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  1. Funky Pigeon has invested in Renz for an Argos F400 “Cold Lamp” UV Coater

    Funky Pigeon is the leading manufacturer of personalized greeting cards and wire bound calendars and has collaborated heavily with Renz over the years.

    Renz is the expert brand and well known for manufacturing punching, binding and laminating equipment. This new investment is an exciting new step which will enhance productivity and performance at Funky Pigeon.

    General Manager Grant Bewey stated, “We had a UV coating system but that caught fire and so we wanted to install a replacement that had strong safety features”.



    "The package offered by Renz for the Argos F400 was cost effective and we appreciate that" Bewey added. "We have four HP Indigos, and the new UV Coater is running near-line, we are planning to add another two Argos F400 coaters from Renz to run in line with the Indigos. It will mak

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  2. Renz Lamigo Pro Pouch Laminator – A3 & A4 – Features & Review!

    Binding Outlet introduces its latest range of binding solutions that include the Renz Lamigo Pro Pouch Laminator for A3 and A4 size documents. Buy this ultimate laminating machine to give all your important documents protection, and life and enhance them. Lamigo series comprises of best products that boast of high quality, precision, and perfection.


    The Lamigo laminators are loaded with amazing features that make laminating easier and better, the key highlights of this machine include:


    • 3 formats – Professional, A3 and A4.
    • Supports working width up to A3 / 330 mm maximum.
    • Processes material thickness up to 0.5 mm.
    • Features automatic temperature control program.
    • Perfect for photographers.
    • Quick warm-up time as it takes merely 40 seconds to warm up.
    • LED clear display to check ready and warm up status of the
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  3. Bindomatic Accel Ultra – A Revolutionary Thermal Binding Machine for All!

    There are many book binding or document binding methods that exist in the present business world as the need for binding keeps on arising in companies and organisations. To fulfil this need, most people prefer to outsource the requirement to external binding shops; however, there are many other people who prefer to bind documents on their own in house. If you are one of these people who does not like to outsource your binding requirements to an external vendor, you are probably interested to have information about available document binding solutions.

    Although, in the market, you will come across several kinds of binding solutions, when it comes to superior efficiency and a great binding solution, thermal binding machines appear as the best quickest solution. Today, a number of brands and manufacturers are available in the market who have introduced their thermal binding machine models giving a better binding experience and quality.

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  4. Bindomatic Accel Cube – An Accelerated Thermal Binding Solution!

    If you think of an ultra-fast, super-strong binding solution that provides the maximum efficiency, then you have to look at the new generation Bindomatic Accel Cube which is an accelerated thermal binding machine available at Binding Outlet at a very competitive price. Loaded with the new drop and go technology of Bindomatic, this binding solution is two times quicker than the previous models. To speed up the binding process, this machine is loaded with amazing technology that makes it 45 x faster than standard loose leaf punching and binding and 30 x faster than tape binding.


    Overview of Bindomatic Accel Cube


    Using Bindomatic Accel Cube, the documents move through the machine at a rate of 58 documents per minute that shows the amazing speed and binding efficiency of this machine. It also features extra upgrades which

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  5. Tips To Efficiently Select The Best Binder!

    In every business or company, printing and binding requirements arise frequently. By owning a binder a company can manage the entire printing and book binding needs of the business adequately in-house rather than spending lots of money outsourcing the requirement to an external binder. Therefore, buying a binder is always a good idea for any business to cost effectively turn all the printed files or items that they create into very professional and attractive looking business presentations to present to customers or prospective clients.

    Need to Buy a Good Binder


    A binder gives several benefits to businesses. They can be a great solution to bind different kinds of documents and give them a professional look. For creating brochures, contracts, training manuals, work quotations, and policy documents, professionals like to use a binder. But when it comes to binding large documents, the use of the binder is regard

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