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  1. What Are The Considerations When Buying A Wire Binding Machines?

    Wire binding machines have evolved as one of the most preferred means to bind reports and booklets. For instance, you have completed your report or proposal to be presented to your stakeholders. All those pages in the description or the instruction manual need to be put into a perfect order so that your clients and delegates would find it easy to read through the documents. This is where a wire binding machine can play a pivotal role. In this context, it is also interesting to note that wire binding machines are also referred to as twin loop wire binding machines. With the advent of modern technology, the overall design of these tools has also undergone a sea change. This is the reason that one needs to be on the lookout for the considerations in buying these wire binding machines.

    1 # The type of binding machine you want.

    It is an important selection criterion that should be kept in mind by the buyers. While buying wire binding machines, one needs to be clear about

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  2. What are the things to consider when buying a laminating machine?

    It is a widely accepted fact that a laminating machine plays an essential role in any office. However, in order to buy the best laminating machines, one needs to be aware of the aspects that play a crucial role in the acquisition process for this type of machine. With the rapid advancement of technology, one finds a lot of high featured laminating machines. Hence, it can become a confusing proposition when first buying a laminating machine. It can also become a complicated process when the brand name comes into play. One has to assess the brand prestige when buying a laminating machines. Moreover, it is also common to find some great deals on laminating machines. Hence, in a nutshell, the process of purchasing a lamination machine is complex.

    Defining the extent of laminating work you would be doing

    In the process of buying an efficient lamination machine, the primary requirement is to assess how much laminating you would be doing. In this cont

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  3. Notable Qualities That Make Accel Ultra & Accel Cube The Best Binding Solution!

    In the world of binding, you may have heard about several binding solutions made by different manufacturers. Binding is a requirement for professionals, students, professors and all types of offices. To make documents manageable one needs to bind several documents together; so that he or she can enhance work efficiently and positively.


    Just as many other brands, Renz is one of the most popular binding machine brands fulfilling the binding requirements of all types of customers all around the world. To improve binding quality, Renz keeps on introducing new products from time to time and Accel series is the newly launched product line of Renz which is grabbing attention from customers. So, if you are looking for a new and highly innovative binding solution to complete the binding job in a fraction of a minute, then you must take a look at several interesting qualities of Accel Ultra and Accel Cube that make them a dynamic binding solution of the time.


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  4. Renz UK Is Exhibiting At “The Print Show” Telford In October

    Renz UK is going to present the new super quick Bindomatic Accel Ultra and Accel Cube thermal cover binding machines at The Print Show” Telford in October. The functionality of both machines has been designed with deep consideration of high-end users of binding equipment.


    The Print Show is to be held on 11th to 13th of October at The International Centre in Telford. Iain Bullock, the Managing Director of Renz UK, professes “This new advanced classification of thermal cover binding machines shrinks the binding process in half. The binding capacity of this automated thermal binding system is very impressive. The machines binds up to 360 sheets of 80gsm being bound using 36mm wide spines. It takes only an incredible one second per document for the binding process to be completed".


    Renz will also be exhibiting at the show their MOBI 500 semi-automated ring wire binding machine, AP 300 Compact automated punch and Punch 500 heavy duty punch, these are s

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