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  1. A Thorough Understanding Of Modular Binding Machines & Their Punching Patterns!

    When you look for a specialised binding machine type, the best options are usually modular binding machines which enable operators to conveniently change between various punch patterns in a single machine. In this article, we are trying to give readers a closer view of modular binding machine punches to understand the way they work and learn various advantages associated with them for busy binding environments. Additionally, we will also highlight different punch patterns for common binding solutions currently used.

    Learning about modular binding machines & their punching styles

    Most of the modular binders are equipped with inbuilt punching dies which are made to insert into the machine. These dies come in a wide variety of punching patterns. Modular binders are regarded as the best choice for fast and heavy demand printing requirements like printing shops and larger offices requiring a range of binding styles.

    These modular bindi

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  2. ECL 360 Electric Closer – Is It Worth Buy Or Not!

    An overview to Renz ECL 360 electric closer machine

    When there is a demand of speed to bind and punch high volumes of files, you need an exclusive and reliable product like ECL 360 electric closer. It is a fully professional electric closing solution for bound ring wire documents. It amazingly suits for jobs involving the production of high volumes and needing a quality production speed as it is capable of closings up to 400 in an hour. This quality makes this machine – ECL 360 electric closer a revolutionary solution of the time for heavy wire closing requirements.

    How ECL 360 Electric Closer Works 

    To build documents, one has to conduct a very simple process. First of all, insert the ring wire in the any of the two alternatives featured in this dynamic model and start the document building process. After that, lift the machine from a hanging solution or pull out the clamp. The clampy system is an additional item which can b

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  3. Why Coil Binding Is Perfect Binding Choice For Offices!

    Coil binding, also known as spiral binding is one of the most popular styles of binding which is loved by professionals due to many reasons. It is a smart, trendy and bright binding options that comprises of a great bouncing memory. This quality makes coil binding a fascinating solution for people who seek an advanced, exciting and new binding solutions along with something that stands up and mailed in adverse conditions. By this we mean the binding coils are virtually indestructible so provide a great options for customers that often send documents in the post.

    So, there are so many things that make coil binding a successful solution of the time and here, we are going to talk about few of its qualities in detail.

    Greatly Versatile & Affordable

    Coil binding is a remarkable way of document binding. If you are a person who had been loving the idea to use comb binding previously, then coil binding may look to be a bit more flexible to you. T

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  4. Wire Binding – A Binding Solution That Professionals Admire!

    When it comes to a document binding, there are several options that start reflecting in our mind to go with. Wire binding is one of the most popular binding solutions that is coming for many years. But, there is again a choice in wire binding such as metal wire binding and plastic comb binding. Now, the question is which type of wire binding is better and how? Well, the answer is clear that is metal wire binding. Yes, metal wire binding is a better choice as compared to plastic comb binding.

    The reason we give wire binding more importance is that; its greater quality that makes them a universal choice for businesses, universities, government, printers, and people who look for elegance and quality in their documents.

    Being stronger, impressive and simpler to insert as compared to the plastic comb, wire enhances binding to a great extent. The binding wires available at Bind

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