Renz Combi ComfortPlus

    Renz is a reputed manufacturer of punching and binding machines. Featuring the best binding solutions, it has become the favourite brand in the market. Binding Outlet is one of the most reputed suppliers of Renz plastic comb binding machines including the Renz Combi ComfortPlus.

    Basically, the machine is a desktop electric plastic comb punching and binding machine that enables users to create all types of doc

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  4. Buy Renz PBS 340 To Get A Flawless Manual Binding Outcome!

    There are so many punching and binding tasks that can be accomplished with the help of a good manual plastic comb binding machine. Although the binding machine sellers offer a range of binders to buyers, there are so many reasons that encourage buyers to invest in a plastic comb binding machine. So, if you too look for any of such binders, then consider Renz PBS 340 as it is a dynamic Renz product and is loaded with remarkable features.

    To buy Renz PBS 340, Binding Outlet is an ideal online platform from where you can order this product from home and get this product delivered to your doorsteps. Now, we will highlight some impressive features of Renz PBS 340 that make it an outstanding binding solution of the time.

    Renz PBS 340

    Renz PBS 340 is a feature-rich manual comb binder that is made to use with another Renz product – DTP 340M. It is a

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  5. User Review on Combinette Plastic Comb Binding Machine!

    A manual plastic comb binding machine can provide several advantages to business. There are various types of document punching and binding needs that one can fulfil by opting for a good plastic comb punching and binding machine. In the market, you can buy plastic combing binding machines from different brands, but when you look for high quality and flawless functionality, Renz comes as the best binding and punching machine brand of all time. Knowing the growing requirements and expectations of businesses, Renz keeps on inventing new products and the Combinette plastic comb binding machine is one of the most powerful products under this brand.

    The product Combinette plastic comb punching machine is a must-have product for offices and here, you will come to know the various features and benefits of this machine in

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